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Who was that mysterious stranger?
So far, I've visualized a gathering of people at a large house. I'm upstairs on an upper landing and I see you right away. You're wearing a long dress, emerald green (a colour that I think suits your hair colour and complexion), with a low-cut bodice that shows your curves off to my advantage. You are having an argument with a man who storms off and leaves. I get the sense from you that you are relieved and are not going to leave the party and are going to have a good time while you're here.

You come upstairs and enter one of the bedrooms. I see that the light is off in the bedroom as the door is ajar. I follow you in and close the door quietly. You're standing near a floor-to-ceiling window, beside a bed, looking out at the moon. The light from outside highlights you in a silhouette and your shape is visible through your dress. I find it a very erotic sight. I want to touch you.

I come up close and say "Don't be afraid, I would never hurt you. Don't turn around".

Those are almost the only words spoken by either of us.

I press up against you, with my erection against the crack of your bum. You tense your buttocks and move ever so slightly, suggestively, signalling that my contact is welcome. I reach around and cup your breasts in my hands, feeling their weight and your nipples becoming engorged. As I massage your breasts, you reach behind you to massage my erection and I know that you want to feel it inside you. We move to our left around the bed, where you bend forward over the footboard.

You are a very arousing sight - bent forward, with your legs spread and your ass lifted up, drawing me in. I unzip my fly, pull my erection free, quickly put on a condom, and move toward you. We both hurriedly pull your dress up to reveal your gorgeous ass. You pull the crotch of your panties aside to reveal yourself. The scent of your sex is intoxicating. I gently enter you, slowly, excruciatingly slowly. You feel like warm, slippery silk.

We find our rhythm, slow, even, just enough tension to keep us both greatly aroused but not too much to send us over the edge too soon. The feeling of you on my cock is wonderful, tight, warm, with your lips gripping me. I reach forward to play with your nipples with my left hand as I stroke your clit with my right index finger and you reach back to massage my balls and scratch my thighs with your nails. I can feel the tension around my cock increase as your breath quickens. You pull my hand to your mouth and bite down on my thumb to stifle your screams.

Your orgasm goes on and on. I feel your juices drip down my legs. But I'm not finished yet; I want us to come together. I increase the speed of my thrusts, the wet slap of our skin the only sound in the room. Your back arches as you come again. I push against you, as hard and deep as I can. I explode inside you, it rolls on and on, radiating outward into my abdomen. I thrust further into you, trying to empty myself of every last bit of cum. You are slumped forward over the bed, spent.

I pull myself from you, saying ``Don`t turn around until I leave``.

A few minutes later, I see you descend the staircase, looking slightly flustered but well put together. You look at the men in the foyer, wondering who you had shared yourself with. This has been a party to remember for both of us.
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