At The Movies

By wking

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This a story for three women and thanks to cowgirlbrumby for helping me with it.
I take you by the hand and lead you to the top row to the highest seats in the row. I take the end and place you next to me. I let go of your hand and turn to the screen making it seem that I am only here to see the movie. Slowly the lights dim and I look at you and smile as I take your hand. I lift the armrest separating us to look into your eyes. I move my arms to pick you up and place you on my lap, letting your legs dangle on the other chair.

I pull you to me and kiss your neck as I take a deep breath taking in the sent of your lovely body. You feel my chest heave up and down as the weight of your body presses against me. I slowly nuzzle your neck as I nibble on your ear.

‘I am going to make your dreams come true.’ I whisper, as I pull you tighter to me and press my arms around your body. I move my hand to your leg and slide my hand up and down slightly touching you, giving you goose bumps.

I kiss your cheek and brush your hair back. I lean you back a little to expose your chest to me, still clothed so I can only get to the top. I bury my head into you and kiss you all over softly. My mouth softly devourers your chest.

The hand that has been roaming over your legs finally hits the hem of your skirt, and you grab my hand and slide it under it. I feel your breath; a sigh of passion and need. I allow you to take control of my hand for a moment as you move it up on you higher and higher.

I move my hand that has steadied your back, and make it trace your back before I side it around to the front of you. Slowly my hand finds your blouse and the buttons that keep your breasts from me. My hand trembles as I undo the first one and take a breath. I move lips to you and kiss you deeply running my tongue into your mouth to find yours so they can dance during this moment of passion. I undo the next button, then the next, and then next.

My hands, the one that you had taken control of, I finally take it back and move it over your soft wonder land. Slowly I move it closer to your mound and you are bucking for me to touch you. I feel the heat from you. As my hand rests against your wet cunt, you slam your head into my neck and scream from passion. I have finally pressed my fingers into you. I slowly move my hand, making it circle your mound as your body tenses against me. I move my other hand to knead your lovely breast that you have given me. Pinching and kneading your melting body at my touch, pressing you closer into me.

As your body becomes mine to control I remove my hand from your chest to your waist and turn you away from me I lift you up just enough so I may undo my zipper and pull my cock free.

I lower you back on my lap but I open your legs and lift your skirt so you may see my cock between your legs. You move your hand to touch it and bring it your slit sliding it up and down with out putting it in. I pull you back against me so my hands can grab both of your breasts with them. Pinching you hard you let out a scream again but I find your mouth and kiss you to stifle the sound. Slowly you take me inside you pressing your lips around my cock. Sliding all the way down on me you take me all the way in. Pressing my hips into you as our bodies begin to move together. Our rhythm grinds as we rock our bodies back and forth, back and forth. Our tongues dance in each other’s mouths once more.

Thrusting my hips deep, deep inside you, our backs arching as the intense lust within our bodies force you to lose control. Thrusting harder and harder you moan again I feel you lose you juices as they flow from you onto me. I press my cock deep into you once, twice, thrice, and then I release my flooding stream into your body. As I slow from the intense love, I fall back into the seat where you lay back on me. I wrap my hands around you and hold you close as we kiss passionately. We stay together as we lay and watch the movie, although we had no idea what it was about. Our minds were begging for the movie to finish so we could go back to the house and start all over.