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An Afternoon by the Pool

Tags: quickie, hot
How an afternoon party turns into a long awaited encounter
The weather is warm, the water is cool and inviting, and the assortments of drinks are oh so refreshing. There are quite a few people enjoying the afternoon, playing and drinking.

It is at that moment we notice each other; our eyes lock on one another. You smile as I stare back, only returning your smile once the spell is broken.

Time passes as we continue to give each other long glances, stares, and very suggestive smiles. I can’t resist admiring your lovely slender, shapely body, so tanned in your pretty bikini.

Watching the pool area I turn and notice you standing alone. “Are you avoiding me or are you just shy?” I ask.

“No, I was, just standing here,” you respond biting your lower lip suggestively.

“Hmmm , are you sure?” I tease.

Smiling, you reply with that soft eastern European accent, “No, I don’t think so.”

“Well, if you change your mind, I’ll be around.”

Stopping near the kitchen I notice you further down the hallway. I decide to follow as I admire you from behind, wondering how you would feel pressed against me.

As I come up behind you stop, turn and smile, looking me up and down, “Following me?”

“Maybe, where are you going?” I ask

“Nowhere in particular, just strolling around a little, that’s all.”

I reach out, offering you my hand, you accept and follow me.

“In here, it’s quiet and we are alone,” I suggest.

Quickly I close the door behind you, you stand shyly and looking very, very sexy.

Your tanned skin warmed by the afternoon sun and clad only in a pretty bathing suit and a little wrap around skirt. You are so tempting! I reach for you and you shyly retreat against the desk in the room. I pull you close, feeling the warmth of your body against mine. We move closely and look into each other’s’ eyes; the passion grows, I can feel the excitement surge within us. We have wanted this since that first time we said hello at the school.

“We shouldn’t do this,” as you place your hands on my chest.

“Shhhh,” I whisper as I move closer.

Finally our lips meet, softly at first as if we are both nervous of what is to come. Your lips, so sweet, moist and full, your light perfume heightens the moment. You resist a little trying not to succumb to me, but I persist.

“No, please stop, I, I, can’t!” you stammer as my hands roam all over your warm body, exploring you. As we kiss deeply you moan as the lust begins to melt away your inhibitions, but you continue to resist. Slowly I take your hand and guide it down feel my hardness. You still try to resist, but gently moan out again as you feel me but still, you say no.

“I don’t know, one part says yes, the other says no,” you attempt to explain.

“Is this the part that says no or yes?” as I slide my hand down between your legs feeling your wetness.

“Oh god yes,” you stammer holding on to me.

Then passion takes over as we pull at each other’s few bits of clothing. Your top is dropped to the floor as I hungrily start to suck on your hard nipples. Sucking and licking them quickly as you kiss me with so much lust. Now you want this more than you ever thought. I stand naked before you, my cock hard and full and ready for you. Lifting you up onto the desk, you spread your legs apart, finally inviting me in.....waiting for me to take you.

I move closer as you pull me up against you, wrapping your legs around me. I quickly enter you causing you to gasp out loudly as I fill your warm wet pussy.

“Ohhh yes, that’s it, fuck it, fuck it!” you cry out.

Over and over I slam into you with hard strokes, the wet slapping sounds only add to our moment. I slow the tempo and withdraw to slow long strokes as we both look down and thick pussy wet cock effortlessly sliding in and out of you, each long stroke brings you closer and closer.

We look up, our eyes meet, the look of pure lust in your eyes is a picture of beauty.

You squeeze me closer and with that I begin a frenzied nonstop pumping in you, over and over, long fast full deep strokes as you are nearly there. Then it happens, your breaths shorten and you hold me tightly around the neck as you moan and cry out to me...

It a beautiful thing and I am quickly there too as I can feel myself building and wave after wave of pleasure surges through me as fill your soaked, dripping pussy.

We hold onto to each other, your long slender locked tightly around my waist, our arms intertwined as I kiss you over and over. Stroking your face and hair, our mouths pressed against one another’s not wanting this moment to end.

But it must, at least for now it will until the next time.

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