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Caught In The Act

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Tabitha is back, for some fun with her boss.
I had just been sitting down to play a board game with Jenny when her father walked in the front door. I looked up, surprised. I hadn't expected him home for another couple of hours. Not that I minded—he had aged very nicely. He had some gray in his hair, but it was just enough to give him that sexy, older man appeal. He still was fairly built, no doubt making trips to the gym every week to stay in peak shape for the court room ladies.

"Daddy!" Jenny jumped up and ran over.

Oh, to be young and in love with your father again.

I stood up, grabbed my laptop and sat on the couch. I was paid to stay for another couple of hours, so why leave early? Jenny ran upstairs, pulling her dad with her. I just smiled.

I sat there playing on my laptop. I heard her dad come back downstairs and head to where his bedroom was. A few minutes later, Jenny called from upstairs.

"Tabby, can you please bring me some water and a snack?"

I laughed and rolled my eyes, she could be so lazy sometimes.

I stood up, setting my laptop on the table next to the couch and walked into the kitchen. After Jenny was sated, I came back downstairs and opened up my internet tab again. I didn't need to worry about Jenny's dad bothering me—whenever he came home early, he retreated to the bedroom to work on cases. He was a busy lawyer, but that's because he was a good one.

I opened up my account on Lush Stories and started talking to Gentnick. I heard a noise behind me, but didn't think anything of it as I slipped two fingers into my shorts and down to my pussy to start playing with myself. A message popped up from Gentnick saying, "Suck my cock you little bitch," and a small moan escaped my lips. Messages kept popping up, getting me more and more turned on and I knew I was almost over the edge.

Then I heard someone clear their throat behind me. I whipped my hand out of my pants and jumped up, my laptop dropping to the floor with a thud. Jenny's dad was standing there with his arms crossed. I could see a little bulge in the crotch of his fancy suit pants, and a small smile appeared across my face.

"What do you think you are doing, young lady?" he asked me, a serious look on his face.

I began to panic. I couldn't get fired; I needed this job!

I tried to answer, but no noise came out of my mouth. I was paralyzed.

He pulled me down the hall into his bedroom and closed the door.

"Get down on your knees, you little bitch."

He walked towards me and pushed me down, pulling his cock out of his pants and pushing it down my mouth, which was open in shock.

"Suck my cock, you little slut, and suck it good."

I obeyed, sucking his head, swirling my tongue around it and then deep-throating his cock. I started moaning in pleasure, and a few seconds later I could hear deep moans coming out of his mouth as well. I was turning my boss on!

He pulled his cock out of my mouth. He flipped me over, and pulled my pants down. I moaned in anticipation. He was going to fuck me.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you little slut."

I moaned, "Fuck me; please fuck me. I'll do anything you want."

He shoved his huge cock into my tight pussy and started pounding away. I was moaning so loud. He reached up and started playing with one of my boobs, rubbing my nipple and squeezing. I moaned out as I came all over him.

A few minutes later he pulled his cock out of my pussy and came all over my ass, moaning loudly the entire time. I saw some of his cum his fly onto the bed sheets and the floor, and winced. That would be a pain to clean up, and if his wife saw it she would have a heart attack. She didn't trust him, and what women would with how good looking he was?

He jerked my head up, pulling my hair, and I cried out in pain and pleasure.

"I've wanted to do that since the day my wife hired you." The way he said it sent shivers down my spine.

He pulled my mouth to his and started kissing me deeply. I moaned as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. I wanted him to fuck me again already!

He stood up and pulled his pants up.

"Clean this mess up, you little slut," he said, gesturing around to the cum on the sofa and the floor.

I nodded as I pulled my shirt back down over my breasts, and pulled my pants back up.

A few minutes later, I had to leave to get home on time. When I closed the door, our cum was still on the floor and the bed sheets, sitting there, waiting to be found by Jenny's mother.
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