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All Done

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Please go easy. First story. A fantasy of mine with an Ex.
I work in a DIY store and I love it. My manager,Kev is in his 20’s and fit, but he knows it. Maybe that’s what gets me going. He is tall, short brown hair with beautiful blue eyes and a smile that could kill. We chat and flirt and he has let me know from his winks and body language that I get him going too.

If I’m honest, I’m not sure what guys see in me. I have big 36DD boobs, I've a big ass and I and I know how to flirt but I wouldn’t say I’m pretty and I’m never short of guys to fuck!

We were both at work and on the late shift until 9. We had been talking and flirting all day and I knew he wanted me, but I wanted him just as much.

It was approaching half past 8 and this was the time we slowly closed down the cash registers and closing the store. I was finishing serving my last customer as I saw Kev strolling over to me.

“Hey Alexa, can you help me taking the cash register drawers to the cash office?” Kev said with a cheeky smile.

“Yeah, that’s no problem.” I winked.

We started picking up the drawers one by one and putting them into a trolley. Leaving one left on with my colleague, Sharon, we walked towards the cash office.

When we got into the cash office the door automatically locked behind us. The cash office was a large room, which was pretty bare with white walls with a few shelves on. There are a few filing cabinets, a large safe where all the money and important documents are kept and an L shaped desk that takes up half of the room. Kev put the cash register drawers into the safe and locked it.

Turning around he winked. “All done.” he said.

“Really?” I questioned. Not really believing that we were actually ‘all done’.

“Oh, what do you have in mind?” Kev asked, slowly getting closer.

“Let’s see.” I whispered as I pushed my body hard against his making him stumble back into the safe.

My boobs were straining against my work shirt pressing up against his muscly body. He reached down with his hand and scooped up my chin to tilt my lips to his. He pressed his lips to mine, his mouth slightly open. His lips were warm, smooth and a little wet. I opened my mouth to let his tongue enter, and I knew that’s what I wanted him to do to my throbbing pussy. At that thought I felt his member stirring.

Knowing that we had to be quick to not be noticed missing, his hand slid into my top and starting caressing my hard nipple sending tingling throughout my body. It was like he was reading my mind and doing everything that made m crazy for more.

I slowly traced my fingers down his defined chest, past his belly button to the button of his jeans. I quickly flicked the button open and tugged at the zip. As I started pulling at his jeans he took my nipple into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue then gently nibbled. I let out a little yelp, and he could tell I liked this. After he had done the same with the other nipple I got to my knees and freed, his now, throbbing member.

Licking my lips I lined up his cock as he thrust it through my lips into my wet mouth. Starting at a steady pace he thrust it into my mouth. As I reached down to unbutton my trousers I knew my pussy would be so wet. I slipped my middle finger straight into my soaking pussy.

I let out a little moan and looked to see Kev moaning in ecstasy. I could tell he was so close but I wanted him to fuck me hard. I stood up and dragged him to the desk, moving the papers and hopping on to it and removing me shirt.

I wanted him to fuck me there and then, but he had a different idea. He slowly bent down and peeled my little lacy black knickers off with his teeth. His eyes lit up and he licked his lips when he saw my red hot clit dripping wet with my hot juices.

Kev got to his knees and gently flicked his tongue over my clit. I could tell he definitely knew what he was doing, and I loved it. He took my throbbing mound between his lips and sucked, sending shivers through my body. I was close and he knew I was. Keeping me peaking, Kev slipped his tongue into my moist pussy. My body tensed up and I could feel the waves of my orgasm taking over my whole body starting from my feet, when it reached my hot clit my body spasmed as I squirted a hot load of come over Kev’s face and into his mouth.

Impressed with himself, Kev got to his feet. Now this was the bit I had been waiting for. I could just tell that he would be amazing. I bit my lip in anticipation as Kev steadied himself. He took his cock and slowly slid it into my tight wet pussy. Moaning I grabbed at his body grasping hold of his arms.

Kev’s rock hard cock was stretching my tight pussy hole as he started to thrust in and out. The height of the desk was just right that the angle of his cock hit my G- spot every time. The feeling was intense and it wasn’t before long that I was coming all over his cock.

I put my hand to my mouth to smother the screams. Holding my ankles in the air I knew he was close. With one hard thrust I felt his shudder and tense inside of me as his hot juice spurt inside my now gaping hole.

Gasping for air, Kev bent over with a smirk and lightly kissed me as his now flaccid cock slipped out of my hot dripping cunt.

“All done.” He said pulling up his trousers and leaving the cash office leaving me to dress and reminisce over the event that had just occurred.

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