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After The Party Next Door

The mystery man returns.
It had been two weeks since the toy party at her neighbor’shouse. Jackie’s neighbor, Anabel, had a toy party that ended with a twist. The mystery lover’s tongue lapping up the dripping juices from her cunt were still playing over and over in her mind. No matter what she threatened Anabel with, her neighbor had promised not to give her secrets away.

Jackie still had fleeting moments where she felt guilty for giving in to the pleasure at the party; Her 15 year marriage to John was a marriage of faithfulness to each other. Both Jackie and John kept their sex life alive and were truly each other’s best friend. So, why was she yearning to know who her mystery man was? Why was she reliving each moment of the party next door?

“Jackie!” Patricia, Jackie’s administrative assistant snapped her fingers in front of her face to get her attention. Jackie blinked as Patricia’s face came into focus. Her mind felt a little foggy with thoughts of being back in the mystery man’s arms again.

“Are you thinking about him again?” Patricia whispered. Jackie had shared with Patricia what happened at that party. Jackie and Patricia shared a close working relationship and felt at ease with each other to share the more risqué happenings in their lives. “Isn’t this constant day dreaming affecting your marriage? Has John noticed?”

“No, John hasn’t noticed. At least, I don’t think so. When I’m at home I’m very attentive to John’s needs. Besides, I’m only day dreaming, that’s all. I don’t even know who this guy is – what his name is.”

“Well, you’d better start focusing on work. The new boss is here today and Martha said that the team is taking him out to lunch after new hire orientation.”

The new boss. The only thing that Jackie knew about her boss was that his name was Cliff Hartley. He was recruited through a headhunter company to fill the position as Director of Talent Management. His job was to oversee the recruiting piece as well as the learning and development piece of human resources. He had a big job ahead of him mapping out succession planning and pipeline development. Jackie, as the Manager of Talent Acquisition, would be working very closely with Cliff.

“I still don’t understand why you were not included as part of Cliff’s hiring process. You haven’t even seen him yet, right?”

“Nope, but I’m not worried. Robert has promised me that Cliff and I will have a great working relationship. I trust Robert, so I’m not worried.” Robert was the V.P. of human resources and someone who Jackie trusted when it came to knowing relationship mixes. Jackie knew that Robert wouldn’t hire someone who the team would hate.

The office was your typical cubicle world with walls tall enough that you couldn’t see over them unless you were over six feet tall. Just as new hire orientation ended Jackie decided to take a quick trip to the restroom to freshen up. Before she rounded the corner to cross the hall to the ladies room she heard him. It was that voice. The voice that she’d heard say ‘Come with me, baby!’ just over two weeks ago as he held her in his arms and fucked her until they both came. That voice was deep and chocolaty smooth like that of the country singer Josh Turner. Jackie stopped in her tracks as her cunt immediately flooded with her juices and her nipples began to tingle. The voice was coming from the other side of the room and she could barely see his head as she stood on tip toe. She saw the silky black hair of her mystery stranger as he and Robert walked back towards the corner offices.

Could it be? Could Cliff Hartley – her new boss – be her mystery man? Yes, she was already thinking of him as hers. She thought back to the magic that his tongue unleashed on her as he had licked up and down on her clit. He had sucked her nub until it was swollen and she soared to new heights that even John, her husband, had never taken her to. Even now she caught herself panting with the need to feel his thick cock in her tight pussy. She quickly looked around to make sure that there was no one near. Thankfully, much of the staff assigned to the nearby cubicles was already at lunch.

She rushed off to the ladies room to freshen up and wipe some of the moisture off her panties. If this was her mystery man she had to make sure that she looked her best. Jackie quickly washed and dried her hands before going to meet the team in Robert’s office.

As she rounded the corner before entering the office she heard him. How, oh how would she be able to work with this man every day and not jump his bones every chance she got?

She heard Cliff give a deep, throaty laugh at something that Robert had said. She creamed her panties again. This was going to be a long day!

He was gorgeous! He had black, silky hair with soft, relaxedcurls. He had deep green eyes and a strong jaw line that sported a thinly shaved and mustache. She shivered as she remembered feeling the roughness of his goatee as it massaged the entrance to her slick channel. His strong muscular frame was evident even beneath his business suit. Jackie nearly licked her lips at how delicious he looked, even better than her imagination had created.

Cliff saw her come into the office. What he noticed first, what he recognized, was her lips. He had kissed those sweet lips two weeks ago as she had kissed him back. The second thing he noticed was her scent. She smelled of sweet jasmine mixed with something more, something that was unique to his mystery woman. He almost closed his eyes to savor that scent – the scent that he thought he would never smell again.

Two weeks ago his close friend, Estella, had asked him to do something unusual, something unheard of. Estella was an independent consultant for Make Me Cum, a direct sales sex toy company. A new lube had come out on the market and Estella claimed that it worked miracles for a sexual encounter.

Cliff had broken up with his long-time girlfriend two years ago and was in need of a good sex romp. He just didn’t know how to go about it. Working in Corporate America with an ambitious drive for business, Cliff strove to keep his work relationships separate from his personal relationships. Long hours at work over the past couple of years meant his sex life suffered.

His new boss, Robert, was saying something and it wasn’t until he touched Cliff’s shoulder that Cliff came out of his reverie. He heard Robert chuckle, as if he knew where Cliff’s thoughts had gone. His mystery woman had a small smile on her lips and her hand extended towards him.

“Nice to me you, Miss . . .” Cliff hadn’t heard the original introduction because he had been caught up in the memory of what those soft lips had felt like.

“Mrs. MacKenna, but please call me Jackie. We are all on first name basis here.” Her eyes were grey. Her voice was smoky. His cock began to stiffen.

The other night he’d only heard her moan as he sucked her clit, as he had fucked her juicy, hot cunt. Had she said ‘Mrs.’? Yes, he knew at least that much. Estella had told him as much when he threatened to string her up if she didn’t give away her secrets. Cliff didn’t know how committed Jackie was to her husband, but he found himself secretly hoping that the marriage was on the rocks. He quickly stuffed those thoughts, however. He had to stay true to his promise to himself when it came to work relationships. He just didn’t know if that was going to be possible while working in close proximity to Jackie every day.

He shook her hand and thought back to how those hands felt in his hair and he held her with, her legs around his waist, he cock thrusting in and out of her slick channel. He felt his face grow hot and their eyes connected with a mutual recognition.

Over the next several weeks Cliff and Jackie spent minimal time together as Cliff got acclimated to his new position and duties. Today, they were finally getting together for a little one-on-one.

“You ready, Cliff?” Jackie stepped into the office and closed the door.

He watched her hips sway as she walked towards his desk and sit in the chair opposite his own. For a moment they both just sat there in silence.

He was captivated by her grey eyes. Her lips were plump and silky smooth. Cliff knew that he couldn’t, and wouldn’t fight his attraction to Jackie any more. Throwing care to the wind he stood and came around to sit on the edge of the desk, opposite her chair, their knees barely touching.

“It was me.”

Even before she stepped foot in Cliff’s office her hands had grown clammy and her heart raced. Before today neither of them had even acknowledge that night at Anabel’s.

“I know.” No other words are needed.

Cliff took her hands and pulled her to stand before him. Gently, very gently, he took her face into both of his hands and kisses her. When she kisses him back their attraction to one another is obvious. Cliff reaches behind her to lock his office door and she thinks to herself that if ever there was a time to turn back now would be it. Instead she finds herself caressing his ass.

Cliff quickly turns around to embrace her with a deep kiss, his tongue exploring the tender sweetness of her mouth. Jackie can feel his thick shaft pressing against her stomach and lets out a soft moan.

Cliff seems to lose all control as he pushes Jackie’s skirt up to her waist and lifts her into his arms. Jackie wraps her legs around Cliff’s muscular torso and can feel his cock pressing against her hot nether lips.

"Cliff! I need you right now. Please tell me that you are about to fuck me in your office?”

“Oh yes, baby. I can’t wait to slam my dick into your pussy. Is your pussy wet for me?”

“Oh my god, yes!”

Everything was said in hushed whispers so that their voices would not carry outside of the office doors. Cliff brought her to the back wall of the office so that they wouldn’t be heard. Cliff set her down for a moment and Jackie reached to release his thick cock. He sprang free and she pumped his thick staff in her hand for a few strokes. Cliff groaned with pleasure, his jaw clenching with need.

“Come on baby, let’s taste that sweet pussy!”

Before Jackie knew it Cliff had lifted her all the way up until her head almost touched the ceiling. Jackie rested her legs over his shoulders as his face dove into her wet, hot cunt. The feeling of his tongue licking and lapping was amazing. Feeling the rippling muscles of his arms as he held her high was driving her insane.

“Oh my god, Cliff! I’m going to cum!”

Cliff took her encouragement and sucked harder on her clit while he alternated thrusting his tongue deep into her channel. Jackie’s climax felt like thunder without sound. Her body rippled with contractions as Cliff continued to suck every last drop out of her. Slowly she became aware of Cliff still holding her up. She looked into his beautiful eyes totally satisfied, totally sated.

He slowly lowered her down and settled her around his waist as he shoved his cock deep into her tight cunt, which was still convulsing from her climax.

“Oh, baby, you are so hot! I missed you so much. You don’t know how I threatened Estella to give away her secrets and tell me who you were.”

Jackie couldn’t help but smile. “I felt the same about you. I just wanted your hot dick inside me again.”

“Well, you’ve got it.” Cliff increased his thrusts as he quickly climaxed. She felt him squeeze her ass in his hands with his last thrusts. She breathed in his masculine freshness as she rested her head in the crook of his neck.

“Oh, baby. This may be the best job that I’ve ever taken.”

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