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Behind the bushes

Just keep reading. ;)
I always thought the teenage girls blowing guys behind the trees and bushes were whores...until I was one of those girls.

It was a late summer day close to lunch time and I had spent all week waiting for my boyfriend at the times' cock. I had been suffering every hour of everyday. Then as soon as I had finished my lunch he told me innocently that he wanted to ride up to the park and walk around and talk...just to get away. Even as mad as I was because he didn't want to stay here and give me what I wanted, I reluctantly agreed to go, threw on my shoes fixed my hair and got in his car.

Once we got there we walked around to some of the spots we use to hang out at and out of the corner of my eye I noticed some guys sitting on the tables, they must have seen me looking and one of the guys called out my name. I looked at Brandon, and saw a twinge of jealousy in his eyes...this gave me great pleasure because when he got angry or jealous he was always able to dish out the best sex.

So, I took my time and devised a plan to get him to do some very dirty things to me. I got up from where we were sitting and told him that I had something to show him. We made our way to the darker side of the park, with him being drug behind me with a confused look on his face. I then walked under a little gazebo and pushed him against the wall and kissed his lips, he grabbed my hips and I could feel my slit getting wetter and wetter by the second. He stopped me and pulled back, looked down at the bulge in his pants and I gave him a devilish smile.

He looked around for a more discreet place to be and found a very large tree/bush and looked back at me as if asking if it was okay, as horny and turned on as I was I didn't give a damn where he took me I just wanted him, all of him. I pushed him behind the bush and whispered into his ear "I want your huge cock shoved in my tight pussy right now!"

I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my very short blue jean shorts and pulled those and my green thong down to my ankles and kissed him while he rubbed his cock over my slit, he couldn’t take it any more so he bent me over and shoved his cock deep in me as I let out a yelp. He thrust himself into me over and over as he grabbed my sides. I could feel an orgasm building inside of me and I knew it was coming...and I couldn’t stop it. It started at my feet and worked its way up to my head, and I let out a loud moan, the only word I could force out was "fuck" as it subsided I found my panties and my shorts and pulled then up to my hips and buttoned my shorts and tightened my belt I turned to him with a flushed look and he told me to get on my knees and I did as he asked.

I took his hard dick into my hand and wrapped my lips around the head of it and gave it a flick, his leg jumped when I did that, I groped his balls and played with them as he grabbed my hair and forced my mouth down on his member this turned me on once again as he continued to force my mouth down on him as far as I could as I gaged over and over again I could feel him getting closer as his breathing started to get faster and then he pulled his member out of my mouth and began to cum he started to work it out of his cock, then a spurt came out and landed in my waiting mouth. I loved the taste of his cum as it landed in my mouth three good times then he was finished. He buttoned and zipped his pants as he watched me swallow every bit of his cum. I stood up and wiped any bit off, which may have missed my mouth. He kissed my lips and walked with me from behind the bush and back to his car where he and I made our way back home to spend the rest of the day together.

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