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Christmas Eve Fun

I wanted her so bad in her tight black dress and heels.
It was Christmas eve and my girlfriend and I were getting ready for church. I put on a nice long sleeve polo shirt and long khaki pants. She was wearing a nice dress and boots, but it was more cute than sexy.

I tried to give her a long kiss and grab her ass right before we left, but she pushed me away. She told me not until afterwards so I wouldn't make her face red. I became annoyed because she only does sexual things rarely and when she wants.

So we headed onto church and went inside and got our seat in the pew. A lot of other college students were back from school that I rarely see and many of the girls were looking a lot better than they did in High School. There were a good number of gorgeous girls in dresses with tights and heels. A few rows in front of me was one of my old friends I had not seen in a while. She had lost weight and dyed her red hair brown. It was longer than it had been and it was straight. She wore a tight black dress that went to her knees and tights and sexy black heels.

Right when I caught a glimpse of her I felt blood rush to my dick. I had always wanted to fuck her in high school, but I didn't want to go out with her besides just sex. Now that she looked better than ever I wanted to fuck her right then and there.

I unfortunately had a girlfriend so I knew that I wouldn't be able to. I could only hope that I would have sex with my girlfriend later and just think about how sexy my friend was.

After the service, we said hello to friends and people we hadn't seen in a while. As I was talking to one of my guy friends, my girlfriend came up to me and told me her mother was picking her up and taking her to her family's house. I thought this might be my chance.

I looked for my hot friend and saw she had not left yet. I quickly scooted between people and through the pews to say hello to her and give her a hug. She seemed so happy to see me and I was happy to feel her arms around me squeezing tight.

We chatted for a while and she told me she had driven separately from her family when I had seen them leaving. I asked her if she'd like to stay and chat for a while and she happily said yes. My dick was tingling at this point looking at her ass as she walked in front of me to sit down in a pew. I thought I caught her glancing at the bulge in my pants as we sat down but I wasn't sure.

We chatted for a while and I hadn't noticed that we were the only two in there until the lights were cut out in the sanctuary. She screamed when they went out and jumped into my arms. I instinctively put my arms around her. I could tell she liked it as she got closer to me. I reached for her head and turned it towards mine and kissed her lips. She kissed me back and put her arms around my shoulders. She was such an amazing kisser and my girlfriend had never kissed me so well. I pulled away from her for a moment and went to the pulpit to turn a lamp on. She walked with me holding my hand.

"I've always wanted to do this with you," I told her.

She looked into my eyes and said, "I've secretly always wanted to too."

I grabbed her hand and walked her to the table at the front of the sanctuary. I picked her up and laid her down on top of it. I climbed on top of her and began to kiss her. She began to press her hips against mine and I got hard as a rock. She unzipped my pants and pull out my dick as I pulled up her dress. I saw she wasn't wearing any underwear and her juices were already making her pussy wet. I put the head of my dick against her pussy and shoved it in.

"Ohhh baby," she moaned. "It feels so good, fuck me hard."

I slid my dick in and out faster and faster as she moaned louder. My girlfriend's pussy had never felt as good as this. I felt her begin to shake as she began to cum on my cock and I exploded my cum into her also. We kissed and gazed into each other's eyes.

"You're so amazing, I can't believe we never did this," I told her.

"You're not so bad yourself," she replied with a wink.

We cleaned ourselves up and left the church. I'll never forget how great she was.

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