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Appealing Story

Peter saw her as she brushed past him. The pleasant smell of her perfume tickled his nose. All his senses stirred, his groin started to tingle. She was gorgeous. The most beautiful woman he had seen for a long time. The physical attraction he felt, pushed him forward, urged him to follow her. He was so preoccupied with the curves of her graceful body that he wasn’t seeing anything else. His heart was galloping, and he felt weak in the knees.

The features of her face were exquisite, making it look somewhat innocent and childish. Her long shapely legs were bare and she wore a short black skirt that had a small slit on her left side. Her rounded hips were swaying rhythmically as she walked. Her long dark blond hair was cascading over her shoulders. Peter was hypnotized by the sight. He wanted desperately to reach out and touch her. His natural shyness was about to vanish. Then, he was overcome by an inexplicable fear. What if she just disappears? What it would be to know that she was gone. Peter’s passion was becoming obsession. For a brief moment, he wished he hadn’t seen her at all. Then, he tried to convince himself that she was not the most beautiful creature in the world. The thought was absurd so he discarded it.

She was walking with confident steps. Her small feet were clad in high heeled clogs that were showing off her delicate ankles. Peter fixed his gaze on the pristine rosiness of her rounded heels. Then, he explored the soft curves of her calves and thighs, wondering how a human being could be so perfect.

She turned into a deserted side street. Peter quickened his pace, afraid that he could lose her. As he turned the corner, he saw her standing motionless, her dazzling blue eyes pinning him.

“I don’t really like you much, but I think you deserve a treat,” she said, and awarded him with a wide smile. Mischievous glint flashed in her eyes.

For a second, Peter had the strange feeling that he had seen her before. She came closer and took his hand. The jumbled thoughts that were chasing each other through Peter’s brain miraculously disappeared. An odd feeling of calmness overwhelmed him.

“Hug me!” she said.

Peter drew her closer. Her full breasts pressed against his chest. The weakness in his knees returned. He became aware that her hand was fumbling with his belt. Her body felt lithe and tender at the same time. Full of life. He started kissing her face, gasping with excitement. His penis was as hard as a rock. She was touching him, driving him crazy. He pulled her skirt up and caressed her inner thighs. There were no panties to obstruct his hands so he rubbed her wet clit. She moaned and wrapped her left leg around his butt. He freed his penis from his pants and lifted her up. She guided it inside her, moving her hips vigorously. He rested her back on the wall behind her, and entered deep into her vagina.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“Peter,” he answered with a stutter.

“I’m Molly. You are doing a great job, Peter. I have never done it this way before.”

“I …I….”

“I know, Peter. You can’t talk right now. Then… just fuck me!”

His penis exploded inside her as they reached the climax of their passion.
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