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Chance meeting with Stacie

Stacie gave me her ass
I had to get this online as soon as I could as it was a total shock to me.

I entered the office and walked quietly to where she was standing by the fax machine. Most of the staff had left for the day, but the boss was around and some drivers were still on the premises.

I don't know why, but I patted Stacie's cute arse as she bent over the machine. You see Stacie and I have worked together for over four years but don't exactly see eye to eye.

Stacie is the office manager and I am just a driver; she always looks hot and I am mostly dirty and unshaven. On this occasion I was clean, having just used the shower, and had just put on deodorant and fresh clothes so I smelled really good.

Without even turning around to see who had his hands on her butt, Stacie just moaned and said how nice it felt. She then turned to face me and said, "I knew it was you".

I looked her up and down, and commented on how good she looked even though she was nearly six months pregnant.

Stacie's once tiny boobs had swelled to a nice handful and with her blouse partially unbuttoned they looked good enough to eat. I don't know what made me do it but I could not resist running a finger down her chest and between her boobs until it was wedged between the swollen pair.

I removed my finger, smiled at her and walked out of the office without a word passing between us. I was so surprised at what I had just gotten away with — you see, I am 20 years Stacie's senior; she is tiny and gorgeous, while I am an overweight lorry driver — and I did now have quite a lump in my jeans.

I walked back to my lorry and was planning where to park for the night when the phone rang. I knew it was the office calling and I guessed it would be Stacie. She gave me my instructions for the following day and never mentioned the incident ten minutes earlier. Stacie asked where I would be parking up for the night as this has to be recorded in the office for security reasons. I told her, of course, and went on my way.

I was soon parked up in my usual secluded spot. After closing the curtains, I was readying myself for bed when I heard a car pull up in front of my lorry. There was a knock on my passenger door. I pulled the curtain back but did not for one minute expect to see Stacie standing at my door in her full length coat.

I opened the door and Stacie climbed in — and before I had chance to say anything, she dropped her coat. She was naked except from a pair of small panties.

I was only in my boxers with a huge lump where I had been rubbing my cock thinking about Stacie, when she turned up. She said, "Is that what you wanted to see"?

Her breasts are a good D cup with dark nipples which were very erect. She apologized about her pregnant tummy, but I could not believe how sexy she looked.

My hands were soon running down her soft supple body, stroking and caressing every inch as she reached down and slowly slid her hands inside my boxers and grasped my cock. 

I lifted one breast, tweaking and stroking the nipple until it was hard and swollen, aching with pleasure. She leaned back, letting me take control over her body, my lips pressing a hot lingering kiss on the nape of her neck before trailing over to her left ear. Her tongue flicked out and caught the tip of my lobe, sending shivers of delight down my body.

Turning her in my arms, I pressed my body close to hers. Her head came down and captured my lips in a soft sensual kiss, her lips parted and our tongues mated, dancing and entwining around each other. Her hands moved around and cupped my ass, pulling my body closer to hers as she ground her hips into me.

Moaning, I felt my erection pressing against her pussy. I arched my hips forward, trying to bring them closer, matching her grinding motion with my own. I pulled back a little, tugging at her panties, and asked her to remove them. I slid my hands down her boobs, over her hardening nipples, my lips following in their wake. She reached for the waistband of my boxers. I lightly looped my fingers inside, sliding them down the length of my thighs to my ankles.

My hard cock was begging for attention. Stacie knelt in front of me, tentatively flicking out her tongue to the head of my rod, swirling, licking the head down the shaft to my balls. Taking my balls into her mouth she started sucking, licking and nipping them, her hands snaking around to knead and finger my ass.

She moved her mouth back up the length of my shaft to the head, slowly sliding her soft red lips over the top, gliding her mouth down my shaft to the end. I couldn't believe I was so deep in her throat — she was taking my full length! — before I started to move my hips and began fucking her mouth. I pushed in deeper with each stroke and pulled out until her lips wrapped around the head of my dick. My hands were weaving into her hair, holding her head still as I slowly moved my cock in and out of her mouth.

I reached down and started to stroke her clit, pushing two fingers into her wet pussy. A groan of pure pleasure erupted from her throat. With my other hand, I pushed her head down onto my cock, which was close to exploding. Her moans of pleasure were distinct, even with my cock in her mouth. I fingered her pussy faster and faster as she increased the speed on my cock. Finally I exploded into her mouth, and she gave me a wink as she swallowed every drop.

I pushed her backwards until her ass was just on the edge of my bed. As she sat I noticed that she was in the perfect position to suck and fuck her pussy with my lips and tongue. Spreading her thighs open, I leaned forward and my tongue was soon trailing hot moist kisses along her inner thighs. My tongue snaked out and lightly touched her wet, swollen clit, sending shivers of excitement through her body. My lips sucked her clit, biting her pussy lips, and my tongue darted into her wet pussy. Stacie leaned back against the wall as she enjoyed the licking she was getting, and it wasn't long before she came again.

I then replaced my mouth with my cock and found she was very tight, but with her being so wet I was able to push my full length into her. She placed her hands on my back and pulled me deeper into her as we rocked together, giving her pussy a good pounding. She whispered to me, "I love your big cock fucking me; I'll bet you wish I would let you stick it in my ass, don't you"? I groaned out a "yes". "I always knew you loved my ass," she said.

"You take your cock out of my pussy, let me turn round and do me doggy," she said. In that position, she offered me her cute ass and I slid my cock back into her pussy.

After I had been pounding away for a few minutes she told me to try putting my cock in her ass. We took it slowly and she was in some pain, but I was soon in. We stopped, waiting for her to adjust to being filled, then she started rocking against me and fucking my cock with her ass. She was so tight I knew I couldn't last long, and she soon had a massive orgasm seconds before I filled her cute asshole with a load of my cum. As I pulled out, a huge spurt splashed up her back and over her ass.

I grabbed a towel and wiped us both clean. We got dressed, and she threw her coat on and climbed out of the lorry with a big smile on her face, leaving me with the comment, "See you tomorrow".

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