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Break Time!

I absolutely love break!
 I couldn't focus on my work. My eyes kept flitting to the bottom right corner of the computer screen. It was 2:23, two minutes until break. it was all I could think of all day, which kept me horny all day. Yesterday, you know me, can't go a day without flirting with someone. So here was this really hot new guy at work. Me and my big mouth.

"Hey Tabitha, bet you I can get that guy to fuck me by after break time tomorrow."

"Oh really? Now this I gotta see. If you have sex with him and you've got proof, then I'll take you out tonight to The Social all expenses paid. if you don't, you take me to the Social on-the-house."

"Perfect, I feel like going to The Social tomorrow night for free!"

My friend Jen came over overhead our conversation.

"Tabby you're in for a loss of money. This bitch Ally can get any man she wants, any time. Every guy says its a mysterious twinkle in her eyes that makes them just want to get up and fuck her."

"Bullshit, Ally won't get him by tomorrow's break, I guarantee. Just for the hell of it, if she does, I'll take you to The Social too Jen!"

"Party!" Jen replied.

I looked on in happiness at my two best friends.

The digital clock switched over to 2:30, break time. I put on some mascara and perfume and set out for the new guy's desk. I found him and sat down on the desk,

"Hi there! I'm Ally." I said.

He looked at me and smiled.

"Hello, I'm Brad."

"It fits you, you look like Brad Pitt when he was young!"

He chuckled and I saw some color rise to his cheeks.

"Hey Brad I'm on break, you wanna grab something in the Lounge?"

The lounge was the ideal place for my little mission. It held a closet that could definitely  hold two people and a room to move around.

"Uh sure why not?"

We walked over to the lounge and Jen and Tabitha were looking at cupboard and Jen with an exasperated look on her face.

"Tabby help me out over here since you're the one who threw my fucking purse behind this damn cupboard."

"Hey, you said I was corner store slut."

They both pushed at it to no avail. Not even a budge.

"Maybe Brad can help you with it Jen." I chirped flashing him a smile.

"No problem." He replied.

Brad came over and moved the cupboard in one swift motion.  He retrieved Jen's purse and handed it to Jen.

"Thank you very much Brad."

"It was nothing."

I arched my eyebrows at Jen and pointed at the door with my head.

"Come on Tabitha, I wanna hit the cafe across the street."

They left and we were all alone. Until now, I had my helpful friend voice on and I now powered on my sultry club voice.

"Wow Brad, you're so strong. Can I feel your biceps."


I felt his arms and they were rock hard.

"That is so sexy. "

"Well..." He was smiling.

"Can I feel your abs, without your shirt?"

"Uh I don't know..." I could see the want in his eyes.

"Come on, please?" I looked deep into his eyes and gave him my best smile. He smiled,

"Oh all right."

I could see his cock getting hard as he pulled up his shirt and I felt his rock hard abs.

"Wow they're so tight and hard! Hey, why don't you feel my stomach?"

I unbuttoned my blouse and opened up for him to see. His jaw dropped as he eyed my 38C breasts encased in my new push up bra in fantasy lace. I knew damn well what I was after, but I played as if it were just friendly conversation. His cock jerked and now was completely visible. I turned my back and leaned on him.

"Feel my tummy." I said over my shoulder.

He hesitatingly set his hands on my waist, I could feel his hard cock pushing against my butt. I took his hands and set them on my hips. I swayed my hips from side to side, grinding my ass on his hard cock. He whispered yes, and he kissed my neck. He turned me around and forcefully kissed me. He grabbed my ass and pulled as close to him as  possible. I felt his hard penis directly on my pussy, it was wonderful.

"Come on, in here."

I pulled him towards the closet make sure of taking my phone to get the proof. I turned the camcorder on set it on the floor as subtle as possible. I shut the closet door, turned on the light, and immediately he as on me. He took of my blouse and swiftly pulled down my skirt and v-string at the same time. He unfastened my bra and I already had his pants down. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and we stood there naked without shame.

"Oh yes Brad, fuck me."

"You can count on that."

He pushed me against the wall and hoisted my leg over his shoulder. I gasped as his huge cock speared through me. We found our rhythm and he was thrusting with great power.
"Oh fuck yes!! Yes!! Keep fucking going! Faster!!"

he grunted in reply and picked up the pace. My orgasm was coming up any minute now. I could also see in his face that he was holding back his own.

"Shit Brad fuck me harder, please! FASTER!!"

He now fucked me no restraint all hands down. I was close to tears from the intense pleasure rolling in waves through my body. His face was tensed and he was ready to cum.


I was spent. I squirted all over his stomach and cock. He pulled out and cum dripped onto the floor. As soon as he pulled out streams of cum exploded onto my stomach. Stream after stream of milky, white goodness. He leaned back equally spent. I dropped to my knees and cleaned off his dick. I pulled out a towel  from the rack above and cleaned up. I handed it to him and we started to dress. He was finished before me and left with kiss and squeeze on my breast. I had everything but I just couldn't find my underwear. A smile spread across my lips and I knew he took them. I picked up my phone and walked out of the lounge a little sore between the legs. I triumphantly limped towards Tabby and Jen and plopped my Blackberry into her hands.

"Check the videos."

Tabitha watched in shocked as she witnessed me getting fucked by Brad. Jen stood next to her with a cocky smile on her face.

"Are you serious?" Tabitha questioned.

"The Social for three tonight!!" Jen announced gladly.

I smiled wide and slowly sat down in the nearest chair.

Tabitha marched over to where Brad sat.

"Why did you have sex with her?"

A look of shock crossed his face.

"Oh don't worry, I won't tell, Ally's my besty, you fucking her is like fucking me or Jen over there. so tell me, why did you do it?"

Brad looked at her a little puzzled.

"Well I can't really explain. When she sat on my desk this afternoon, I saw something in her eyes, something like a twinkle. It got me hooked on everything she said and did."

What I did at the Social is another story. =)

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