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Before the Coworkers Come

He grabs my panties and pulls them down, throwing them across the room....
I'm scanning the last few items on my list before loading the last boxes onto the truck. Trey walks out of the truck, and begins to load the boxes up. I smile my thanks before walking into the office, sending an email to the company the truck is going to; telling them the expected date of the trucks arrival. I shut down the computer and walk over the cabinet. Putting away the order papers, and I hear Trey walk into the office, putting away his papers and time sheet.

I suddenly feel him behind me. Pressing closer and closer into me, his hard dick pressing against my lower back as one hand grabs my ass and the other gently closes around my neck. He kisses where my neck and shoulder meet, sending shivers down my spine. The hand grabbing my ass moves around my waist, squeezing my hip hard before slipping into my jeans.

He laughs softly as he feels that my lace panties are soaked. His fingers slip inside my panties, rubbing my throbbing clit gently before slipping a finger in me. I moan and the hand around my throat tightens in a warning. If anyone hears me, we can't play anymore. I bite my lip as he relaxes his hand and slips another finger into me.

My hands reach back to his hips, clawing at his belt while he fingers me. Bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm, but right before I start, he stops. I whimper softly as he withdrawals his hand and turns me around. He pushes me against the cabinet with his hips, keeping me pinned.

He reaches down and undoes my jeans, slipping them down my legs, helping me step out of them. He grabs my panties and pulls them down, throwing them across the room, the pink a loud contrast to the white tile floor. He pushes my grey shirt up enough to pull my black bra down to expose my tits.

Trey groans in his throat as his mouth closes around a small, hard, pink nipple. I reach for his belt and undo it, then his pants. I hear more than see them drop to the floor. I reach into his boxers and grab his hard cock, tightening my hand and moaning softly as he bites my nipple before going to the other one.

I start to slowly move my hand up and down his hard shaft, he moans against my boob and starts to move his hips in time with my hand. He bites my nipple hard, causing me to gasp loudly before he covers my mouth with his and picks me up.

I moan against his mouth as the cool, cabinet door hits my flushed back. I moan even louder against his mouth as he sinks me onto his hard, eight inch dick. I pull my mouth away from his and bury my head into his neck, biting him to keep me from moaning loudly.

His heavy breathing is right in my ear, bringing me closer to my earlier, denied orgasm. I reach down between us, feeling his hard stomach muscles before I start to rub my clit; biting his shoulder hard as I cum, getting his red shirt slightly wet.

He moans as I get even tighter around him, squeezing and milking his dick. He pulls out of me, leaving me feeling empty, before bending me over a file cabinet near by, the cold metal hard and unyielding against my breasts. He grabs my hips and slams back into me. I bite my lip and bury my face into my arms, but he grabs my short, brown hair, and forces my head up.

He starts to move faster, leaning over me to cover my mouth with his other hand to keep me quiet. He moans deeply into my ear as he pushes all the way, cumming. I moan into his hand while he pulls his softening dick out. He slaps my ass before helping me to stand up.

We quickly get dressed, walking out of the office right when our coworkers start to walk towards to sign their time cards. As Trey and I walk towards the front, we share a secret smile, while walking past security. Waiting for our next time alone.

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