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And She Saw Him

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She stepped off the train and saw him right away. She’d seen him in the neighborhood on a semi-regular basis, but rarely thought twice about it. After all, why would someone like pay someone like her any notice? But this time was already different. He was looking right at her as she took her step off the L, with a smile that could stop anyone dead in their tracks. His wide, beaming grin was too adorable to ignore and on a chiseled, tan face, made only sexier were his piercing green eyes. She smiled coyly and said hi, almost without making the decision to do so. It was as if he had been waiting for her as he grabbed her face and kissed her a meaningful kiss.

How utterly inappropriate and yet…a gorgeous, muscled man wanted her. If she even entertained the idea of stopping him, the warm wetness she immediately felt in her panties forced her to ignore a second question. He continued to kiss her, soft as first, then deeper and deeper until she could only imagine his tongue performing in other ways.

As stunningly crazy as it was for him to whisper, “I live on 8 th ,” as an invitation, she would have gone to the end of the earth to have him insider her. He took her hand, kissed her neck and led her up the stairs without another word. His apartment was quite literally three steps away and the second his door latched behind them, he tore off her white tank top and bra and pinned her arms to the wall.

His mouth found her hard nipples immediately and she exhaled hard. She pushed his hands away to find his bulging cock, but was overtaken and turned around to face the wall. He all but attacked the back of her neck and pushed his body against hers. She reached behind her and could feel his thick, hard dick through his jeans. She could tell he was as eager to come as she was. His hands squeezed her breasts hard before flipping her back around to face him.

His hands were large, calloused, and thick, feeling rough on her soft skin. She hurridly unzipped his pants as he pulled his shirt over his head. She knelt to her knees and slid his black boxer briefs down to his ankles before grabbing his rock hard penis in her hand. She wanted him in her mouth. She wanted to suck him off. She needed him to come in her mouth. Licking slowly at first, he moaned and grabbed her hair. Working her way down, she took a breath and took him entirely down her throat. He trembled and pushed her head towards him before pulling her hair back and dropping to his knees.

He nearly shoved her down and pulled her skirt up around her waist. There wasn’t even time to take her wet panties off. He pushed them to the side, took in her shaved pussy, and simultaneously slid his middle finger into her as he brought his watering mouth to her clit. His rough fingers felt amazing him her soft, tight self. She moaned loudly which made him start faster and harder. She was coming hard, harder, nearly convulsing on the carpeted entryway. All while never uttering a word.

Mid-orgasm, he pulled his soaking fingers away and rammed his cock into her without warning. Had she not been so wet, he would not have fit, but she was ecstatic to be filled so fully with him. They kissed furiously as he began to pump aggressively into her. Without realizing it, she felt herself being picked up and held against the wall. His sculpted shoulders only intensified her orgasm as she held on tightly with her legs wrapped around his waist. By now, she was nearly screaming with pleasure. He silenced her with a strong hand.

Both glistening with sweat, the ravaged each others mouths and she clawed at his back with her nails. She continued to climax as he came in her with hard shivers and panting. They both shuddered with extreme pleasure as neither had ever had this kind of random, passionate sex before. He held her, pinned against the wall, while he thrusted once more into her, hard and deep. They both gasped to catch their breaths.

He set her down, kissed her, and looked into her eyes without a word. He reached down and felt her come-soaked pussy for the last time before returning her panties to their rightful position. She picked up her tank top, placed her bra in her purse, and walked back to the train without ever learning his name.

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