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All She Wanted Was A Job

A young black woman stops to ask about the help wanted sign.
I was opening up a new retail store that was part of a statewide chain. The cabinetry and flooring were installed, as well as the painting, but I had to go in and wire the PCs and configure the network. There was a help wanted sign on the window that instructed people to leave a resume with the store next door. My plan was to get a bunch of resumes, scour through them, and then arrange a bunch of interviews one day.

As I’m configuring a network printer I hear a knock on the glass. Outside is a young black girl in her early twenties. I couldn’t hear what she was saying through the glass, but since she was attractive I figured I would take a break and open the door for her to see what she wanted. She asked about the help wanted sign. Clearly she wasn’t too bright as too read that she should have dropped a resume next door. But since she was wearing a tight t-shirt and short jean shorts I was more than happy to explain the position.

I explain the basics: good customer service, basic computer skills, and cash handling experience. She said that she had a job in her mom’s beauty shop, but not much else. I think that she sensed that she wasn’t going to get the job based on experience and tried for the sob story. She told me she lived on the block with her boyfriend, came from a broken home, didn’t know her dad, etc. The same story I hear from all of my employees. She was really cute so I listened. I told her to leave a resume next door and that I needed to get some work done. She said that she was going to grab some lunch at Subway. Since I hadn’t eaten lunch I offered to buy hers if she would bring me back one. She accepted, took my $10, and went off.

When she returned I offered her the desk to eat at so we could continue talking. I was starving and ate my sandwich quickly. She had diarrhea of the mouth and hadn’t taken more than two bites by the time I was finished. We talked as I worked and naturally the conversation turned to her boyfriend and sex. We talked about our likes and dislikes, fantasies, the whole gamut. She was really willing to talk and I was more than eager to listen and picture in my mind the doing the things to her that she liked.

I was finished with my wiring for the day and needed to be on my way, but she seemed content on just hanging out and talking. I figured if anything was going to happen I had to make move and had to do it quickly. I asked her if she liked receiving oral sex. She said she did. Giving oral to a clean and well groomed pussy is one of my favorite things. I bluntly asked if I could go down on her.

Despite our intimate conversation my question seemed to shock her a little. Why, and when she asked. I said here and now. There was a fairly large column in the store. She had been sitting in a tall stool near this column. I suggested that if she slid her stool to the column and leaned back I could do it and the column would block the sight of the people walking past the storefront. After a few seconds of thought she said it was a crazy idea but agreed.

She slowly unbuttoned her jean shorts and pulled them down revealing a pair of cotton panties. Not my favorite but I was more anxious to see what was under them. I instructed her to sit on the stool and let me take the rest off. Sliding her panties down revealed a well-trimmed pussy. Only a thin, narrow, closely trimmed row of hair was on top while the lips her completely shaved smooth. I commented that her boyfriend was a lucky guy. She laughed and said not to mention him or she would come to her senses and leave.

I had to hold her ankles up and apart and started to slowly lick every inch from her clit to her taint and really sucked on her fat lips. She closed her eyes and moved her hands under her t-shirt to play with her titties. Once her breathing started to deepen I concentrated on her clit. After a few minutes she started to bite her lips and I could see the spasms in my abdominal muscles. After her orgasm was complete I wiped my face clean, she sat up, and said thanks. She got herself dressed and I walked her to the door. I encouraged her to leave a resume and she said that she would. Shortly after she left I locked up and went home.

This story didn’t end well. I didn’t notice that the owners had installed video cameras. A few days later I was confronted and shown the video evidence. I really had no argument and was sent on my way. It’s too bad. I think I would have had a lot of fun with that girl as an employee.

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