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At the Movies

Hi guys, this is my third story. I hope you guys like it. There is one that comes after it and maybe a third. I haven't quite figured it out yet. Let me know what you think, I'm open to any suggestion and comments. Enjoy and thanks.

It was a Friday afternoon, about 1pm. Work was pretty slow so the boss let me go home early, I call you to see what you are doing. You work nights so weren't busy at all. We decided to meet up at home, I got in my car and drove, on the way all the possible things of what we could do started floating in my mind, a whole afternoon, of just you and me. I started to get really horny and knew what I want, and I was sure that you wanted to fuck me all afternoon too. I arrived home to find you sitting on the lounge suite waiting for me, I ask you what you wanted to do and you said “let’s go see a movie”, I was a little shocked but decided to go with you I ran upstairs to get changed, I put on a nice tight fitting dress that was just the right length I put on your favorite g-string and matching bra, fixed my makeup and was ready to go.

You drove us to the movies, and in the car ride it was pretty quite just small talk about how work was. I was so horny; I reached for your crotch and whispered to you “I want to play with your cock baby”. You responded with this massive smile on your face and gave me a nod to let me know you approve. I reach down, felt your bulge and pull him out, I began to stroke him slow and hard, this turns you on and got you rock hard, it’s a shame I had to stop as we reached the cinema, we got out of the car and you adjusted yourself. Once we were in the movies and seated, we got the back corner, there were a few people in the movies, I would have preferred it with less but it turned me on more, knowing that we could get caught. We push the divider between the arm chairs up and I cuddle inside your arms. I kiss you softly on the lips, but then you grab me and held me closer kissing me deeply letting me know you want me bad.

The movie had started so we got comfy and watched it for a bit, your hands were running through my legs and all over my body, you kissed my neck softly this sent tingles all over my body. Your hands move down my body and stop at my nipples, which you found hard and erect, you unbutton my dress and find I am wearing your favorite bra, this pleases you. You grab my tits and pull them out of the bra, and slowly and gently kiss and nibble on my nipples, they become sensitive and this makes me moan, your hand slips under my dress and you feel how wet my pussy is for you, you slipped a finger in and slowly massaged my clit, your mouth is now on mine, trying to keep me as quite as you can, you pick up speed and by this stage I am moaning loudly. We quickly look around lucky the movie was playing louder.

By this stage my pussy was throbbing and I wasn't really paying attention to the movie, you sat there and I lent over, grabbed you cock out and started to play. I started licking your shaft and playing with your balls, once your cock was hard enough my mouth was firmly around your cock, I fucked your cock deep and hard, getting really deep, almost gagging on you, my left hand pumps the bottom of your shaft, while my right hand plays with your ball, this drives you crazy. You lent over so you can feel how wet I am now for you.

Once your dick was rock hard, you dropped to the floor and ate my pussy deep and rough, making me orgasm there and then, once you were satisfied with that you got up and sat in on the chair in the corner, I then sat on top of you facing you, I sit up and I slide you hard rod inside my tight wet pussy and ram myself of you, sending my body into a shake. As I bounce up and down on your rod, you kissed me deep and passionately, this told me how turned on you were which turned me on more, I let out a loud moan, at this point I didn't care if someone heard us or not, I was enjoying myself.

I am starting to get really noisy, and your cock is rock hard and we both need to cum, you pull me off, checking quickly if it’s clear. You lay me down, spread my legs and put one leg up and over the seats you pull me to the edge so your kind of standing and ram my pussy deep and hard, you lean down to kiss me to stop me screaming, we are so both to coming and you don’t want us to get caught at this point. It feels so good, my whole body is shaking, my knees are getting weak and I can’t take much more, after one more thrust I come hard and fast, I wasn’t ready for it.

I nearly passed out. While I am coming hard, I feel your hard cock harden, you and you tell me your about to come. You pull out and sit down, I sit up lean over and suck your hard cock till you come, swallowing your load, I then licked you clean and fix myself up. Just as I am done an employee shines a torch at us with a huge smile on his face and a bludge in his pants. I wave at him and give him a smile; you don’t notice him because you’re watching the end of the movie. Soon the movie ended and we left. After seeing the employee I still wanted more and so did you, but we were both hungry so stopped for food and decided to continue this at home.

To be continued...
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