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Another Shower

When anger and desire collide.
She was mad.

She was furious.

Jessica failed to understand how she could, day in and day out, tolerate a legion of imbeciles at her cousin’s office.

One of her subsidiary companies was in financial crisis. For three quarters, the results were the same and became worse. Its revenue plummeted instead of skyrocketed. Bad call to allow her cousin to run that business, just because she felt obliged to repay her uncle for loaning her some start-up money despite the fact that the debt had been fully settled when she hit her first million two years back.

Although she had the power to shut the subsidiary company down and focused on her other business ventures that were more secured and profitable, she could not help but start to weigh the gravity of the situation. She could let this company go because it would not affect her wealth at all. But, millions of people would lose their source of income if she were to succumb to her ruthless rationale. Families would be forced to live on the streets, penniless. The children would be stopped from getting their education as they entered the underprivileged lifestyle. And, if she wanted to sever the family tie that got tangled in the middle, this was the best time to do it. A definite no.

Fuming, she hit her accelerator and dangerously evaded the incoming traffic.

As she drove her fiery red Mustang, she made a mental note to call for an emergency meeting, perhaps in two days’ time. But first, she must check the company’s record regarding employees’ listing and their performance. She would not fire her cousin but she had to make him a puppet by letting a better candidate to run the whole show. The fools her cousin recruited would have to be sacked and replaced by more credible people.

The data run must be done at her house because it was already late to turn back to the office. Besides, the traffic was terrible. She did not want to go through unnecessary hassle when she could have saved more time by doing the task at her own familiar territory. True that she hated to bring her work home but this was her responsibility, although it was Christmas’ eve. She would give her parents a courtesy call later and inform them that she would join them only for Christmas dinner.

Her huge white mansion was sighted. Her Mustang entered the driveway. She parked her car inside the secured garage and rushed into the house.

The house felt empty.

If only Steven were here, her heart grunted.

Her husband of two years was off orbit, thanks to his profession as a space and aircraft engineer. He could only be expected to be Earth-based after two weeks. She missed him.

And she was damned because she was horny at the first thought of him.

She shrugged.

The red heels she wore were killing her feet so she took them off.

She was heading the stairs when she heard the shower running.

Her heart leapt.

She realized her bedroom door was left ajar.

She went inside, walked stealthily towards the bathroom. Inside, a naked male was pummeled by the shower jets. His bronze skin gleamed. Steam clouded the shower glass.

She too was steaming with desire, and boiling. Need pulsated and centered at her loins.

She eyed at her personal computer inside the home working space just across her bedroom. Her task could wait.

She did not bother to strip. Fully clothed, she embraced him from behind. Her hands travelled down to his midriff and abs. Inevitably, her fingers found his member and began to pump.

His lips twitched and curled into a smile. He knew her touch, her scent.

“Don’t harass me, dear lady. I don’t know how to answer to my wife should she learn of my infidelity,” he mused. His Irish lilt in his voice.

He was teasing, arousing.

She bit his shoulder.

He caught her by surprise by escaping her embrace, his one hand braceletted her wrists and now he had her pinned to the wall.

Lust in her electric blue eyes reflected his.

“But on second thought, I would be honored to fulfill this damsel’s wish. First, let me demonstrate my art of seduction,” he undid her bun and watched her auburn hair cascaded around her shoulders. He nipped her neck but was stopped when she angled her head so that her eyes could be on par with his brownish pair.

Her breasts, beneath the black silk blouse she wore, were heaving.

“I don’t need seduction,” she hissed. She wanted it hard and fast, a battle field.

He, too, was in the mood for a hot, fast war.

He ripped her blouse, the buttons fell. He used his mouth to suck and tweak both of the snowy globes she possessed. Her breath hitched a sensual music to his ear.

He hiked her black skirt up to her waist and tore her black nylon panty. His finger traveled further south, sought her moist juncture and rubbed her clitoris.

She struggled to break free from being his captive but her attempt was futile. She could only playfully bite his ear, plant butterfly kisses along his jaw before her luscious lips found his, sucking his entire life.

Their senses went overdrive.

He could no longer refuse the invitation.

Without warning, he thrust his entire ten-inch into her.

She moaned at the invasion.

He refused to let her depth adjust to his length. He began his assault and quickened his pace. He freed her wrists and let his hands take control of her firm ass.

Her hands held around his neck. Her legs hooked around his waist as she clung to him for her dear life.

They rode each other, wave after wave.

The urgency was displayed by the motions of their hips, gyrating, grinding.

Breaths came in moans and short gasps.

He could feel his balls tighten. His thrusts became rapid. Their pubes matched in rhythm.

The onslaught teased her clitoris to the brink. Her juice was literally flooding between them. Her muscles were milking his rod.

“I can’t… hold it anymore,” he writhed in agony, fighting the temptation to finish first.

She mewled lewdly. A force radiated within. She, too, could not last any longer.

“In me! Together! Now!” she howled as passion overwhelmed her.

He roared as he filled her to the brim with one stroke to the hilt, a homecoming. She managed to whisper “Merry Christmas” before she screamed as she felt his seed splashing her womb.

He rested his forehead on hers. Still shaking, they descended from the height of their orgasms. Their breathing was still uncontrolled. So was their desire.

She ran her fingers over his cropped russet hair. Their eyes met. It felt good to be home albeit being in sticky situation at the moment.

He grinned. “Would you join me for another shower?”

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