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At Work

Three years within the same company can be quite a drag, but knowing that your relationship with the boss has grown, is everything I could ask for. Yes, indeed the boss is married, but that doesn't stop me. Shawn and I have something in common, we don't let our partners get in our way.

Saturday, June 12th, 9:56pm. Shawn and I were finishing up our work in the office. Only the janitor left cleaning up on our floor, went to the elevator to go to the level below.

As he stepped into the elevator, I stood up out of my chair and walked down the hall to Shawn's office. As usual, he was waiting for me. With his brown buzzed hair, white dress shirt, and black dress pants that hugged his tight ass, he was leaning against his desk.

I walked into his office, wearing my black heels and white day dress. Closing the door behind me, I walked towards him. He grabbed my waist, pulled up my dress, and scooted back on his desk. I hopped onto him, legs spread over him, as my pink lace thong peeked out at the front.

He pulled me in and kissed me passionately. Our tounges as one, moving in each others mouth, so much force, it felt amazing. As I let out a quiet moan, he pulled me in closer.

Slowly, I moved my hands from his face down to his penis. I grasped it in my hand and stroked it until it was fully erect. I undid his pants, reached in with my hand and pulled out a big, hard, 8 inch cock. Amazing as always, he picked me up, my legs wrapped around him, and sat down on the couch.

I stood up, pulled off my pink lace thong, and got right back on him. I pulled up my dress, took his hard cock in my hand and let it penetrate my wet pussy. He grabbed my waist and thrust his thick hard cock into me. His hard cock in my vagina made me moan, and within no time I was pleased.

"Fuck me, Shawn," I said as he grabbed me and laid me on my stomach on the floor.

My legs spread open, he put his legs outside mine and entered my wet pussy with force. I decided that I would surprise him, as I closed my legs and made my vagina tight. He moaned like nothing I've heard before and I could feel him cum inside of me.

As he thrust hard, faster and faster, I could feel every bit of his cock inside me. The sensation ran through my body like a cold shiver on a hot afternoon.

"Ah... I'm gonna cum." I moaned as I came. "Thats right, Fuck me harder, Make my pussy want your cock inside me."

He thrust harder and harder, and then pulled out, but when he did, I still had my vagina tight and could feel the head of his penis against the walls of my vagina.

He stood up as I turned over.

"Whats wrong? Your doing great!" I said out of breath.

"Nothing is wrong, it's just I never thought that this could be so great," he said running his hand through his hair.

I crawled over to him and said, "That's good to hear, I think this thing we have is amazing." I ran my hands up his legs and over his erect penis.

I stood up and he grabbed me as I put my legs around his waist, and he put me up against the wall. He took his hard cock and entered me again, thrusting his cock deep inside me. We moved as one up and down the wall. His thick, hard cock in me made me cum again.

"I'm gonna come, make me come!" I said as he pounded his cock harder inside and into my loaded pussy.

The vibration that we made and the moans from my mouth, was almost louder than Shawn's phone. He let it ring as he fucked my pussy so hard, I let out a loud moan. His hard throbbing cock inside my pussy released his load as it filled my pussy once again. Then he pulled out of me, both my pussy and his cock dripping in cum, as he walked over to his phone.

"It's my wife, I have to go," he said, with sadness in his tone.

Shawn walked over to me and kissed me hard as I stroked his penis. "San Diego is tomorrow, I have a room for us, make sure you're there before twelve. I'll be needing you before the meeting," he said before he put his pants back on.

"I'll be there, there is no way I can be away from you and your hard thick cock rocking inside my pussy," I said, still leaned up against the wall.

Shawn smiled at me, grabbed his brief case and walked out the office door. I slid down the wall, rubbing my hard clit, just waiting for the next day when I knew that my pussy would be penetrated once again.

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