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Christening the Shower

When I open my eyes, you kiss me, pushing me up against the hard marble wall of the shower.
Our old house burned to the ground. Fucking arsonist. It was a shock, sure, but luckily we had insurance. We decided that the silver lining to loosing every single thing we owned was being able to build our dream house. We just finished moving into our brand new house, and the last of the new furniture is finally all set up. It had been a long move-in day, and when the last of the movers left, I sighed and looked around. There were still some pictures to be hung and books that needed shelved, but most of the house was unpacked. It’s not like we had lot of stuff anymore. The rest could wait until tomorrow. We both need a shower and I was dying to try out our fancy new steam shower.

Our master bath is more room than bath, but because we decided not to have children, we had the extra money to spend making our home as luxurious as we want. We each have our own sink and toilet, for privacy, but the shower and large Roman style tub, big enough for both of us to enjoy, connect the bathrooms.

When you came in shirtless and put the last box down, I couldn’t help but stare as a bead of sweat slid down your muscled chest into your belly button. The familiar surge of desire took hold of me, and refused to let go. The only way to satisfy my insatiable desires was to make you fuck my brains out. Without a word, I took your hand and lead you up the stairs to the bedroom.

I pushed you up against the bedroom door and kissed you, playing my tongue teasingly over your lips and trail my hand down your hot body to your cock. I cup your balls and rub my hand up and down a little, feeling you harden with my teasing. I love touching your cock and hearing the little grunts of pleasure you make, but I force myself to pull away. I took a step back and pulled my short sundress over my head as I walk toward the bathroom, making sure you get a good long look at my naked body. I hate wearing undergarments when it’s hot out. I can feel my pussy start to pulse a little, knowing you're watching me walk into the bathroom.

“Give me a minute and come ravage me, lover.” I teased, looking over my shoulder at you.

I turn the water on in the shower and let it run hot, filling the glass room with steam. I step inside and let the hot rain fall over my body, instantly hardening my rosy pink nipples into hard pebbles. I turn around and let the water wet my long hair, eyes closed. I hear you slip inside the shower and walk up to me. When I open my eyes, you kiss me, pushing me up against the hard marble wall of the shower, your hands roaming over my breasts, my flat stomach, my hips and my inner thighs. I moan into your mouth. Yes! Just want I wanted. I wrap my hands in your hair, pulling you closer, and wrap one leg over your hip.

"Take me, now!" I groan in your neck, kissing my way to your ear, and sucking the lobe in my mouth. I know it makes your whole body shiver with pleasure.

I hear you chuckle, and pull away a bit. "I’ve been waiting patiently to try this first baby girl." Before I can say another word, you're kneeling in front of me, and you pull both of my legs over your shoulders, so that you and the rock wall are supporting my weight. I grab onto the bars along the shower wall we installed just for this.

"Ohhh, yes!" I cry out when I feel your hot tongue drag up my slit and tease my swollen clit. Mines apparently larger than most, and easy to find. That first touch of your tongue is always a little shock, making me gasp, especially when I’m already aroused.

You waste no time sucking it into your mouth and flick your tongue back and forth, pulling my hips closer to your mouth. I can't stop the moans from escaping, feeling the firm swipes of your tongue on me. It won't take too long for me to cum that way, and after years of being together, you know just how to drive me wild and get me off quick with a few well placed flicks of your talented tongue. I can feel the tremors start, and my legs begin to shake as I moan over and over again as you change tactics and suck rhythmically now on my engorged clit.

Your fingers put me right on the edge when you slip one and then another into my tight pussy. "Come for me darlin." You rasp with a wicked smile. The warm water from the shower head hit my clit, making me squirm.

"Don't stop!" I demanded, arching my back. The motion of your fingers against that spot that drives me wild only keeps me going higher, pushing me closer to release. I felt my nipples harden and knew I was close.

”Oh... Fuck!" I shriek when you put your mouth back on my pulsing clit and suck it hard into your mouth, rubbing your fingers inside me faster and harder. The wave rolled through my body and I felt something burst in me. I couldn’t stop the scream of pleasure as I rocked my hips with your fingers in the biggest orgasm of my life. My whole body is shaking now, and I can barely breath. "Please, now...take me now!" I gasp, pulling your head away from my crotch with one weak hand. I’m so sensitive now, but I need more of you. Your face is covered in my juices.

”Wow…I made you squirt for me, Kitten." You stand, letting my still shaking legs fall away from your body. I moaned and collapsed against you. I’ve always gotten really wet, but never quite like that before. Quickly you scoop me up and carry me to our King size bed. I pull you down with me, kissing you. I can taste myself on your tongue. Your cock is hard against my stomach, thick and long. My body aches to feel you slide inside me. I roll you over and straddle your hips, taking your hard cock in my hands.

The head of your cock is huge, swollen and reddish- purple. I adore the feeling when you first slide into me. I tease it gently with my fingers, running my other hand up and down on your cock firmly. I look you in the eyes, and smile slowly. I reach down between my own legs and gather up some of my juices. Very slowly I let it drip down your throbbing cock so that you are soaked in a combination of my juices and your pre-cum.

"That's so hot.” You groan, pulling me farther up your body so that I am straddling your cock. Slowly I run my pussy up and down the underside of your throbbing cock, teasing us both.

"I need inside you!" You growl, kissing me hard on the mouth. Slowly I move your cock so it's pointing straight up, and sink my body down on your thick pole, groaning as I feel you slide past my outer lips. It’s always a slow start, until the head is inside, and then you slide easily, filling me up. Your breath catches in your throat, and I moan, loving the feeling of your cock lodged all the way inside me. It always hurts just a little, in the most delicious way. We start out slowly, but I can feel the familiar pull toward another orgasm and I can’t help myself from moving harder and faster, our bodies slapping against each other, until we both are moaning, so close to the edge. I heard you groan.

"I’m so close!" I cried out, pushing myself down on you again, taking you in deep.

“Not yet.” You stop me by grabbing my hips. You pulled out of me slowly, causing a little popping sound, and rolled us so that I was on my back. You grabbed my legs and spread them wide. I love the look you give me when you are kneeling over me like that, so primal and powerful. The lust on your face, for me, like you can’t wait to devour me, only makes me want you that much more. My pussy clenches, feeling the emptiness, and the ache to be filled again and taken to the edge of ecstasy.

“Please!” I beg, arching my hips up to you. “I need you.”

“You do huh?” You smirked playfully. I knew then that you were going to drag this out. With the tip of your cock, you slapped my clit. My body jerked, and I gasped. “Tell me, how badly do you need this cock?” You slapped your cock against me again with each word, making me moan. I tried to put my hand down there to tease my clit, and you slapped it away.

“No, touching.” You laughed. “Tell me.” You smacked my clit gently again, this time with your palm. My whole body jerked.

“Please! I need you so bad. I want to cum again! Let me have your hard cock!” I know you get off even more hearing me beg, and I don’t mind doing it, because it only makes you that much harder when your sinking deep into me.

“I don’t think you want it bad enough.” He grinned, slapping my clit again rapidly and I could feel the orgasm growing.

“Oh, just fuck me, Damn it! I want it hard and fast. Make me hurt!” I growled. “I need you!” I don’t think I was going to be able to take any more teasing.

“As you wish, Princess.” You grabbed hold of my hips, and I knew by your biting grip I would have love bruises in the morning. You slammed into me, driving deep and hard, over and over again, just how I wanted it. When I thought the climax would finally come, you changed the pace. Your hands on my hips forced me to accept whatever pace you wanted, making me whimper.

You lifted my hips up and set a rhythm that left me breathless, rocking into me so that the head of your cock rubbed against the most sensitive part of me. The fast rhythm sent me over the edge screaming. My pussy spasamed on your cock repeatedly, sending you over the edge, growling out your own pleasure as you exploded deep inside me, shooting your cum in spurts over and over again.

Eventually you slow our movement, as little aftershocks rock through our bodies. Slowly I sink down onto your chest, resting my head against your shoulder, breathing hard. You run your hands down my back and ass, sending little orgasmic spasms through my whole body, making me cry out against your neck. I can feel you still semi-hard inside me, pulsing gently.

"Let me know when you're ready for round two baby. We have the rest of the house to explore each other in." I felt you kiss my hair gently as you chuckled.

“I swear you're going to kill me." I groan, unable to move. We both start laughing because usually you are the one saying that to me. Deep inside, I could already feel my desire for more growing.
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