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Closing Caribou with a Bang

Professional in his 30's connects with college student, and passions quickly escalate.
I was disappointed the first time I learned that Caribou Coffee had been bought out and would soon be closing, as it had been my favorite coffee house chain for years. Aside from that, there wasn't much else going on in my life to be disappointed about. I had gotten a big career break about six months previously that I had been worrying that I would never get, and putting all my effort into making the most of it. As had become my habit over the past few months, I brought my work laptop with me on Saturday afternoon to a coffee shop. I've found the routine useful for the dual purposes of completing some nagging tasks that it's difficult to find time for during regular work hours, and checking out all of the beautiful young women who are out and about. Since the entire chain would be closing for good the next day, I decided to set up camp at Caribou one last time.

As I entered, I noted that it was quite crowded, though a few spots were still available. However, what immediately caught my eye was the attractive brunette sitting by herself at the table next to the sugar stand by the entrance. She was wearing a dark blue t-shirt with white lettering of a local yacht club, short gray Ohio State workout shorts revealing toned legs, and flip-flops. She was quite obviously in her early twenties. She had all the appearances of being completely wrapped up in what she was doing on her laptop, but I would soon realize that this was largely an act. I was dressed in a collared shirt and jeans. As luck would have it, the best available spot was in the leather chair immediately next to the beauty, a few feet in front of the direction she was facing. I gave her a couple of glances, but nothing beyond the looks I give to any attractive woman that I come across in public. I promptly turned on my laptop and began working on it as originally planned.

For the next half hour or so, it seemed like a routine visit to a coffee shop. I would do some work on my laptop, and occasionally let my eyes wander around the room in order to people watch. On a few occasions, I would make eye contact with the brunette college honey. A few times, I would check out women who entered the shop as they stood in line. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the girl in the table next to me follow my gaze. I could have sworn at the time that her body language betrayed a twinge of jealousy on her part. Gradually, the crowd began to thin out, until the only people left in the shop were myself, the girl at the next table, the staff behind the counter, and a man in his forties sitting at a table on the other side of the room facing us, also working on his laptop.

As I was typing, I noticed the brunette shifting her legs around in the corner of my eye, prompting me to turn my head to face her in order to check out her legs. After a few moments, I went back to my work. A minute or so later, she shifted her legs around again, and again I turned my head to briefly get a better view. After she did this a few more times, I realized that she was doing it intentionally in order to induce me to look at her. When I recognized this, I dropped all pretense of restraint and openly stared at her legs for a sustained length of time. Eventually, I looked up at her face, expecting her to be looking straight back at me. Instead, she kept maintaining the pretense of being wrapped up in her laptop. However, once I was looking at her face she immediately smiled and slid an open water bottle slowly along her lower lip. This sent such a surge of adrenaline through me that I could not force myself to act on the opportunity immediately, and simply turned back away to catch my breath. When I looked back in her direction again, she immediately turned and lifted her feet onto the chair next to her, giving me the perfect view of her legs. For good measure, she slid the bottle along her lower lip again.

This time, I walked over to her and asked to join her at her table. After she accepted, I walked behind her to the chair where she was seductively posing her legs. She removed them so that I could sit down next to her, but continued facing and leaning in that direction. We engaged in small talk for a few minutes, exchanging names and other basic background information. However, in both our body language and tone of voice what we were really saying to each other was, "I want to fuck you!" After a couple of minutes of flirting, I put my right hand about half way up her inner thigh. When she responded by nudging her leg further in my direction, I lifted her leg and placed it on top of mine. As the conversation continued, we continued to lean in toward one another gradually, and I continued to move my hand up her thigh, while giving a gentle squeeze every so often. Before long, our faces were just inches apart from one another, and my hand was brushing up against the fabric of her shorts. At this point, I noticed that the man on the other side of the room ostensibly focused on his laptop was recording us on his smart phone. The staff behind the counter were similarly incapable of masking their intrigue at the situation unfolding before their eyes. I then gave the brunette a deep, minute-long kiss. Whether it was genuinely an attempt at preserving modesty, or simply a ruse to preserve the sexual tension, the brunette suddenly jerked away from me and collected herself. She then excused herself, saying she needed to freshen up in the bathroom.

After stunned into inaction for a few seconds, I got up and went after her. Right as she was opening the door to the women's bathroom, I grabbed her right arm with my left hand, and spun her around to face me. With this, she adopted the body language of complete submissiveness. I initiated another kiss, and this quickly escalated into full-on making out in the hallway. Of course, all of this was completely within the view of the smart phone of the man across the room. After a few minutes, I lifted the brunette off the ground. She responded by bending her knees, causing her flip-flops to fall to the ground. I then used her feet to push open the bathroom door, and carried her inside.

Immediately upon entering the bathroom, I turned her back around and slammed her against the door, hemming her up against it. She took her shirt off, leaving her topless due to wearing no bra. While I began fondling her breasts, she reached down to take off my jeans and boxers, and began wanking me. After a few moments of this, I removed my shirt and then yanked her shorts and panties down to her ankles. While crouched by the ground, I forced her legs slightly apart by applying outward pressure to the backs of her knees. After she bent them, I grabbed onto the backs of her knees with my hands, and used them as leverage to lift her off the ground. Using my body weight to pin her against the bathroom door, I used the backs of her knees to hold her legs in place so that her ankles remained lifted all the way up to her face. From this position, my cock was easily able to find the entrance to her pussy, and we began fucking in earnest. Due to the intense sexual buildup of the situation, we were both already highly aroused and thus only lasted a few minutes until reaching orgasm. Upon climaxing, I tensed up and shot load after load into her. My climax then brought her to one as well.

The other occupants of the coffee shop gave us funny looks as we emerged from the bathroom, but neither of us cared. We quickly collected our things and headed out. I drove the brunette to her apartment and we basically fucked non-stop for the rest of the weekend, in every which way and position. I would imagine the man across the room and the coffee house staff spent much of the rest of that weekend wanking off.

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