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Christmas Comes Early

What happens when your husband sends his girlfriend round with an early Christmas present?
Keeping things fresh after 10 years of marriage is difficult. It was a fact that our sex life had been on the wane for quite a while before Amy came along, Amy being my husband’s 23 year-old girlfriend. I must admit that I laughed in his face and told him that he must be delusional when he claimed that our beautiful blonde neighbour had propositioned him for sex; the sudden spark we found in the bedroom meant I had played along with his supposed-fantasies and I had been trapped by the truth when I’d found out my husband had used my written note as permission to fuck our best friend’s daughter. What could I say?

The weirdest part was that Amy and I became really good friends. After all, we had a common interest…

Paul was away on business in the days running upto Christmas and I grumbled that the house was feeling a little lonely without him.

“You mean you’re feeling frisky and you’ve got no-one to play with?” That was closer to the truth. “Do you want me to send Amy round to warm you up?” The idea made me tingle. Me and Amy? I started masturbating to that image while I was still chatting to Paul and was still masturbating an hour later when the doorbell rang.

I opened the door to find Amy standing beside a second blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty. I gawped. It was still light and the girl was wearing a collar around her neck, a shy smile and nothing else.

Amy made introductions. “This is Christmas, as in Christmas-Comes-Early; this is Linda,”

“You can call me ‘Chris’ if you’d like.” Christmas shook my hand as I was still trying to work out how she had come to be naked at my front door; there was no sign of either of them having jackets or coats of any kind.

“That’s not an introduction. Kiss her on the lips,” Amy said sternly. I noticed for the first time her outfit: high-heeled, thigh-high boots and a black corset that creaked with every breath. In her left hand was a lead attached to Christmas’s collar and in the other was a riding crop.

Christmas and I looked at each other and then moved together. She licked her lips in anticipation. They were deliciously soft, like expensive little pillows, opening eagerly at the touch of my tongue. Christmas was a truly great kisser; her body arched into mine enthusiastically as my hand settled on the bony outcrop of her naked hip. I was nirvana as I kissed a beautiful girl right in front of my neighbours.

Christmas jerked away from me, breaking our passionate exchange. I gasped as I realised that the lead to her collar had been pulled tight.

“Not those lips, bitch,” Amy snapped at me. She touched the riding crop to my shoulder and applied downward pressure. “On your knees.” Was she actually going to make my first taste of pussy public? Part of me was saying that this was too dangerous, that I should refuse. But I didn’t want to refuse; I wanted to play Amy’s game.

Despite the risks, I was on my knees, facing Christmas’s neatly trimmed snatch. The crop switched from my shoulder to between Christmas’s thighs and guided them apart.

Without waiting for the crop, I pressed my mouth right over the soft, velvety flesh between Christmas’s legs. My mouth came open and I explored.

Her pussy was wet, her lips puffy and her clitoris was a slippery marble of excitement. Christmas sagged with a happy groan as I licked.

“Enough of that you two! Inside, now!” Amy barked.

With a mixture of regret and relief, I shuffled inside on my hands-and-knees and closed the door.

At least I tried to.

Blocking the doorway were two enormous men clad in the same kind of gear as Amy. Panicking, I tried to slam the door in their masked faces but Amy intercepted. “They’re with me,” she stated and let them into my house.

I gawped at Amy as we stood in my hallway. “Take her clothes off.” Before I had chance to react, my dress was yanked down into a pool around my ankles, leaving me naked.

My heart began trying to thump its way out of my chest . I was totally out of control; totally at the mercy of my friend and whatever she had planned for me with these strangers. Masked men? I tried to think of any fantasies that I’d told my husband but came-up with a blank.

I realised with a jolt that this might not be my fantasy.

“OK you two, sit down.” The two guys sat on the sofa, leaving Christmas and myself standing naked in front of them. “You two, hands-and-knees, over here now!” Amy was shouting instructions as the crop touched each male crotch but I wasn’t listening. As soon as I got on my knees, I knew the game - I’d recognised my husband’s shoes. Paul was hiding in the black outfit.

“Get his cock out,” Amy instructed. I could do this with my husband. It was strange and exciting but reassuring to know that he was part of it. When had he come back? When had he set this plan in motion?

Undoing belts and buttons, I finally released the eager lump of flesh within.

It wasn’t my husband’s cock.

I felt sick with shock as it sprang up in my face. It was big; much bigger than my husband’s, probably two full inches longer and noticeably thicker than his - and it was ugly with a gnarled appearance; all dark skin and heavy veins.

I looked up at Amy with my stomach churning. She was smiling down at me nastily. “Those are your husband’s shoes but that’s not his cock, is it?” It was the first cock, other than my husband’s, that I’d seen in the flesh for over 10 years. Amy knelt beside me and grasped it by the root. Unbelievably, it swelled even further, the angry purple glans becoming shiny as the skin stretched tight. “I know it’s not your husband’s cock… but you are going to suck it.” I couldn’t do it, could I? “Suck it, you bitch.” 

Hesitantly, I lowered my mouth down. My jaw was wide enough that it wasn’t touching anything but it was definitely inside my mouth; I could feel its heat on my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

Unfamiliar aromas filled my nostrils.

Something caught in my throat and I swallowed, automatically closing my mouth around the cock and literally swallowing it. I wanted to be sick just with the thought of what I was doing and tried to pull away but as he groaned with pleasure, I found myself driving back down. Perhaps it was the challenge of such a big cock, or the need to do what Amy had instructed, but I gave the stranger my best blowjob.

Shame competed with a confusing high of physical pleasure and emotional pain as I worked that cock towards...

The cheeks of my bottom were stretched apart. Lubricated fingers pushed roughly into my arse; they were inexperienced, treating my tender anal opening as you might a hungry pussy. I didn’t even know whose fingers they were but as they drove deeper, I tried not to care.

There was movement behind me and I caught a single word: ‘Fit?”

I knew what was about to happen; knew that I should stop it.

But I didn’t stop it.

Blunt pressure built rapidly and then my sphincter gave way and a cock sank deep into my rectum. The force of that single thrust drove the thick cock in my mouth against the back of my throat where it exploded into an orgasm, sending a fountain of heat straight into my waiting stomach.

What would my husband think if he saw his whore of a wife swallowing another man’s spunk?

I was probably going to find out as both Amy and Christmas were pointing their cameras at the spectacle before them. They circled like vultures, getting close-ups of the pounding my ass was taking and my fingers as they buzzed over my pussy.

As I watch the footage now, I wonder what Paul will think when he sees the powerful contractions of my gaping ass as I orgasm. Will he like watching the thick, creamy spunk trickling down the cleft of my arse? Or will he prefer the footage of me sucking the spunk out of Christmas’ holes before licking her to a lazy orgasm?

You know what? Paul might have given me his best Christmas present yet but I think I’ll keep this video for myself and give him that Reindeer jumper instead!

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