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a couple bump into one another in London and realise they have an attraction to each other
I am walking along Oxford Street on a Tuesday afternoon and see a female face that I think I recognise. - You.

I make sure that I walk into her path so that she can see me, and sure enough, she squeals with delight and gives me a huge hug and confirms that we used to work together some 5 years ago. And of course, it IS you.

We stand there chatting while the crowds of people walk around us and you tell me that you are in London on a shopping trip and are a little pressed for time.

You grab my arm as you walk through the doors of a department store and we continue to chat and catch up on old times.

You jump on an escalator and seem to know exactly where you are going, and I simply tag along, delighted to be talking to you and beginning to remember the time when I absolutely fancied you like you were the only girl on Earth.

You are still stunningly attractive and I notice other men giving you admiring and lustful glances.

You prepare to get off the escalator causing me to walk in to the back of you, and my hardening cock makes contact with your backside.

You glance behind you as I apologise, and I notice a tiny sexy smile on your gorgeous face. "Down boy", is all you say, but those words have the exact opposite effect on my manhood, and I have to slyly adjust my trousers so that my erection is not noticed by all these people.

We continue to chat as you lead me up one aisle and down another feeling the material of dresses and skirts and taking items of clothing off their hangers and holding them up for me to give my verdict.

I feel as though we have never been apart, and start to play my part by giving you my honest opinion on your selections.

Finally you see a dress that you really like, and as you are examining it, a shop assistant appears and guides us over to the changing rooms.

"It is a stunning dress", says the assistant. "I think it will suit you pefectly, and the size looks about perfect too".

You look at me for my opinion and I just give an encouraging nod. I happen to agree with the assistant.

"Why dont you try it on?" Says the assistant. "Take your husband in with you and I'm sure he'll give you his honest opinion".

"Good idea", I say. And I'm grinning like a chehire cat as I gently guide you into a changing booth.

I close the door behind us and turn to face you. I take a deep breath and place my hand behind your neck and pull you in and give you the longest deepest kiss that I've ever given in my life.

You moan softly in to my mouth and our tongues make contact which sends a bolt of electricity through my entire body.

You allow the dress you were carrying to slide to the floor and you place the palm of your hand over my rock hard cock.

"Christ", you say. "I want this big fucking monster inside me right now"

Oh my god. I quickly undo the buttons on your shirt and rip your bra off.

Your boobs spring free and I cant help but stare at how wonderful you look, and how fucking sexy too.

I pull down your jeans and push the hem of your panties to one side as I get my fingers rubbing up and down your soaking wet pussy.

"Jesus, please fuck me darling. Make love to me right now", you whisper.

I push you backwards so that you are sitting on the changing room chair, and I sink to my knees as I shove my tongue right upside your cunt.

I kiss and nibble and flick your sex and then I take you to a new level by giving your anus the same treatment.

This takes you completely by surprise, but you emcourage me to keep going and I can feel your wetness trickling down my chin.

You help me to my feet and stare into my eyes as you slowly pull down my trousers. My cock jumps out and you keep staring as you first of all lick me like an icecream and then ever so slowly, ever so sexily take my entire cock into your hot wet mouth.

"Oh my christ", I murmer. "Darling, please I'm nearly there"

You look at me with a wicked grin as you get back to your feet. You then turn around and lean over the back of the chair with your gorgeous sexy backside pointing at me.

I need no further encouragement, and I take one step forward and sink my cock deep inside you in one fluid movement.

You look over your shoulder at me and lick your lips as I start to ease in and out at increasing speed.

"Jesus", we both say and then I can feel the point of no return approaching. I brace myself and feel you doing the same thing. Your vagina muscles clamp me hard as the rush of my sperm gushes out and pours into your tight wet pussy.

After a while, we get our breath back and start to laugh at what we've just done.

We leave the changing room and the shop assistant asks you if you want to buy the dress.

You say, "Thanks, but there appears to be some sort of stain on it".