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Business or Pleasure? Rob and Jane Part 5

She slowly undid her coat buttons as Rob stared down at her, his warm, brown eyes filled with lust.
Rob had been working very hard over the last month and the strain was beginning to get to him. He hadn’t seen Jane in over two weeks and not only did he miss talking and laughing with her but, he was majorly horny!

They had been chatting online and sending each other dirty pictures all week which, wasn’t helping him concentrate on his big presentation that was due on Friday. He was hoping for a promotion and everyone said how much he deserved it, he had been working really, really hard. Still he didn’t mind being interrupted when it was to chat with Jane or look at her latest pictorial offering. He saved the work he had done so far and decided to check his mail. ‘(1) New message’ it read.

‘Saucy Minx needs attention’ was the subject title of the email and he rushed to open it. There, in all her glory, was a picture of Jane from just under her nipples down to the top of her lace, black panties. He could see the beautiful curve of her lower breasts, her lean, tanned stomach, pierced belly button and sensual hips. It didn’t show but he just knew she was smiling taking the picture. God he couldn’t wait until Friday evening when they had a steamy session planned. He was going to cook for her and if everything went his way they would spend the evening in front of his open fireplace with a bottle of wine and some tasty treats!

His boss walked past his office and popped his head in the door. "Burning the midnight oil again I see, Rob? Head home soon now, we don’t want you falling asleep on Friday at the presentation now do we?" And with that he was gone. Little did his boss know he was looking at Jane’s picture instead of the presentation and it gave Rob a little thrill. His computer bleeped and his instant chat box appeared on the screen, it was Jane.

Jane: Hey there Mister, don’t tell me you are still in work? It’s 9pm you must be exhausted?

Rob: Hey hotty how are you? I got your picture, probably the only thing that will get me through this evening! I’ve about another hour ahead of me in here. Even my boss has gone home!

Jane: You poor thing. I bet you are in need of a break, someone to massage your shoulders, help you forget and wash the stress away, even for a few minutes.

Rob: I’m telling you Jane if I could teleport you right here right now I’m sure I could spare some time for that and I could really do with a break!

Jane: Oh really?! What would you like me to do to you then? ;)

Rob: Use those magic hands of yours and do what you do best!!

Jane: Oh Rob I’m so horny, I wish I could be there. I’d stand behind you at your desk, reach my hands over your shoulders, undo your tie and slowly open your shirt buttons. I’d press my warm breasts into your back as I run my hands down your stomach kissing your neck until I got to your belt….

Rob: Go on….this sounds very nice indeed.

Rob was squirming in his seat just thinking of it. He imagined Jane’s skin close to his, the warmth of her hands sliding over his body, touching him just where he liked to be touched.

Jane: I would slowly unbuckle your belt, push down your zipper….

Rob: Oh don’t stop Jane please tell me what you would do next.

Rob was seriously horny now, hanging on Jane's every word.

Suddenly Rob heard a noise and he looked up from his desk. There stood Jane in his doorway, her Blackberry in her hand and the sauciest grin on her face. She was wearing a long black coat, black high heeled boots and her hair was pinned on top of her head. In her other hand she held a swipe card and a duster.

"How did you get in here?" he asked incredulously.

"My friend runs the cleaning company here. I even passed your boss on the stairs and he asked me to empty the bin in his office!!" Jane replied and they both began to laugh. God was he happy to see her. She closed the door to his office and as she turned to lock it he got up and moved out from behind his desk. She turned around and was once again surprised by Rob’s athletic build and tall frame. She couldn’t wait for his hands to touch her.

She slowly undid her coat buttons as Rob stared down at her, his warm, brown eyes filled with lust. He was standing in front of his desk, a hard on clearly visible in his suit pants. Jane stared back, eager to maintain eye contact and tease Rob. She let her coat slip down around her shoulders revealing her soft, warm skin. Rob moved towards her and Jane held out her hand to stop him.

'"Patience now please, she purred with a sultry look fleeting across her face. She let her coat inch it's way little by little down her body until it was just at the top of her nipples. She could see by Rob's face and bulge that he had she wasn't wearing any clothes. At this point she let the coat fall to the ground and stood before him in just her black knee high boots. Her breasts were pert and ready for attention and she undid her pin and let her hair fall over her shoulders, caressing her breasts and back. Jane strutted towards Rob, her luscious hips swaying from side to side.

'"Get over here before I explode," Rob joked as he reached out to embrace her. As he lent back and rested his bum on the edge of the desk he spread his legs and Jane walked in close between them. They kissed passionately, desire coursing through their bodies. Two weeks without contact was a long time and Rob felt a flush of heat sweep over his body. Jane ground her groin into Robs crotch as his hands roamed over her soft flesh. Keeping one leg firmly on the ground Jane lifted her other leg and placed it on the desk top just behind Rob so she was half straddling him. His hands moved down to her round and firm ass cheeks, her legs spread wide. He gave them a playful spank and then spread them apart as his fingers brushed her crack every so gently. Jane's body shivered in response.

"Fuck me now," Rob begged as he broke their kiss and stared intently into Jane's soulful eyes. As the past few weeks of work and stress faded into distant memory Rob felt Jane push him back onto the desk as she undid his trousers. She slowly removed his penis and with a joyful look on her face began to massage and lick his throbbing cock. She ate him hungrily, her mouth enveloping him completely and her hand gripping and twisting his lower shaft in an easy rhythm. Every time her mouth reached the top she flicked her tongue back and forth over the tip and it drove him wild.

He was close to coming and she knew it so with that Jane jumped up on the desk so she was standing over him, her kinky boots on either side of his waist. Rob stared up at her naked body wondering why she had stopped. He had the most wonderful view of her pussy so he wasn't complaining! Jane looked down and gave him a wink. She then lowered herself down in a full squat, guiding his dick into her waiting pussy. Rob rested his head back on the desk savouring the sensation of entering this saucy minx. Jane ground down onto him and rotated her hips in circular motions using her feet on the desk for leverage. She was doing all the work and he loved it. After all it had been a tough week!

Jane lifted one leg up and over his head and rode him side saddle for a few minutes. He was in awe, he had never done this before and it sure felt good. She then swung her legs back around into reverse cowgirl giving him a lovely view of her ripe ass and moist pussy riding his cock. He propped himself up on his elbows so he could get a better look. He couldn't help himself and her reached out to touch her cheeks with one hand. God that was a spank-able ass, so firm yet fleshy, great to grab onto. Rob was having the ride of his life and wanted to make sure Jane was having a good time too. He began to rub her pussy from her lips back to her ass hole spreading her juice all over her crack. He heard Jane cry out with desire. She seemed to like it so he carried on.

Slowly he worked up to her tight bud, lubricating it well and slid his finger in gently. Jane gasped. She slowed her rhythm unsure of all the sensations she was experiencing. It was a real pleasure/pain feeling. Rob slid his finger back out just to the tip and slowly entered it again. Jane began to really enjoy the feeling of both her holes being filled and increased her rhythm again. Rob matched her pace as she rode his dick and he fingered her hole. Jane felt the familiar waves of pleasure wash through her body and she felt like she was heating up from the inside out. She was close to cumming and pounded down on Rob eager to cum on his cock. He intensified his fingering as he felt Jane cum hard on top of him. This finished him off as he exploded inside her, 2 weeks of built up desire firing into her hole.

Jane stood up slowly once she regained her composure. "Right, back to work for you'" she teased as she gathered her coat and gave him a playful spank with the duster. '"I've got a bin to change!" And with that Jane was gone.

Rob settled down, back behind his desk and tidied up the mess they had made. He was so appreciative of his short break and even more so that Jane knew he couldn't linger around, he had work to do.

God he couldn't wait for Friday so his presentation would be over and they could enjoy a marathon fuck fest.

It couldn't cum soon enough.

To be continued....

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