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After The Movies

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Higuys this is the story about what happens after the movies. It’s the second part of the story with one more to follow, tell me what you think.

We slowly made our way out to the car, from inside the movies. We walked slow holding hands. We had reached the car, you then pushed my back up against the car and gave me a deep and passionate kiss, our tongues dance together and our hands went everywhere exploring each other’s bodies. Things started to getting pretty heated and it was a bit of a mission to get into the car.

I looked over at you and instantly knew that we weren’t going to make it home in time. The thought of fucking you in this car at that moment sent me wild and still sends me while. You decided to take a drive and find a nice quiet place for us. As we were driving, I leant over and started to suck on your hard cock deep and hard, gagging a few times in it while you reached down and fingered my pussy, we were both so ready.

You parked the car, got out, and walked around to my side; you opened the door and pushed my chair back and laid it down so the seat was flat. You pushed me up so I was sitting higher on the seat. You squeezed in and sat on the floor right in front of me, ripped my G-string off and began eating my pussy hard and fast making me come there and then.

You got out from under me, and pulled me up and fixed the seat and got out the car. You walked around to your side and pushed the driver’s side seat forward, I did the same to the passenger seat. I stripped down naked and put my dress on the car floor and you did the same. I look over and saw your cock rock hard and saw the pre cum on your tip.

You slid into the back seat, shutting the door behind you and opened the sun roof. You laid flat on your back. You the told me to get in and lay on top of you, in the 69 position. I do as I am told, shutting the door behind me. I started off by licking the pre cum off your hard cock then I slowly filled my mouth with your cock sucking it deep and hard. While I was doing that you were eating my pussy and fingering me. I switched between soft and gentle, and fast and rough. This drove you crazy, and you changed your tempo on my pussy sending me crazy to.

We both wanted each other really bad right there and then. You told me to get up. You’re now sitting with your legs spread and leaning back on the seat, I get on top of you. I started to lower myself down, slowing onto you; once the tip is in you pushed me down hard on your rock hard cock.

You kept making me ram myself on you. My whole body started to shakes from what was happening and I couldn’t hold myself up anymore, I had to lean forward onto you, you took this as an invitation and take over you started to pound me deep and hard for a bit, then you reached down and grabbed my hips and started to guide me down on your cock.

It wasn’t working like you had hoped, we try it for a bit more then you got an idea. You then told me to get up and to turn around so my bum is facing outside the car; you’re standing outside of the car, you then pulled me to the edge of the seat. I was bent over with my ass in the air; you pushed me so my ass goes higher. You had the perfect angle. You started to lick my pussy, to get my juices flowing. Then rammed my pussy from behind, I moaned and screamed so loud in pleasure, I didn’t care who heard me. I felt my whole body tense and my muscles shake, you pounded me hard again and again. I reached my climax fast and ended up passing out on the car seat.

You let me recover for a bit, and then decided to give my fucked pussy a break. You grabbed me, pulled me so I was standing and turned me around, then pushed me back down so I am kneeling you told me to suck your hard cock and started to fuck my mouth, deep and hard making me gag a few times, once I have stopped gagging you started to get faster. You grabbed the back of my head and pushed it hard into you. I could tell that you were really enjoying this and I felt your cock tighten hard, and I knew that you were going to come soon.

My break is over and I want you bad again, and you really need to come. You stand me up and we walk over to the front of the car. You pick me up and lay me on the bonnet. You tell me to spread my legs wide, and to hold them there. You don’t waste a single minute; you fuck me deep and hard and rub my very sensitive clit.

I felt my body tense up and I am not ready to climax again, but my body needed the release, I reached my climax fast and hard, my pussy clenching on your hard cock made you nearly cum. You told me you need to cum; I got back on my knees and sucked your cock deep and hard, making you cum. I showed you your hot load on my tongue then swallowed it then showed you my empty mouth. I then started to lick your shaft and tip and balls making sure I got every last drop and clean my juices off you.

Once I am done I stood up and you gave me a gentle kiss then we walk over to our seats, fixed them up and got it, we don’t bother getting dressed. Lucky home isn’t too far away. I couldn’t wait to get home, and to wind down from the evenings wild events.

To be continued.

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