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Amelia, a gorgeous Latin

As he was a waiter here, never missed a chance, and did love to her while fuck dancing at this club

Amelia is a Latin I once met in my hometown where I live now. She’s older than I, 36 yo., while I am 27. She’s pretty and showy, an imposing woman that arose a passion every where she walks by.

This story begins on that year I used to work as a waiter at a swimming pool in the city bathing resort. Since the town hall run this compound along with the swimming pool, lots of people use to attend here to bathe as well as to take swimming lessons, or read a book with music background.  They also used to have a drink trying to overcome the suffocating hot weather marked by summer.

Amelia was always accompanied by her girlfriends here and one of them was my boss. They often met here in the flat roof every afternoon to play cards, drink to aid digestion; to chat and see their sons and daughters bathing in the swimming baths.

Our relationship was limited to a brief greeting like “Hi”, “How are you doing?”  “Good bye”, greeting, and the like, quite a good contact, though, notwithstanding this were only my job. But the fact we were obligated to see each other at the pool every day,  had led to a more familiar connection among us, then to a sensible, reasonable nice friendship between Amelia and I.
Since she was a married woman, I had been indifferent at the beginning, notwithstanding she was too lovely and the owner of a well built body. I didn’t ignore these facts either. At the same time we progressively got to know each other, while I was now a more tentative waiter when approaching her, treating her with courtesy and consideration,   I was always amazed, fascinated staring at her while she played cards with buddies. If I had a chance, would have small talk and laughed at funny situations, even joined them to play cards either after my shift was over or   one partner would substitute me at work. Sometimes labor was scarce. 

Something important happened one day the swimming pool service was about to conclude and these girls were too drunk, so they decided to have some fun. They got in the water and took off their bikinis, causing a great disturbance, and excitement among males.  Men and employee’s enthusiasm had gotten to its limits, we all were too nervous about this mishap, as well as turned on. We were shoved into the pool by women wearing bikinis, one after the other. They chased me until finally I was caught and taken to the pool’s edge. Out of the blue, Amelia jumped in front of me in the water, and was now astride me, while I felt her pussy contact. I wished this sexy girl took off her pink bikini in order for my big cock to fit.  

I also felt her skin contact with mine; as a result, my manhood got erect immediately; I was embarrassed for being caught with this huge bulge in my swimming trunk, so I had to stay into the water to conceal this. Despite all my efforts to hide my erection, Amelia had  noticed this fact beforehand and began to  take advantage out of this by staying submerged longer than usual, thus embracing me deliberately and with intent.

I wish to make clear here that this so-called contact between the woman and I had only lasted about 5 seconds. (I had sensed this had gone for hours indeed).  I still recall her holding me in her arms me for a long time, having pleasant memories about his particular event…

I think she’s spunky, fun loving, and spontaneous woman, wearing this special kind of bikini, bright patterns, high cut briefs that I could guess through her skirt. Oh, how I wished to push that strip of panty aside to see the treasure it’s hiding inside. I myself am a panty connoisseur. 

One night she sparkled again, Sunday night, dancing, dominated by euphoria, apart from drunken. I again was dancing another harmonious piece of music, as suddenly looked Amelia out of the corner of my eye, dancing behind me.  She wore a skirt about 13 centimeters above the knee. This kind of miniskirt allows any girl to show her panties each time she rocks and roll. She also wore white top and high heels. I came up to her pretending I was surprised seeing her for the first time, and    touched her leg just at the skirt rim to call her attention. This also produced a chill enough for her to turned around and find out who was it, with a look of discontent on her face by the shock.

She smiled at me the moment found out who the offender was, I smiled back. She grabbed my arm; we greeted each other by kissing in the cheek and began to chat about our last rendezvous in the pool which and these funny situations. Her husband was in the bar drinking, she said. I said good bye.

The disturbance caused by my hand stroking her buttocks made me to react and return to the dance floor and join Amelia as she had been dancing a long time now.  I wasn’t so lucky this time, for too many people were in the way, dancing on this holyday, and barely could manage to make it to her.

After a great effort, I finally could station myself behind the woman trying to get her attention but she was too busy struggling to stay away from people who made her stumble, and she decided to dodge, getting away from me instead. Finally, I bumped into her again, facing each other randomly, and we were now looking in the eye quietly, smiling for so much stimulus.  


One girl friend had fetched her a shot, so this made her to turn around to begin a chat. I was like mad, staring at Amelia, wishing to take her. I would be fulfilled just by touching her, but my drunkenness took over here to have the courage and, concealed, reached out behind me to put my hand on her ass delicately and precisely, feeling her anatomy.   Nobody could see this in the dim light, unless they were paying close attention. She again turned around to see who it was, and her ass was projected now, looking for more strokes, still chatting with her girlfriend. Her whole asscheek was almost covered by my hand. 

I only had to grip firmly if I wished to seize those buttocks, my precious treasure. I turned around still dancing and my other hand found the left asscheek from behind in the dim light.  Both hands resting now on her asscheeks,  I   began to draw her  in my direction to feel her buttocks: this had driven  me mad like an animal, along with the fact she was accepting the whole stuff  while her husband was at the bar and would  catch us.  I kept rubbing my cock hard against her ass and she shook it for me. In the stir of confusion and disorder amongst the crowd nobody would see us.

My engorged cock kept rubbing her asscrack above the flimsy material, her exquisite and lovely skirt. My hand left the asscheeks to lower down more and would sneak into her thighs to   notice a smooth polished skin, a little wet.  I proceeded to my next move: she should feel contact with my manhood, so I positioned it exactly into her asscrack. She probably had felt my cock by now, rubbing here, while dancing,  but as she tried to withdraw, with little effort though,  -I thought she’d get away-  stayed  as felt  a hand going up instead,  sneaking up her thighs under the skirt.
She finally gave up, didn’t resist any, giving me a hint to proceed forward.  I had lots of difficulties trying to find where her panties began, and my fingers searched fruitlessly. I kept touching and never got to the panty rubber band, only her vagina. Bingo!! She had spread her legs wider by now perhaps trying to feel my dick better from behind.

Her vulva and labia were now lubricated with fingers rubbing up and down. Her hips were bucking at the same time she fuck danced, shaking her ass for me. There was a point at which I believed Amelia was pissing, but her liquids were too thick.


It had been quite a while since her girlfriend was gone, now at the bar. I desperately looked for somewhere to hide and here was a column next to us, just in the middle of the dance floor; I had bounced into it by accident in the darkness, and stood there frozen, for a second, next to Amelia.  I’d take out my dick off my pants, or it would explode here. I was on the verge or an orgasm.
Unable to renounce I found it refreshing to begin unbutton my pants and feel my boxers were drenched by my pre cum. I took out my dick in the middle of this burly burly, concealed under Amelia’s skirt. As noticing this she didn’t move to do something here. She made a gesture to leave but decided to stay instead, while I had gotten her softly by the waist, facing her. 

My right hand lifted the skirt just to my dick level and I was now ready to defile that hole!!
This Latin stepped back but I wouldn’t let her go, and my dick swiftly got now between her thighs. She growled in disapproval -wasn’t expecting this- but later gave up, overpowered by my dick now a prisoner gripped between her legs, touching a hot dripping panty while she had locked her legs together.

It became now too easy to fake those movements of a penis rubbing her crotch up and down the labia before making a way into a pussy.

What an indescribable sensation you feel as getting immersed into this world of passion and lust, sensuality, all together with those people around us, in the heat of such a boisterous agitated place, along with commotion of sex in our veins.  We kept a unison rhythm off our hips, faking a penetration that was never consummated, a copious frenzy and agitation in the middle of a frantic and furious shaking off our bodies. People couldn’t tell if we were fucking or dancing. Two minutes more and I’d come, but she suddenly stopped moving, becoming tense and beginning to release my penis between her legs.

I couldn’t react as rudely when she signed me to let her go at seeing her husband approaching carrying a bucket in the middle of the pandemonium in this hop. He was a lot drunk, glanced at his wife over my shoulder, not being able to discern who I was.

 “What a hoot!!” She said:  “Better hook it, Marcos!!”

But all I wanted was to bump fuzz, and I had to exhibit brain one her, and continue nonetheless.
Her husband was now dancing a rhythm clumsily in front of us, but on trying to digest these circumstances, I realized my dick was still compromised between her legs keeping its original erection. I chose to move slowly and keep fucking instead, or would get the hell out of here. She was so tense that wasn’t sure about what to do showing a pale face,  motionless at the beginning,  but seconds later, came to react with a slight sway, rocking her hips, always keeping an eye on her couple’s movements, pretending she was matching the melody cadence. 

To make my bulbous dick head plunge into her vagina, she came up with a gorgeous idea: pretended be hopping and doing fuck dance. The moment she came down on her second ups and downs, her weigh came to rest on my manhood to slide in; I had to duck a little more though, as she got obsessed by my erection and hastily pulled her panty aside. At first I thought she had been trying to get rid of my cock, struggling to shake off and this would slide off the penis, save for she wanted to get it more into her, to be penetrated perfectly, still fuck dancing and closely resembling fucking.

I almost had fainted; my knees almost gave way beneath me, and had to keep my balance looking for support on that column, coz gratification was immense. As she danced and hops, the penis prod more within her, assisted by my weird position while dancing Frug –a movement in the hips. She suddenly began to rock her body back and forth, I could guess she was about to come… and so was I.

She had lost coordination here when and wasn’t able to match the music tempo any more easily, or to keep up with the beat, mostly lost in thought about my strokes.  I couldn’t take this anymore, got Amelia’s waist and started to bang her. I noticed her eyes shut, and mouth open, moans muffled by the disco music, but clearly heard for being so close to her.

I felt her pussy in spam, as she now had begun to convulse, quivered and clenched her fits, a spasm running along her vagina, causing my manhood to get gripped by the vagina muscles.  No doubt Amelia was cumming now. I remember, her load cry, the fabulous sensation of a squirting orgasm take over her whole body. Trying to keep my balance,  I looked down to see my penis soaked by her liquids, the rod going in and out,  at the same time my cum flooding her.

I was coming too, began to feel a real outburst of pleasure within me. I had to look for support again on the column or we would lose balance and tumble, with Amelia having to lean over my body with legs shaking. What a quickie this was!!

This lasted for a few minutes until we built up our strength. As I finally slid my penis off her, I felt her cum squirting out a gushing flood of a hot cum that began to run down both her legs and my pants. She turned around and looked me in the eye whispering into my ear:
“Thank you for this, honey.”

She kissed me good bye in the ear and left. Dint’ see her again that night…
                                                                         THE END

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