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Ali Oops

continuation from earlier submissions – “Crossing the Line” and “Massage Therapy”

This is a continuation from earlier submissions – “Crossing the Line” and “Massage Therapy”, with my adopted heroine forced to face some tough choices.

James couldn’t focus on the tasks requiring his attention at work. He was too distracted by recent events at home and trying to decide if he should confront his wife of 20 years, Alissa, with his concerns. “Well,” he thought to himself, “maybe ‘confront’ is too harsh a term?”

James would be 57 years old in two weeks time and, whilst everyone agreed he was in great shape for his age, he was not looking forward to ‘celebrating’ another birthday. Alissa always seemed to relish throwing him a party, probably because he was ordinarily a very private person and, other than Christmas or New Years, his birthday had always been the one exception where he had allowed her to fill their home with revelers. In truth, once he got into the swing of things, he always had a good time, however, his hair was grayer, his paunch a little bigger and, worst of all, his energy levels seemed lower, at least, that is what he reasoned since, of late, he had been having increasing difficulty keeping up with Alissa’s needs in the bedroom.

Ever since James and Alissa had indulged their curiosity and partaken of a very fulfilling threesome with Ryan, a man that Alissa had ‘met’ on the internet, James could not shake the feeling that he may have opened a Pandora’s box. James loved Alissa dearly and hoped that he still satisfied her now that she had experienced her fantasy and enjoyed such a wild night of unbridled lust. He was glad they had done it, and they both agreed there was no need to do it again, but there was the nagging doubt that maybe, sometimes, as they made love, she was ‘thinking’ of Ryan.

Perceptions are so important and had James remembered that, he would have realized that it was not he that was failing to deliver rather that Alissa’s need for increased intimacy had mushroomed beyond all reason. In fact, if James had not been feeling so melancholy, he might have realized just how well he had stepped up to meeting Alissa’s increased sexual demands.

Alissa, or Ali as she likes to be called, was wrestling with her own demons. Three weeks earlier she had quit her part-time job as a masseuse at “Jayne’s Health & Beauty Spa”, after an unexpected tryst with a male client, Dan. It had been totally unexpected, a one-off sexual romp in the treatment room with a man whom she had flirted with unashamedly for the past couple of years. She was riddled with guilt and did not feel able to confess her sin to James for fear of hurting him. She had instead thrown herself into a myriad of distractions including more volunteer work, an increased fitness regimen at the tennis club and, as a sort of penance, making love to James as often as she could. She needed to feel his warmth against her skin, to feel connected to him, to feel him inside her. It comforted her and helped keep the images of her lustful sexcapades out of her mind.

At 41 years of age, Ali was a 5 foot 4 inch, 125 pounds, blonde haired stunner. Her choice of form fitting clothes and short skirts suited her flirtatious nature and she used it all to full effect to keep the passion in her marriage on the boil. But right now, that all seemed like a curse.

Earlier that morning the owner of “Jayne’s Health & Beauty Spa” had called her in a vain attempt to get her to return to work there. Most of Ali’s, now former, female clients were genuinely upset at her leaving and had been pressing to find out whether or not she had started work elsewhere. This, coupled with the pressure from the aforementioned Dan, prompted the owner of the Spa to think that, maybe, she was about to lose a small portion of her regular clientele. No-one at the Spa knew why Ali had quit, and had taken her stated desire to spend more time with her family at face value, however, Dan’s over-zealous attempts to get Ali re-hired or to obtain Ali’s home address had raised more than a few eyebrows.

The effect the call had on Ali was rather startling too. She couldn’t help but review the events with Dan and, feeling that familiar tingle and moistening between her legs, she felt compelled to see James. She picked up the telephone and dialed James’ direct line. “Honey? It’s me. I’m coming into town and thought we could do lunch. I can be there by 12.30, okay?”

“What?...errr…sure. 12.30? Can we make it 1?” James could barely stammer his reply to what was not quite a request. “Should I make a reservation?”

“Hmm. No need. I’ll bring lunch.” And then she hung up. James was at a loss. He called his secretary and had her quickly re-arrange his schedule asking her to make up any old excuses for him. Once his secretary, Mary, knew the real reason for the sudden re-scheduling she took on that “Aawww!” look women tend to adopt at romantic notions and eagerly set to her task.

Ali checked her watch and then set about getting ready to meet James. She still had plenty of time to get ready and already felt the quickening of her heart at the anticipation of what she had planned. She quickly checked the look of the weather outside on this late-Summer, early-Fall day and decided what to wear.

Barely an hour later, Ali was standing in front of her full length mirror admiring her work. She had decided to put her hair up in a pony tail, not because it made her look younger but because the mild breeze outside would have quickly undone any chance she would have had at arriving at James’ office in spectacular form. She wore a black velvet choker about her neck that accentuated her now bare shoulders. Unconsciously, her breathing had become heavier, causing her full and firm breast to heave within the confines of her black velvet with red lace trim bustier, the design of which seemed to emphasize the narrowness of her waist against her rounded ass. As her eyes scanned the rest of her ensemble she nodded in satisfaction at her choice of lace-top tan stocking. It was too soon for black stocking although too late for her favourite strappy sandals. She was pleased at her choice of black patent leather pumps with their 4-inch stiletto heel and more than a little excited by her decision to not wear panties. She put on her three-quarter length, camel coloured, great-coat and headed downstairs. Once she had tied the coat belt securely, she grabbed her car keys, hand-bag and headed out the door early enough to ensure that she would find a parking spot once she got into town.

Dan, was a regional Manager for one of the High Street banks who came into town from time to time on inspection visits. Quite by accident he had become Ali’s only male client at the Spa and, following their unexpected, but welcome, sexual encounter, he had become somewhat obsessed with her. Dan was now 46 years old, good looking and in decent shape, which, with his seemingly natural wit, was a boon to his womanizing ways. Ali, however, was special. Rather than he being the one who seduced her (he had tried and failed miserably several times), she had taken the initiative, had had sex and now left him high and dry. He wanted her again, but could not find her since she had quit being a masseuse at the Spa. At least, that was until he stepped out of the Bank building that morning and was frozen to the spot by the vision of Ali in her car.

Ali didn’t see Dan, she was sat in her car and too focused on her pending visit with James and the right-hand turn in the pre-lunch traffic to notice another man ogling her. She was getting tense, partly from the chore of looking for a parking spot, but mostly as the sexual anticipation built up within her, keeping her pussy moist. The last three parking garages had been full and this next one was the last of the ones within walking distance to James office. She craned her neck looking toward the multi-storey parking garage. “SPACES” proclaimed the signage. “Oh thank goodness’, thought Ali as she eased her car up the entrance ramp.

Dan was ecstatic and with barely any regard for the traffic, he ran across the road and into the garage. He fairly flew up the stairwell, poking his head out of the stairwell door at each level hoping to catch which level Ali would be parking on.

Ali had finally found a space to park her car on the fourth level and was just locking the car door when the wind blew through the open side of the building and seemed to be channeled by the pillars so that, as it hit her, it felt more like a gale force wind. The gust spread the overlap of her coat, gathered under the material and lifted the coat almost completely up around her waist just long enough for a recently arrived, panting Dan to get an eye-full of Ali’s attire and her shaved pussy.

“Sweet Jesus,” exclaimed Dan. Stopped dead in his tracks, his jaw dropped as fast as the folds of Ali’s coat fell back into place.

Ali was incoherent. Babbling, her face beet-red in embarrassment, as she frantically tried to regain her composure. It took her what seemed an eternity to realise it was Dan who was standing there, gawping at her. “Dan?...Dan! What are you doing here?”

“I,,..umm, I saw you parking your car and thought I’d say Hi.” Even as the words were forming, Dan, who is no slouch, was working out how best to handle this situation. He could not believe what he had just witnessed, but his cock had become rock hard nonetheless.

“Ahem,” began Ali, still flustered, “ I’m meeting James, my husband, for lunch. It was nice seeing you, but I have to go.” She was stood alongside her car, her hands now firmly pressing the folds of her coat against her thighs, however, there was another parked car to her right and the wall of the garage behind her. Ali looked straight at Dan, not into his eyes, she was too unsettled for that, and hoped he would move aside and let her go on her way.

“Oh, that’s perfect,” said Dan, his eyes lighting up at what he hoped was an opportunity. “Ali, I’ve felt terrible since, well, since that time at the Spa and I need to settle things. Make it right between us.”

“There’s nothing to settle. It was a one off, an accident. It’ll never happen again.” Ali could still not bring herself to look directly at Dan. She took a half step forward, hoping he would move aside, but also feeling her pussy begin to tingle as she wondered how much he had just seen. She couldn’t help but think that something must be wrong with her for body to feel so excited.

“Ali, I know we are okay, but I need to settle things with James. I feel terrible about what we did and need to apologize to him.”

“What!” shrieked Ali, her gaze suddenly shooting up and establishing eye contact for the first time. “No, you can’t! I mean, there’s no need, really.”

The frantic nature of her response, the tone, was all Dan needed. He stepped forward, slipped his left arm around her waist and in barely a whisper said, “Why not, Ali. It’s the right thing to do.”

“No, please, you don’t understand.” Ali eyes were wide, almost panic stricken. She felt trapped, unsure, and thought she would cry. So many emotions swirled around in her mind that without thinking, she leaned into Dan, placed her hands near each of his shoulders and then rested her head on his chest so that Dan would not be able to read the emotions playing across her face. Dan smiled to himself as he brought his right hand up to gently apply reassuring strokes on her blonde hair.

Dan said nothing. Just held her there feeling her body heave against him as she continued taking deep breaths. Wrestling with her predicament, feeling as though her heart were about to burst out from her chest, Ali finally said, “Please Dan, I don’t want James to know what happened. As a friend, I’m begging you.”

Dan moved half a step away from Ali so that he could look into her eyes again and calmly, matter of factly, said, “Okay Ali. I’ll keep your dirty secret, but I need you just one more time. To sort of seal our pact.”

“Are you insane? I’m not going to have sex with you again,” Ali hissed as she stepped back, now furious. “I’d rather tell James what happened.”

“Ali, listen to me. You’re the best fuck I can recall having in a very, very long time. Now, we can go see James and explain what happened, but, how will you explain the way you are dressed, or should I say undressed, under that coat?”

“I did this for James.” Ali took a full step back. God, she could feel her pussy getting so wet. Why?

“True. But when I tell him what you are wearing and that you have no panties on, who do you really think he’ll believe if I tell him you dressed that way for me? How else would I know?”

Ali was unsure what to do. “Why? What did I ever do to you?”

Sensing victory, Dan moved toward Ali, reached across to undo her coat and smiled as he said, “Two years of teasing for starters. Anyway, think about how much you enjoyed it last time.” She did not resist as he opened up her coat and let his eyes drink in the vision of beauty before him.

When Ali stammered, “I’m supposed to meet James for lunch,” it confirmed his victory so he pushed her coat off her shoulders forcing her to barely hold it up by her arms, and then positioned her up against her car. “He’ll never know”, said Dan as he leaned in toward her.

Ali was now helpless as Dan freed her heaving breast from the bustier and began to knead the right one as his tongue settled on the nipple of the other, working the flesh around the darkened aureole until the nipple stood erect and proud. As Dan seemed to feast on her upper body, it sent rapturous tingling sensations down Ali’s spine; every time he kissed her neck or sucked on her nipple, Ali fought a losing battle with her body’s responses. She cursed herself the first time his tongue elicited a moan of pure pleasure from her mouth, she was disgusted with her inability to stop her ever moistening pussy from wanting to rub up against Dan’s muscular thigh, then she thought herself no more than a common slut when she found her arms wrapping around Dan’s head, pushing him harder into her breast as he feasted.

Dan was amazed at how easy the transformation had been. He could smell her sex as she let him work her body up. He knew her pussy must be dripping wet already and, if it was anything like last time, he was looking forward to eating her out. He raised his head from his latest attack on her tits and saw the deliriously lusty look in Ali’s eyes. He knew that he had to do something about having this woman on a regular basis and even as he dropped down to one knee to begin the glorious task of devouring her pussy, he fumbled for his mobile phone.

Ali was miles away, lost in the throes of her own lust. She no longer cared that she was leaning against her car with her legs spread having her pussy eaten in a public garage, her tits open to view by anyone who would happen to walk by. She felt her hips begin push out from the car trying to force Dan’s tongue deeper into her desperately needy sex. He was driving her crazy with his tongue, licking up and down her now puffy labia, rolling around the outside of her dripping hole, only occasionally licking or sucking on her engorged clit. She threw her head back, resting it on the roof of the car, needing him to give her release, to allow her the orgasm her body was now starting to demand.

It was starting to physically hurt Dan to be in this position, and whilst he thoroughly enjoyed the taste and sent of Ali’s wet cunt, the position and angle of his attack was literally a pain in the neck. Add to that the raging hard-on he was constricting within his pants. He took a breather and looked up at his conquest as Ali continued to writhe against the car despite the absence of his tongue.

Dan quickly stood up and easily slipped two fingers up into Ali sopping wetness. He watched her moan, shaking her head left and right on the car roof as she ground herself into his hand. It took but a moment for him to record the whole thing on his mobile. Once satisfied with his ‘insurance’ he quickly looked around and, seeing the coast was still all clear took his fingers from Ali’s cunt, removed her coat and positioned her, ass facing him, over the bonnet of her car. He had considered making her take him in her mouth but, again, time was short and he just wanted to fuck her right now.

Ali willingly allowed herself to be re-positioned and eagerly spread her long legs as she supported herself with her arms on the bonnet of her car. She was now openly moaning her pleasure aloud and emitted a lusty “OH YES!” as she felt Dan’s cock finally ease into her love canal from behind. Her whole sex was as alive as it had ever been. She felt a myriad of pleasurable sensations shoot from her groin, up through her body as her engorged sex enveloped Dan’s thick shaft, filling her completely. Ali began pushing back onto Dan’s cock as she registered hits on her g-spot almost immediately and knew it would not be long before she would orgasm. There was no finesse involved and certainly neither would consider this as ‘love making’ as each sort release for their own ends. Ali was wanton as she seemed to feel every ripple and ridge of Dan’s cock as it slid in and out of her wet hole, giving her the very thing she had come into town to get from James. Both on a physical and mental plane, Ali was being satisfied in ways she had only ever fantasized about whilst Dan had realized a goal in being able to find and fuck, for a second time, this gorgeous woman.   For both of them the end was soon upon them, bearing down upon each of them with the force of a tsunami. Both were so worked up from this encounter, with neither making any effort to prolong the sensation that, once Ali’s orgasm began, her pussy contracted around Dan’s cock increasing his own pleasure and pushing him over the edge so that they both came in a sudden, frenzied, grunting, rutting orgasm. Dan ploughed into Ali from behind as hard as he could, grunting the release of his copious seed in several deep, satisfying eruptions.

Finished, a panting Dan leaned over Ali’s back, kissed her ear and back of the neck on her right side and said simply, “Thank you.” He then began to tidy himself up and regain his composure as he admired the still beautiful form that was slumped over the car. He again pulled out his mobile phone and captured some more memories for posterity, relishing the image of the thick concoction of juices now dripping out of Ali’s used cunt.

Ali was snapped out of her reverie by Dan’s parting comment of “I’ll call you.” She looked up, satiated, to see him walking off in the direction of the stairwell. “Well, fuck you too,” she thought as her breathing began to become more regular.

She suddenly thought, “Oh my god, James!” Ali righted herself and checked her watch. Can it still be only ten to one? She put her coat back on and stepped back into her car to quickly try to repair the state of her dishevelment. As she spread her legs to wipe her pussy with tissues she swore at herself for letting Dan’s cum leak onto the inside of the coat. Fortunately, Dan had not been interested in any heavy petting so her make-up was still largely intact, additionally her stockings and outfit in general were in good order once she forced her breasts back into the confines of the bustier. Nevertheless, she reeked of sex and decided to call James and cancel lunch.

As soon as James saw Ali’s number on the caller ID he picked up the phone and announced, “Babe, I’ve managed to clear my schedule completely so we won’t be disturbed for our lunch date. Where are you?”

Ali was crestfallen. James sounded so enthusiastic and she knew how hard it was for him to clear his diary. “I’ve found a parking spot in the multi-storey on Granger Street, I’ll be there in a few.” Ali gathered herself up and made her way to James’ office.

To the casual observer, Ali was as stunning to look at as the moment she first left her house this morning, but inside she was in complete turmoil. Even as she acknowledged James secretary as she went through the door to James’ office she was unsure as to whether or not she should confess everything. The fact that, despite herself, she had thoroughly enjoyed what Dan had done to her terrified her. She could rationalize that the whole thing was not her fault because blackmail had been involved, however, it was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the thrill she had experienced during the whole slutty episode. She smiled as soon as she saw James.

James couldn’t put his finger on it, but, if it was at all possible, Ali seemed sexier than usual as she walked into his office. They embraced and kissed passionately. Then James realised what it was that was different and, despite his own self doubts, immediately felt his man-hood stiffen. James’ mind made the connection, “Ali’s wearing the ‘choker’ that she only ever wears for play time at home. What is she up to?”

Ali felt the power of James’ erection through his pants and was initially taken aback despite the fact that, this morning, this had been her hope and plan for their lunch date. She was not aroused and certainly not in the mood for sex right now as they broke their embrace and gazed upon her husband’s beaming smile. “So, to what do I owe this pleasure?” said James expectantly.

“Well, I wanted to spend time with you and do lunch, but the hassle of the traffic and everything has really ruined my day. Would you hate me if I asked for a rain cheque?”

James was confused. Ali did look distracted so it may be better if they rescheduled, however, he had cleared his diary. “Tell you what, you can tell me all about it over a cup of tea. Give me your coat and take a seat on the couch.” Ali’s eyes, for the second time today, widened in horror. “Come on, give it here. You’ll feel better after a nice chat.”

Ali closed her eyes as she undid her coat and revealed herself to James. What James saw was the realisation of a long held fantasy seemingly coming true. His wife dressed in her sexiest lingerie and highest heels stood before him in his office, his altar of propriety, his, at times, prison cell. Her stocking clad legs were slightly parted giving him a clear view of what seemed to be the glistening wet lips of his wife’s cunt. No panties! He had always wanted to fuck a gorgeous woman over his desk and here, finally, his loving wife had given him that opportunity. James hit the intercom button to his secretary. “Mary, under NO circumstances am I to be disturbed for at least an hour. Oh, and I’ll also be locking my door.”

“Yes, Sir,” replied Mary, coyly, with a huge knowing grin on her face.

James could not think of anything that could make this day any better than the way it was playing out right now. This was going to be the best lunch ever because he was going to get to eat his wife’s sweet cunt before he gave her the fucking of her life.

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