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Alyssa has a great time with a man she met in the pub

Alyssa laughed as she ran ahead, short skirt just skimming the tops of her long thighs. She looked back over her shoulder at Phillip, who was coming close behind her, then rounded the corner. The walls on either side of her were higher then her head.

It had started when she had decided to visit the renaissance festival this weekend. The ad she had seen on TV was so inviting. So she had made her plans and was there when the cannon went off this morning. It was everything she had expected and she had had a lot of fun shopping for the clothes she now wore. A short leather skirt and a matching bustier looked great against her tanned skin, and wearing them she felt sexy and daring.

At the Pub, she had met Philip. He was dressed in a plaid kilt and crisp white shirt. Alyssa had never seen anyone wear a kilt before; she didn't realize how they could accent the strong muscled and tan legs of a man. The shirt was cut deeply enough to allow her to see his chest; the muscles there just as tan as the legs.

Alyssa had initially allowed Phillip to buy her a mead because she was intrigued by the man’s outfit. As the day had worn on, she had found him to be charming as well as attractive. They had ridden the rides together, Alyssa clinging to him while they spun and swung on some of the more aggressive rides. The slower swing had given him a chance to kiss her, his hand under her skirt slowly grazing her inner thigh with his fingers. They had tangled tongues for the whole ride, Phillip's fingers getting bolder and bolder, till he was brushing against her damp panties. But then the ride had come to a halt.

Now she was running through the maze, getting lost while being pursued. She turned another corner and came to a dead end; she had made a wrong turn. Then Phillip's arms were around her and his mouth was at her ear.

“I caught you now,” he whispered, “no more running away.” She could feel his hardness against her bum and it excited her. His left hand stayed pressed against the wall on her left, but the other slid down the smooth leather of her skirt, and raised it, exposing her panties. He slipped his finger under the edge of them and along the slit there. His finger slid easily along the wet skin there, and then quickly dipped down to rub the clit hidden amongst her folds.

Alyssa sighed with pleasure as he gently stroked her. She leaned back against his stout chest, spreading her legs to allow him fuller access. His touch was firm and sure as he rubbed her now very hard clit. The little sighing noises she made were lost, mingling with the sounds of other people crying out to each other as the made their way down other branches of the maze. Some times the sounds were just on the other side of the wall they leaned against.

Phillip was expertly rubbing her and she grasped her breasts in their leather case. She fumbled to tug them free so she could pinch the hard nipples that were rubbing the leather. Her cries were getting louder, and she bit her lips to keep from crying out loud enough to alert the other people of what they were doing.

“O god,” she whispered with a shudder. Phillip grasped her neck with his teeth and gently bit her as she exploded, riding his hand. “Oh, oh, oh,” she came in shudders that left her knees weak, hands now on the wall to support her.

Phillip slid her drenched thong to the side, her pussy was now exposed and she felt him press his cock against her pussy. She leaned back against him and he slid into her, stretching and filling her. He pulled back then thrust up into her again.

“Mmm, baby,” he whispered in her ear, “You feel good.” Alyssa knew she was very wet from the fingering he had just given her, and the friction he was causing with his cock was going to quickly make her cum again. His finger was still on her clit; as he fucked her pussy from behind, he continued to rub it.

Alyssa could feel her muscles tightening in that delicious moment before an orgasm when everything feels so good and you don’t want it to stop. Phillip was pumping into her, stretching, thrusting, filling, touching, rubbing, and flicking her all at once. It was almost too much to bear.

“Cum with me, baby,” he whispered in ear as he started thrusting deeply into her. The style of his stroke had changed. Alyssa knew he was about to cum, but so was she. She again felt his teeth on her neck, and it again sent her over the edge, crying out into her fist that she shoved in her mouth to suppress the noise. Her body spasmed and she shook, as he pumped his cum into her. His hands were now both on her hips, holding her to him as he filled her.

Phillip pulled back from her, allowing her skirt to fall back down. Her flushed face, and wet thighs were the only evidence of their activities. A mischievous smile was on his face as he asked, “Shall we look for another dead end?”

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