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After the Run-Part 2

Another sleepless night, another story to get her off, and release the stress
But I wasn't done, not yet. I picked you up, put you over my shoulder, and carried you over to the sofa.

I pulled your shorts and panties off of your legs. You brought your legs together to make it easier. I put a pillow under your head, and then another under your ass. You spread your legs open, and I could see the inner wet pink pussy, which contrasted nicely with your dark outer pussy lips. The aroma of your recent orgasm was intoxicating. Your eyes, half closed, were begging me to lower my head to your pussy, to give you even more satisfaction. Not yet.

I moved closer and gently licked your bottom lip, then the top, nice slow lazy circles of passion. I kissed your sweet nose with a little soft kiss, before you pulled me down on top of you, and our tongues danced as one again. I sucked your tongue into my mouth, released it, and then entered your hot mouth. You started to moan softly. I licked your teeth, and then met your tongue merging with mine. Your breasts heaved up, and you wrapped your legs around me. Your hand grabbed my cock, and started to go up and down on it's hard shaft, slowly, wantonly, coaxing more and more of my precum out, as it covered your fingers with the sticky salty evidence of my passion for you.

Reluctantly, I moved my mouth away from yours, and kissed and licked down your neck, doing slow wet circles with my tongue, intermixed with soft little kisses. You moaned louder, and pulled m y head down to your left breast. Your reddish brown nipple was already hard with passion, sticking up in the air like a pencil eraser, just begging to be sucked. Not yet.

I moved my mouth slowly, licking my way over to your right breast. I kissed and licked around the outside of your breast, slowly caressing the left with my hand. I began to squeeze your left breast gently on the sides, as my mouth breathed hot on your right inflamed nipple. You arched your back, so that your nipple was forced into my mouth. I gently ran m y tongue around your aureole, lightly, barely touching it. You were going wild with desire. I began to kiss and nibble your breast, and your moaning increased in fervor, still not touching your rigid nipple. Finally, I took your hard nipple into m y mouth, and began to suck it. Slowly and gently at first, and then harder, greedily, as I couldn't get enough now. Your hand was rubbing up and down my hard cock now, getting it all wet with my precum, matching your dripping wet pussy. I took your hard swollen nipple in my front teeth, and nipped it. My left hand began to pinch the erupting nipple on your left breast as I sucked on the right. You were moaning loudly now, losing control. I alternated sucking and nipping on your nipple, as you got more and more worked up.

I then moved my mouth over to your temporarily neglected left breast, and began immediately to suck it hard, into my mouth with the aureole as well. As I did so, I moved my right hand down your stomach, down across the shaved area of your lower belly, and then into your gaping wet pussy. You bucked into the air, as your pussy jumped to meet my finger, then fingers. I put my two fingers in, and searched for your G spot. You were gushing hot pussy cream now, and my hand was quickly covered with your love juices. The smell of raw unbridled passion filled the room.

My two fingers found that special spot, and began to rub and pull on it. Slowly at first, then faster, faster, faster, FASTER. You screamed as a massive orgasm hit you, more powerful than you thought possible. Wave after wave of tingles, sensations, hot flashes, went from your toes, up your legs, into your pussy, and then up to your breasts. I looked up from your bucking breast, to see only the whites of your eyes, as they moved back into your head. You finally collapsed back on the sofa.

I got up, and went to get you a blanket to keep you warm, and a glass of water, as you had lost so much fluids that you were parched. After you finished the water, I gently kissed your forehead, eyes, hair, and let you get some much needed rest. I knew my turn would be coming soon.

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