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Beach House Girlfriends Twin

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Crazy night at the beach

First off, I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm 21 but still in college, 6'1 and workout all the time. Light brown hair, blue eyes and never been embarrassed about my 7.5 inch dick. My girlfriend at the time, name not important, was a cheerleader and has gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyes, just over 5 ft and about a 100 pounds. Her body was a knock out, perfect round ass and perk 34 C's.

It started out as a summer vacation to the beach with her family. We all went down to an island in the outer banks for a week and rented a house right on the beach. Her dad though was watching me like a hawk, everywhere she and I went, he soon followed. Luckily though that he got real drunk the one night and his wife put him to bed. What we soon realized though was that she had taken over her husband’s duties as watch dog.

Around 10, my girlfriend came up to me kiss me and said, "Say you’re going to bed and sneak down to the beach I have a plan."

So of course I did as I was told, as it was almost the end of the week and we had had barely any time to ourselves. About a half hour later I was starting to wonder what the hell was going on, was this a joke? or did she get caught sneaking out? I had no idea. Just when I was about to return to the house I heard a voice but it wasn’t my girlfriends. I froze until I realized who it was...

It was my girlfriends twin sister, (by the way they are identical twins, have even have troubling telling them apart from one another). She came up to me and said that she and her sister had talked about this as a backup plan that if she couldn't get away from the parent, that her sister would step in to have some fun with me. I didn't know exactly what to do, and was hesitant whether I should really mess around with my girlfriend's sister.

Right when I was about to say no that we shouldn't do this she kissed me and wow. Once that happened I didn't care what happened. I picked her up in my arms and carried her over to one of the wood beams underneath the house. We were making out like crazy and she was way better at kissing than her sister.

She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I untied her bikini top. Her nipples were rock hard. I took one in my mouth and began to suck and flick her nipple with my tongue. She moaned so loudly I though we were going to get caught right then and there. To make it easier to get undress we moved to sand. She slid down her sofies and was wearing the tiniest of g-strings that showed she truly had no tan lines. I dropped my swim trunks and stood there in all glory as I was rock hard.

She began to tease me licking the tip of head, and then running her tongue down the length of my shaft. Oh did it feel amazing as she then worked her tongue around the base of me while she took the whole of my dick in her mouth. I soon began rubbing her dripping wet lips so show my appreciation.

When I found her clit, she moaned; my dick still sliding in and out of her mouth, the feeling was amazing. Sensing I was getting close she told me to cum in her mouth, only a few more strokes and swallowed my dick as I pumped thick streams into the back her throat, she slightly gagged, then swallowed it all.

We began kissing, and I rolled us over so that I was on top. She was so wet that I just slid right in. Taking long and deep thrusts I could tell she was enjoying this just as much as I was. Grabbing the sand around us she yelled for me to go faster. Obeying her orders I sped up my faster until she was screaming, moaning louder and louder.

Just then we hear a voice.. The Lifeguard. As soon as the light hit our bodies, we both erupted into one of the most mind blowing orgasms ever. Who knew actually getting caught would be a plus. We quickly grabbed our suits and ran into the tall grasses a few houses down until we couldn’t see the search light anymore.

We hid in the grasses and got redressed before sneaking back into the house. In the morning my girlfriend came to wake me up, I thanked her for being the best girlfriend ever and she simply just kissed me.

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