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After the Run

This vignette was written to help an internet friend get off and fall asleep. Hope it helps you too
You had just finished a run. Your Dad had the kids.

When you came in the door, you had a glow about you, not just the blood near your skin from running, but something more, something beautiful, and pure.

I pulled you into my arms, and our lips met, hungry, wanting. Our tongues explored each others lips and mouths. I sucked on your tongue, like it was a piece of hot, sweet, jumping fruit. our tongues locked in a fever, darting in and out of each others mouths. I ran my hands down your back, caressing your warm body. I stopped when I reached your ass, and pulled you closer, so you could feel my stiff hardon, poking through my pants. You started to grind your pussy against me, making me even harder, as if that were possible.

I caressed your ass cheeks, as the intensity of our kisses ramped up. I put my hands on the crack of your ass, gently kneading, pinching, squeezing them, ever closer to your pussy.

I moved my mouth away from your mouth, and gently kissed your cheeks, nose, eyes, hair, until I reached your neck. I could taste the salt on your neck from running, and I licked it off in little swirls. I caressed your ear on the outside, and then poked my tongue into your ear, causing your body to shake. I could feel you getting turned on, and that made my cock even harder. I moved 1 hand from your ass and began to palm your pussy through your shorts and panties. As I pressed a finger into your slit, you pushed your pussy forward to meet my finger through the clothes. I moved my tongue around your neck, slowly, lovingly, licking away all of the salt residue that was part of you. I reached the other ear, and again licked the lobe and outer ear, before again sticking my tongue into your inner ear. You jumped and moved even closer to me.

Reluctantly, I moved away, so I could pull off your shirt over your head. I could see the swell of your breasts heaving, which turned me on even more. Your hand began to trace the outline of my cock through my shorts, caressing it, making it even harder. Drops of pre cum began to come out as you continued to rub my cock, making wet sticky spots on my shorts.

I slid my head down to your chest, licking each inch, and kissed your breasts around your bra. You thrust your chest forward as I did so. I reached behind, and unhooked your bra, revealing your breasts in all of their glory. The nipples were already hard, like little pencil erasers. I kissed your breasts all over, and licked them in slow lazy circles, but I didn't touch your nipples. not yet.

I reached down and pulled your shorts down to your knees. Then your panties. They were already wet with desire. My hand caressed your inner thighs, and they were wet as well, as you were so excited. I rubbed 1 finger along the now naked slit of your pussy. Your lips opened wide like a flower waiting for a bee. I put one finger in just a little, then deeper. I could feel the hot pussy cream covering my finger. I had to taste it. I slowly gazed into your eyes, as I moved my finger to my mouth, and tasted your warm pussy elixir, and then licked my finger dry. I had to have more! And so did you! I put one finger in, then two, as you began to writhe against my body. I circled my fingers in your hot pussy, and went deep inside, touching your core. Then I slowly removed my fingers now totally covered with your love juices. I then reinserted one finger, then two. This time they went in and out, slowly at first. You were softly moaning now, craving that release that you knew would soon be there. I moved my head back up and our heads intertwined in passion, tongues dancing. Your hand reached inside my shorts, and began to rub my hot bare cock, now covered with pre cum. My fingers went faster in your pussy now, in, out, in, out, in, out, over and over again, faster and faster. I could feel your juices all over my entire hand now, as they started running down your thighs. You were bucking, gyrating against my fingers, moaning loudly now with total lust and abandonment. I went even faster and you thrust against me tight, as you orgasmed all over my fingers, screaming with ecstasy and release, as you did so. We continued to kiss passionately, as I kept my fingers in your now molten pussy. Your thighs and pussy kept quivering, and slowly stopped over several minutes, as your powerful orgasm faded. You laid your head against my shoulder, content.

But I wasn't done, not yet. I picked you up, put you over my shoulder, and carried you over to the sofa.

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