Babysitter Sex

By BrittneyLeann

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A Flattering and Exciting Time
Where do I start?

I am a 19 year-old female who just completed my freshman year at a small hometown college.

Since I was 13, I have been babysitting for this couple. She is a very attractive lady in her late 20s and he is a very good looking guy in his mid 30s.

Over the past year or so, he has seemingly been flirting with me but since I was attracted to him, I thought it was probably my imagination. Also she was usually around, so I figured if she thought so, she would say something and not ask me to sit for them.

A couple of weeks ago, she called, wanting me to sit for them on a Saturday night. I told her my car was in the shop but if they could pick me up and bring me home, I could.

She said, "Okay."

She picked me up on the Saturday.

They left for the evening and I entertained the kids until their bedtimes, then watched TV as usual.

When they returned, she said that he was going to drive me home, since she didn't want to be out alone at that time of the night.

As soon as we were in the car, he began telling me how I had grown up and became a pretty young lady. It was very obvious he was flirting and I was flattered.

About half way home, he made a wrong turn. Thinking he had made a mistake, I said something but then he turned in to a parking garage, used his pass and we parked.

He reached over, touching my hand. I immediately reacted by leaning over and kissing him on the cheek.

We began to kiss very passionately, with one thing leading to another, him playing with my tiny breast, then unzipping my jeans, running his hand down and fingering me.

When he suggested we get in the back seat, I didn't hesitate.

He knew I was willing, so he told me to take my jeans off, which I did, along with my panties.

He dropped his pants and got between my legs. 

When I ask if he wasn't going to use a condom, he said that they didn't use them, since she was on the pill. 

I asked if he wasn't afraid that I might get pregnant, but he was already going in me.

He quickly started a slow, smooth deep motion and a condom became my last thought, as it was very enjoyable and exciting.

Doing it without a condom was a whole new experience. I have not been that sexually active, but the guys I have been with all used protection.

We made love for several minutes, with him asking to make sure that I was ok doing it. Even if I had been concerned, I don't think I would have stopped because it was very exciting and I might not have gotten another chance with him.

All of a sudden, without letting me know it was coming, he shot his load with such force that I could feel it going deep in me.

I let out with a scream, as my whole body shook and I broke out in a sweat.

As soon as he had finished filling me up, he again asked if I was ok.

All I could say was, "Holy Shit! That was awesome!!!"

We got dressed and started home, talking about our experience. We both agreed it was very pleasurable.

My period is due later this week and I have mixed emotions about it coming or not. I know it's not right but I don't think I'd be disappointed if he did get me pregnant.