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Caught in the Act (Almost)

Living dangerously and loving it!
I first saw her across a crowded nightclub. She was with a rather surly looking guy and another couple. The other three had obviously been drinking for a while and were showing the signs; she however was quiet and seemed withdrawn and bored.

She was gorgeous. Dark wavy hair, full lips, large limpid eyes and long tanned legs, bared to mid thigh by her tight black dress. I sipped my drink and scanned the room rather absently, distracted by the beginning of a fantasy; about her of course.

I was startled out of my reverie by a quick flash of tanned thigh as she rose from her chair and started walking straight towards me. My gaze glided over her, lingering on her breasts which swayed slightly with each step, her nipples erect and clearly visible through the tight material. As she passed my table she leaned towards me and whispered "Didn't your Mommy ever tell you it’s rude to stare?" I'm sure I blushed but there was a faint smile on her lips as she walked by.

I was desperately hoping that she hadn't left for the night but thankfully within a few minutes she was on her way back to her table.

As she sat. she edged her chair around so that she was facing me directly, we made and held eye contact for what seemed like an age...the sensation she evoked in me so strong it was like a blow to the stomach. My gaze moved over her body greedily now, caressing her with my eyes, then back up to hers, seeing the compliance there. My breath caught as I looked down to see her casually raise a knee to her chest, baring herself to me, allowing my eyes to linger on a pair of translucent, wispy panties moulded tightly to her vulva, full lips clearly bracketing the deep cleft between them. She allowed her leg to fall open a little more and almost casually hooked a finger under the edge of her thong and lifted it aside. I opened my legs to show her the outline of my penis, fully erect beneath my slacks, watched as her eyes dropped and lingered there, the tip of her pink tongue darting out to lick her bottom lip.

Her eyes on mine she slowly slid a hand up her taught belly to her breasts, her fingers moved over her right nipple, flickered over it, moved on leaving it straining erect under her dress.

She stood suddenly, strode quickly past me and into the front of the club, I waited for a moment then rose to follow her. I glanced behind to make sure she wasn't being followed but her companions seemed totally unaware.

As I moved into the foyer I caught a glimpse of her turning into the cloak room. I walked quickly in behind, followed her to a far dark corner where she turned to me, hips thrust forward, lips open, breasts quivering as her chest heaved. Our eyes locked as my hand moved behind her head, pulling her forward for the first touch from her moist full lips.

Our lips parted, tongues flicked together, darting into each others mouths, her body moved against mine, nipples hard against my chest, pelvis grinding against my erection.

I reached down for the hem of her dress, hands sliding on smooth hot skin as I bared her to the waist, the palm of my hand moulding to her pubis, feeling the heat and wetness, rubbing gently at first. I felt her hands on the front of my pants as she reached in to free me then a gasp as she dropped in front of me, taking my swollen cock deep into her mouth. I watched as her cheeks hollowed and she swallowed me impossibly deep, my balls against her chin her tongue lapping them as she massaged the swollen head deep within her throat. My hips arched into her, fucking her mouth as she sucked. I wound my hands into her hair directing her head back and forth, pulling out to grind my cock and balls all over her face; then, taking me deep once more she slid a hand into my fly to press a fingertip against my anus.

I felt my balls tighten as the pressure built and my thrusts became more urgent. “Uh uh, don’t you dare fucking cum yet,” she hissed. “I want this cock inside me, but first get down there and eat my cunt.”

I pushed her back against the wall and dropped to my knees before her. I reached quickly back to drag some of the coats across to hide us, then slid my hands under her ass, cupping her, opening her vaginal lips with my thumbs. She thrust her hips forward, raised a slim leg and draped it over my shoulder, her hands slid to the back of my head as she pulled me into her.

I began to trace slowly, teasingly around her full outer lips, intoxicated by her musky scent and the smoothness of those satiny lips. My thumbs opened her wide revealing long, lacy inner lips nestled within. I sucked them into my mouth, drank the juices dripping there, pulled on them with my teeth till she cried out. My fingers spread her ass, opening her tight anus and I slid a wet finger inside as the tip of my tongue began to explore the shaft of her engorged clitoris. Her hands tightened in my hair and her hips begin to grind on my face, faster and faster but I pulled back, looked up and told her

“Don’t you fucking dare cum yet, I want my cock in here”

“Yes you bastard. Now! Fuck me!” She cried as she pulled my head up.

She leaned back against the wall, grasped the hem of her dress and in one quick movement pulled it over her head and dropped it beside her. I gazed in awe at her full breasts tipped by pink up tilted nipples, took one then the other into my mouth and sucked, feeling them grow even longer. Her hand encircled my cock, began to stroke firmly, pushing the foreskin back and forth over the engorged head.

I slid a hand under her left leg, lifted it high to open her as she began to rub the tip of my cock back and forth along her slit. We angled our hips, thrust together and my cock slid deep into her wet pussy. That long slow first thrust, every nerve ending in cock and cunt merging. Holding deep inside for a moment before pulling out to the very tip and repeating, feeling her yield yet again, open, warm and inviting.

Her leg locked behind mine, naked shoulders against the wall, our eyes locked on each others as we fucked, long slow grinding strokes interspersed with short fast ones, just the tip of my cock inside her where the nerve endings are so intense then deep again, our bellies grinding together. Her arms snaked around my neck. I felt hard nipples grazing my chest. Our lips met yet again, mouths opened, breathing into each others mouths as our tongues found the same rhythm as our bodies Her teeth closed on my lower lip, drew blood, I felt her hand slide between us, the back of it rubbing my belly as she began to finger her clit her thrusts becoming faster and shorter but then…


An angry voice “Jill! You in here? Where the fuck are you? “

I felt her stiffen. The footsteps came closer then stopped. I could feel her cunt begin to contract on me. I lifted my hand quickly, clamped it over her mouth as she began to jerk against me, the waves of pressure were too much for me and I began to ejaculate into her, filling her with my cum, caught between dread and the most intense orgasm I ever experienced. I could feel her fighting for air but dared not take my hand from her mouth. It seemed impossible that the man standing a few feet away couldn't hear or sense what was happening but finally we heard him turn away his steps receding.

We fell against each other, knees weak, barely able to hold us up. I slid out of her and she wadded her tiny thong and pressed it into her pussy to stem the flow of semen.

“Oh my God, that was incredible,” I whispered “You’re incredible. You have to give me your number or email”

In reply she slipped into her dress, smoothed it down and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

“In your dreams Babe, but thank you for the fuck.”


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