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Blue Cafe

A dirty chat leads to an unexpectedly similar fuck
Andy entered his local coffee shop. He was on his lunch break and liked to spend his hour using the free WiFi to browse the web on his tablet, catching up with emails and so forth. On this particular day, the coffee shop was jam-packed and, as he looked around, he could see nowhere to sit. He joined the queue anyway, confident that by the time he had purchased his drink, there would be a free table.

A couple of minutes passed and Andy reached the end of the queue, paid for his drink and looked around again. He wandered through the busy floor, scanning the tables as he went and, just as he was prepared to about-face and head in the opposite direction, a voice spoke to him.

"Andy? Andy from IT?" the female voice said.

Andy turned to see a pretty young girl reading a book, in tight-fitting office attire, with red, shoulder length hair and hazel eyes that looked right at him.

"Hi," he said, not entirely sure who he was talking to. The girl sensed this and quickly attempted to clarify.

"Oh sorry, Andy, I'm not sure if you remember me. I'm Lena - I started at the company a month ago and you helped set up my workstation."

Andy winced and apologetically replied, "Damn. Sorry, Lena. Yes I remember now. You're in accounting, right?"

"Err - no it's marketing but never mind." Andy winced again, clenching his teeth but stayed quiet this time, to avoid further blunders.

"Oh well, anyway, I was just going to ask if you wanted this seat here," she said, looking to the empty seat opposite her.

Andy looked around. There was still nowhere else to sit, so he was keen to oblige.

"Okay ... er ... Lena." he said carefully, almost forgetting her name. "Thanks."

He placed his full cup on the table and sat down in front of her, noticing the cover of her paperback book. It was some steamy, erotic novel - the kind he figured older women read but nowadays they seemed to be all the rage.

Without thinking, and for the sake of keeping the conversation going, he asked, "So what's the book about?" and very quickly wished he hadn't.

Lena blushed. She had clearly been engrossed in the book and oblivious to the rest of the cafe, at the point when she invited Andy to sit.

"Well it's a housewife who decides to start a very 'specific' kind of internet-porn site with her husband. Err ..."

"Oh. I see," Andy said.

Lena continued, feeling slightly defensive as if Andy was judging her. "Yes, the kind of site that guys visit a lot. I bet you know a few."

Andy's eyes widened, slightly taken aback by her forward remark.

"Why should I know a few?" he said. "That's a bit of a stereotypical remark, don't you think?"

Lena now felt like the pot was calling the kettle black. She shook her head and looked down at the table, smiling.

"Come on, Andy. Are you telling me you're the only guy in the country who doesn't look at internet porn?" she said sarcastically.

Andy knew he was trapped here. "Well ... I didn't say I don't, I just said that was a stereotypical remark."

Lena felt a wicked curiosity come over her. She leaned forward a bit and lowered her voice.

"It's gay porn isn't it, Andy?" she said cheekily.

"Err I don't think so," Andy retorted, feeling affronted.

Lena chuckled. "I'm just kidding. I know about you and what's-her-name at reception. It's common knowledge in the office."

Andy looked down at his coffee. "Oh. Well I'm not so sure that's still on," he said, giving little away.

Lena liked hearing this. Andy was a very good looking young man. Twenty two or twenty three she thought, a couple of years younger than her. He was always well turn-out at work and his neatly fitting suits showed off a sharp, well maintained physique beneath.

Eager now to keep the subject of conversation on sex, Lena persisted. "So come on, Andy, what's your poison then? What porn are you going to be surfing for on any given evening at home, trousers down, tissues at the ready?" she said.

Now Andy blushed, but REALLY blushed. She had painted a very explicit picture and directed it at him.

She felt bad and sat slightly back again. "Sorry, Andy - didn't mean to make you feel embarrassed ... but ... " she went on " ... I won't tell if you want to tell me! It's this book, you see. It's made me curious."

Andy thought what the hell. She probably had seen most of these sites anyway. He gave her the brushed-over version.

"Okay, well I do sometimes look at quite hardcore sites, you know, proper guy stuff that would probably offend girls, and that sort of thing."

Slightly offended by his patronising and evasive answer, she cut to the chase.

"Get real, Andy. What are we talking about here? Anal? MILFs? Whips and chains? Bukakke? Come on, stop being a big girl!" she teased ironically.

Feeling like a game of truth or dare, Andy rose to the bait. "Anal does it for me. I like fit girls, much like yourself, getting fucked senseless in their arses."

Lena stayed quiet but looked on, smiling.

He continued. "Oh and blow jobs. I like big sloppy deep throat blow jobs, where the girls are gagging on huge cocks until their eyes water."

That was more like it, she thought. Lena responded, "See, what's wrong with admitting it? All guys are into that sort of thing."

Andy asked, "So what floats YOUR boat then, Miss Internet Porn Guru?"

Lena suddenly felt quite aroused by the conversation. Her pussy tingled and became moist at the thought of what she was about to say to Andy.

"Double penetration, if I'm being honest. And a bit of girl on girl too. Actually a lot of girl on girl!"

Andy did NOT expect that. He felt his cock harden in his trousers upon hearing her say those things. His mouth went dry and words escaped him.

Seeing the effect she was having on her handsome young colleague, Lena now felt a slutty desire to turn him on. She looked Andy in the eyes and leaned forwards a bit, so as to be able to talk quietly, under the clamour of the chit-chat in the shop.

"Seriously, Andy, I fucking love a big cock in my arse and even better still, with another in my pussy at the same time. Huge, stiff ones with massive helmets. Things that really fill me up."

Andy's eyes were like saucers. She wasn't just referring to porn anymore.

"And to be licking another pussy at the same time. Heaven. I'm a naughty girl, in case you hadn't realised," she said.

Andy didn't know where to begin. Ten minutes ago, he had said hello and now she was admitting to her own anal and bisexual fantasises.

Lena passed the ball back to Andy. "So go on - let's get into the details, Andy. Tell me about what really gets you hot. No wait! Better still, describe it in lurid detail." She looked on excitedly.

Andy's cock strained against the inside of his trousers. His inhibitions were crumbling away.

"Okay. I love having my cock sucked and the feeling of coming in a girl's ... "

Lena cut him off. "No, actually ... ", she hesitated, knowing what she wanted to say but slightly unsure. "Imagine it's me. Tell ME what you'd have ME do."

She couldn't have been more forward. Andy shifted again in his seat, his cock stretching the thin layer of material surrounding it. He grinned, the penny dropping that she was hot for him.

"Well ... I would love to slowly lift err ... your skirt, then ... " he hesitated again.

Hearing the change in perspective, towards her, Lena's heart thumped against her chest. "Keep going, Andy. It's getting interesting. And then ... ?" she winked.

"Then I'd pull YOUR knickers down and ... and ... " Andy restrained himself once again, but then forced the description out.

" ... and I'd take hold of your bottom and stick it in."

Lena knew what he wanted to say but she had to hear the words. "Stick what in, Andy?"

"My cock," he said finally. Lena shuddered. The unexpected intimacy between them was such a thrill. She barely knew him, yet was managing to convince him to expose his inner beast.

"Don't hold back, Andy. Be honest. Tell me what you really want."

With his voice now a barely audible whisper amidst the background noise of the cafe, Andy continued, "I want to fuck your arse, over this table until I'm almost ready to come. I want you to be moaning my name as you come again and again. When I'm ready to come, I want you to get to your knees and deep throat my cock that's been in your arse and make me shoot my load down your throat."

"How's that?" he said proudly.

Lena took a deep breath. "Please tell me you're not kidding, Andy."

They looked each other squarely in the eyes for what seemed like quite a while. The conversation had reached a point where they either had to go and fuck now or never talk again. In each other's mind's they had already done it and they both knew it.

Andy broke the silence. "Well I've never done that before," he confessed. "Anal, I mean. But Jesus, Lena, I'm practically coming in my pants here."

Lena swallowed, her mouth feeling dry. Her heart pounded and she trembled as her mind raced. She wanted him, right now but in reality, how the hell were they supposed to do it? The toilet was in constant use and would be pretty disgusting around this time.

Her eyes wandered around the room and zoned in on the baby-changing room. Quickly, she scanned the coffee shop and concluded that it was unlikely they would be interrupted, given that the shop was pretty much filled with local office workers.

"Two minutes," she said excitedly to Andy. "See me in there." She nodded toward the door of the changing facility.

Andy looked around and then back to Lena. His head was spinning at the prospect of what would be in two minutes time.

Lena cleared her throat and stood, trying to look casual and inconspicuous; if anyone had bothered looking they would have laughed - she looked anything but.

She began to move away from the table, catching Andy's eye one last time before leaving.

"Two," she mouthed silently to him.

Andy barely nodded and turned back to his coffee, picked it up and took a sip. It was now lukewarm but he had other things on his mind.

Scenes from porn played over and over in his head but somehow Lena's lightly-freckled face now featured in the starring role. He felt light headed from the excitement and found himself shifting again and again in his seat as his cock, now leaking pre-cum like crazy, ached like hell.

"Shit!" Andy thought. "I need to get over there but I've got this fucking hard-on!"

Two minutes was nearly up. He hadn't even paid attention to Lena going into the changing room. She might have done a runner for all he knew.

Andy stood and in doing so, tried to quickly shift the position of his knob to a less visible one. Instinctively, he realised the best course of action was just to get going. He walked away from the table, making eye contact with no-one and found himself at the door of the baby-change.

He opened it, went in and closed the door swiftly behind him, in one smooth motion. He fumbled for the lock and, after turning it, tested the handle to ensure it was secure. It was.

He felt a hand on his buttock. He turned to see the gorgeous Lena, having undone her office blouse, standing before him with her bra visible.

He leaped at her, their lips meeting, followed immediately by their tongues. Lena was caught out by Andy's sudden decisiveness; she had felt the earlier conversation had been driven mainly by her and assumed she would need to lead him once in here but that was not the case. As far as he was concerned, Lena had pretty much granted him carte blanch.

His hand found her breast and cupped its firm exterior through the material of the bra. Lena gasped and pressed her body closer to Andy's. Their hips, now locked together, gyrated in tandem, with the same burning desire felt on either side.

Andy's hand moved from her chest down to Lena's skirt. He found the hem and his hand traced up inside, along her silky white thigh to the crotch. Her panties were soaked; Andy thrust his hand in between her legs and began to rub. No accuracy was involved, he just groped at her like she was a whore he'd paid for and was to get every penny's worth out of her. Lena pushed back into his hand and extracted some pleasure of her own, shuddering slightly as she did so.

Lena pressed her other hand to Andy's chest; she could feel the firm texture of his muscle beneath the thin cotton and it send tingles down her spine. She slid her hand down, under his tie, pressing against his flat, rigid, swimmer's abdomen.

Whilst Andy massaged her pussy through the fabric of her knickers, Lena slid her hand down further and began to unzip his fly. Within moments, Andy's cock was free and coating Lena's soft hand with its clear fluid. Lena, still pressing her tongue deep in his mouth, sized him up by tracing her hand from its tip down to the balls and back up again. Andy moaned softly from his throat, eager to indicate the pleasure she induced in him. Lena did the same, then dropped to her knees and took his hardness into her mouth.

Andy gasped in rapture. "Oh fuck!" he said, breathlessly. "Fuck! Fuck!" he continued as Lena teased his bulging helmet with her tongue, as it occupied the front of her mouth. Andy felt himself about to come if he didn't pause for a second. It was all happening too quickly and he didn't want it to end as suddenly.

He grabbed at her head and withdrew his cock, his orgasm just averted by a second or so. Lena looked up at him, concerned she had done something wrong but Andy, ignoring her, stood her up and turned her around so that she faced the mirror above the sink. Lena's reflection smiled knowingly at Andy. She placed her hands on either side of the basin and waited for Andy to take her.

He lifted the skirt from either side, revealing her white panties and, taking them in both hands, slid them down her slender legs to her ankles, just above her four-inch black PVC heels. Andy stood back up and dropped his trousers before taking hold of her hips. Her bottom appeared to beckon him invitingly; Lena had arched her back to allow her cheeks to part slightly. Her tight arse hole was visible to Andy now, who licked his lips in anticipation.

"Lubricate it, Andy. Spit on it," she said. "Get it nice and wet before you stick it in."

Andy hadn't heard such dirty talk from a girl before. It thrilled him; made his pulse race. He mustered up what saliva he had and leaned forward to make sure it covered her hole completely. He parted her arse cheeks with his hands and, moving in as if to kiss it, let dribble a gooey wad of his saliva onto her anus. Lena giggled lustfully and wriggled her arse as if to indicate she was now ready.

Andy stood back up and moved in. He placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her arse, then reached both hands up to her breasts and prepared to enter. Pushing gently, his cock squeezed inward silently, assisted by the impromptu lubricant. Lena, feeling his hands upon her breasts, arched her back even more, pressing her bum into him. His cock slid further in.

Lena moved one hand off of the wall and placed it between her legs, stimulating her clit and fingering her soaking pussy as his cock filled her. She exhaled. "Oh fuck. That's it, baby. Fucking nice and tight. I bet you fucking love it, don't you?" she said to him. "Get it deeper, Andy. I want it all in there," she told him, grinding her arse into him, her thighs moving rhythmically.

Andy's cock was now half buried in her body - her sexy, smooth, writhing body; she egged him on to go deeper. His brief pause between her mouth and her arse had bought him some time but if she kept up that filthy talk, he knew things would be over in seconds.

Andy began to fuck her harder, well aware that he didn't have long to enjoy this utopia. Given their circumstances that was probably a good thing but he cursed himself for not being able to hold on longer. As each insertion went deeper and deeper, his thighs began to meet hers; he pressed his pelvis against the soft flesh of her buttocks, savouring the sensation of his enveloped shaft inside her hot tunnel.

His cock was at maximum sensitivity and every thrust into Lena's anus pushed him closer to orgasm. Lena now had three fingers inside her and felt her own orgasm was close as she finger-fucked herself alongside the rigid pole in the adjoining orifice.

"Oh fuck, Lena. I'm not going to last long. It's tooooo fucking good ... oh god ... yesssss," he said.

Lena knew what she was doing. She was half aware that at any moment there might be a knock at the door and reality would come crashing back around them so she preferred quality over quantity.
"Yes ... uuhhh ... Andy. Fuck me like that ... but ... ooohh ... I'm sorry," she quivered, " ... don't come in there baby. I've got a ... hmmmm ... uuuhhh ... presentation this afternoon," she managed to get the words out. "Come in my ... uhhhh ... mouth. I'll ... mmm ... swallow it for you ... like you ... mmm... wanted."

But Andy already felt his orgasm building. His final few thrusts took Lena by surprise who bit her lip to avoid shrieking, as his body rocked and trembled on the verge of release.

"Too late ... shit! I'm ... I'm ... oh ... I'm coming ... uuuhhh." He exhaled from the depths of his chest but as quietly as he could. Lena, realising she couldn't stop him now, moved her remaining hand back behind herself, and grabbed the side of his buttock, encouraging every last inch of him into her.

Lena then felt the heat of his thick, hot come pumping deep inside her, and his pulsating cock, which finally triggered her orgasm. She tensed and quivered as waves of pleasure ran through her body in the same moment as Andy's and she moaned loudly. Andy's hand raced to her mouth and muffled her crudely, practically without thinking. A cold sweat broke out under her blouse as the two of them, locked together, struggled to calm their heavy breathing.

They became still and in an instant their whereabouts occupied their foremost thoughts.

"Quick, Andy," she said. "Let's get back to our table but not at the same time."

Andy slid his cock out of her arse. Some of his cum followed immediately after and ran down the back of Lena's thigh. She turned her head to face him and gave him a "told you so" look.

"Shit," she said, thinking of her presentation later that afternoon. "If that happens later, I'm going to have fun explaining." She chuckled. "You had better go out first, Andy. I'll clean up and be back in a minute."

Andy nodded. He rushed to get is clothes back to a presentable state and took a brief look in the mirror before opening the door.

Closing the door behind him, he walked calmly over to their table, red as beetroot and a shirt tail hanging out of one side. No one noticed. He sat down and tried to catch his breath as his mind replayed the events of the last few minutes.

A couple of minutes later, Lena arrived at the table, looking flushed and radiant but remarkably composed. She sat down and the pair of them searched for something mundane to talk about.

Andy revisited his question from earlier. "So what was that porn site about, I mean - the one in the book?"

Lena laughed out loud, throwing back her red hair. "Don't get me started, or we'll be back in that room again!" she told him, giggling.

"Finish your coffee," Lena said, noticing the time on the wall. "We should head back in a moment."

Andy took a sip of his now cold drink and indicated he was ready to go. They picked up their bits and pieces and headed out of the shop.

Just as they arrived outside the office, Lena took him by the hand and leaned over to give him a peck on the cheek.

"I hope my computer breaks down soon," she admitted, with a coy smile. They walked into the lobby together and went their separate ways.

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