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An Unexpected Reward

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An unexpected reward for a favor done.
An Unexpected Reward

Following graduation, I had moved to a distant state to take a job. A couple of years later, I received a note from the Placement Director of my former school, asking if I might help one of their current students get a summer job with the firm for which I worked, or in nearby town where the student's parents lived. The student was a young woman enrolled in a graduate program, who wished to obtain some experience in her area of study. I had some friends in the town where she intended to spend the summer, and with a few phone calls and letters I was able to her in securing a job for the upcoming summer with an appropriate firm.

I was not acquainted with the student, but because she was copied on my correspondence with the Placement Director, I knew her name. As the summer progressed I contacted her to see how her job was doing, and to offer any further assistance she might wish. She had a friendly, mature manner and I envisioned her as an attractive young woman, based upon our conversation. We spoke a couple of times over the summer, but our conversations were never of a personal nature.

As the summer drew to a close and it neared time for her to return to school, she wrote to me and said she would be coming through my city on her way back. Might I be free to meet her in person and let her express her gratitude for helping her in her job hunt? I replied that I would certainly like to meet her and appropriate arrangements were made. As the date for our get-together neared, I telephoned her and asked if she would like to come to my home for dinner the evening she would be in town.

"Yes," she replied, "I would enjoy that."

On the appointed afternoon, Ellen appeared at my office. I don't remember what my telephonic impression had been, but when I met her in our reception area I was struck by the beautiful young woman before me. She was short and slender, with a beautiful figure, and attractively groomed. She had a self-confident manner and shook my hand warmly. We went to my office and chatted, while I completed the task with which I had been involved.

"Yes," she had enjoyed her summer clerking and had been asked to return the following summer, if she wished.

She greatly appreciated my efforts and thanked me profusely, without gushing. I gathered up my things then we went to my car and headed for my home.

I don't remember the specifics of preparing dinner, or even much of our conversation. I suppose I barbecued something, fixed an appropriate salad and other dishes to go with. As we got to know each other, I felt Ellen relax, as though having finished her summer job, she could let her hair down a bit before returning to the rigors of her studies. A drink before dinner was followed by wine with dinner and we ate on the patio. As we chatted, the summer sun waned and set. She told me what she had done during the summer and her desires for a career after she completed the studies. As the evening chilled, I suggested we move inside for an after dinner drink.

I started a small fire in the fireplace while Ellen sat on the floor in front of the hearth. I went to the kitchen and got small snifters of brandy and returned to the living room. As I reached down to hand Ellen her drink she turned her face up towards me with an open and expectant expression and never one to miss an invitation, I knelt to give her a kiss.

I don't think time has exaggerated my recollection of the events which followed. It was as though our first kiss had breached a dam in Ellen and a pent up lake of lust behind it burst forth, to be met by a similar passion elicited by her in me. In an instant, we went from new acquaintances to lustful lovers who had been denied the other's company for far too long. As our clothes were shed, Ellen backstroked across the floor of the living room toward the bedroom, with me in avid pursuit. My lips left hers only to suckle at the beautiful breasts revealed as her blouse and bra were discarded. My shirt was torn open and Ellen's nails raked my back as she slid across the rug with me in hot pursuit.

By the time we reached the bedroom, neither of us had much left to remove. I pulled back the bedcovers and we leapt onto the clean percale and into each other's arms. I kissed and nibbled my way down her neck until I reached one firm breast. I took it in my mouth, sucking, nipping, licking, worshiping the erect nipple, while squeezing and pinching its twin. Ellen's back arched as a first orgasm overcame her. I ran my hand down from the breast to the waiting, very wet pussy between her parted legs, beginning to massage it and toying with her clitoris. Ellen spread her legs further, moaned and pushed my head from her breast toward her crotch.

"Now," I thought, "For the dessert I crave."

I buried my head between her legs and began to lick the moist lips before me, driving my tongue between them into her vagina, before turning my attention to her clit. Around and around that proud organ, I traced my tongue, licking up the copious sweet fluids she produced. As shudder after shudder racked her, Ellen clasped my head between her legs and held me against her pussy, pressing my head into that garden of delight. I licked and nibbled her clit then reached up and massaged her breasts, pinching her nipples, heightening her orgasms. Finally, she pushed me away, gasping and sated for the moment.

My cock, however, was rock hard and anxious for its satisfaction. Ellen turned on the sheet, grasping the cock in one hand and taking it into her warm, moist mouth. Slowly, she moved her mouth up and down the shaft, toying it with with her tongue, licking the sensitive underside and then burying its length into her throat. Too soon, my orgasm overcame my resistance and my cum erupted into her waiting mouth. Ellen bobbed her head, milking each spurt and drop from me, before releasing my cock with a self-satisfied smile before settling back onto the pillow and stretching out for my admiration.

We basked in the post-coital glow, running our hands over each other's bodies, and exchanging kiss after kiss and lick after lick. Before long, Ellen's petting slid across my body toward my stiffening cock and my free hand reciprocated, seeking the warm tunnel between her legs. When she had sufficiently restored my cock, Ellen turned me on my back and mounted me, cowgirl style. Like a belly-dancer, she rocked her pelvis forward and backward and side to side. She varied the speed and clasped my cock with her vaginal muscles, then released it, in an unpredictable sequence. My tension rose, then diminished as she toyed with me. But she was an accomplished artist at the task and slowly, but steadily she raised my tension, as she teased me with the beautiful breasts, which I grasped and massaged. It seemed as though our peaks approached simultaneously. When suddenly, as I exploded in another orgasm, Ellen was overcome by her own, screaming out her delight and falling against my chest in a sweaty heap.

I am sorry to say I don't remember the remainder of the night, or what we did the following morning. I have never seen Ellen since that day, but remember my unexpected reward as one of the most wonderful, passionate, experiences of my life.

Some weeks later, I received a thank you note from the Placement Director. Would I please stop by to meet her the next time I was in town to let her show her gratitude for my efforts on behalf of Ellen? I would and did, but that is another story.

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