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Club anal

An encounter at a club leads to a hard, rough, outdoor sex session

She’d been in the club for about an hour, the sound of the beat thundered right through her body, the vibrations making her tingle. She enjoyed the feeling of bodies bumping into her, grinding against her, to the point she was now actively dancing closer than she would normally. Occasionally she would hear an apology but often nothing, but she didn’t care; she didn’t care if they were male or female, it was the feeling of a warm body next to hers; the feeling of another body pressing against her breasts, her bottom or grinding between her legs.

A guy in front of her pushed back against her, his body pressing against hers and she pressed back enjoying the feeling of him. Was she imagining it, or could she feel the bulge in his trousers? A smile spread across her face as she imagined his hard cock. He turned around and smiled dancing close to her and she couldn’t help herself as she pressed against him again, her crotch rubbing against his thigh.

Did he notice what she was doing? She didn’t care, the feeling of him between her legs was incredible and she raised her hands and thrust her body at him more purposefully, definitely provocatively, the feeling of his rough, ripped white jeans stimulating her thighs just below her short, almost obscenely short, skirt.

She felt an arm around her and she was propelled against him, one of his legs between hers and she pushed against him harder rubbing her body up and down; she relished the feeling between her thighs as the rough material of his jeans scratched her sensitive skin. Her skirt rode up a little and she felt him against the tops of her thighs. A tingle started to spread from her groin, moving outwards; she was wet, she knew she was, wet and willing.

Then the excitement as he began to move her slowly towards the edge of the dance floor; was he going to buy her a drink? A drink she didn’t want. Or was he going to take her outside and do something that she did want, something that she hadn’t experienced for what seemed a long time. Something that her body craved for.

They reached the edge of the dancefloor and he hesitated. She stared at him; her eyes desperately trying to convey the message that she wanted him right now and her heart skipped a beat when he gently gripped her arm and began to move towards the exit. The muscles in her stomach began to knot as she began to imagine what he was going to do to her or make her do to him.

The cool air hit them and the feeling was welcoming, refreshing, invigorating. He didn’t say a word as he quickly escorted her around the side of the building to the welcoming darkness of the side alley. She didn’t put up any resistance as he forced her against the wall and kissed her. She kissed back, her tongue squirming against his mouth, forcing inside to meet his eager tongue, a tongue she wanted somewhere else.

He pulled away from her slightly and she felt a pang of disappointment but then felt his hand on her stomach, a hand that soon began to inch down. She wondered if he felt her spread her legs a little, did he notice how she thrust her groin towards him? Her body was almost begging him to move his hand quicker towards her hot mound.

She felt the cold air against the tops of her thighs as he raised her skirt, his rough fingers now rubbing up her silky smooth thighs, could he feel the heat emanating from her welcoming opening? Could his fingers feel the moisture that she was sure was beginning to soak her skimpy panties, could he smell how aroused she was?

She felt his fingers rubbing along the edge of her panties, then slipping underneath; she felt them being tugged away from her, forced down her thighs and then his hand on her belly with his fingers pointing down resting against the neatly trimmed hair of her mound.

She closed her eyes as his fingers slid through the sparse, slightly coarse hair and to her smooth succulent, and now swollen, lips. He rubbed slowly across them, smearing her wetness over her. Did he like a smooth pussy, was he enjoying the feeling of touching her shaven lips? She couldn’t help letting out a sigh as a finger brushed lightly against her clit, then he rubbed more forcefully making her gasp.

Her body was close to exploding, every nerve was on edge as his fingers rubbed her throbbing clit, squeezing it between his fingers. His fingers moved harder and faster, squeezing her throbbing clit and then moved along her slit pressing until her lips yielded, her pussy taking a finger then another. He began to thrust them in and out of her, deeper and harder until she thought she would cum. She wanted to feel her release but not yet, not this quickly.

She was desperate to feel him now and undid the button of his fly and then found the zip on his jeans, eagerly tugging it down and then slipping a hand inside. Her fingers gripped him through his pants, feeling his erection grow as she wrapped her fingers around him. And then she felt a hand on her head, forcing her down, down onto her knees.

Looking up at him she pulled his jeans down around his ankles, the bulge in his pants still growing. A damp spot slowly appeared on his pants and she licked her lips at the thought of tasting his salty precum. She kissed the growing bulge through his pants and she could taste his saltiness.

She pulled his pants down and released his thick hard cock, the tip glistening in the light. She felt the hand on her head pulling her towards him and she looked up again for a moment before her gaze settled on his erection and her mouth opened.

Her tongue flicked across the tip, tasting him properly; her lips now pressed lightly around the end of his throbbing cock and slowly, oh so slowly she sank onto him. Her tongue flicked over his sensitive tip as she took him into her gaping mouth.

The hand on the back of her head relaxed a little and she pulled away, allowing his cock to swing free from her mouth; she licked his salty precum from her lips. Her hand reached out and she wrapped her fingers around him and then bobbed her head forward again. She moved her head back and forth, her fingers sliding up and down his length, wanking him as she sucked on throbbing cock. She could hear him begin to moan and her pace quickened. The hand on her head gripped her hair and she was pulled hard against him, almost gagging as her mouth filled with his meat. She took him deeper his cock touched the back of her throat; she gagged and pulled away slightly, until the hand gripping her hair stopped her.

“That’s it babe, let me use your mouth. Let me fuck it.” His voice was quiet but forceful.

She wasn’t strong enough to resist him and she felt him force her head back against him, her mouth full of his hard, frothing cock. His precum dripping from the tip, trickling down her throat. His hips began to thrust as he started to fuck her mouth; her fingers gripped his balls, massaging them as he continued to use her mouth.

Finally, he released his grip on her hair allowing her to release him. She began to lick up and down his shaft, her tongue feeling the hard veins. She licked down to his balls and took one into her mouth making him jolt as she sucked. She slid a hand between his legs and pulled his bum towards her and then ran a finger along the crack of his ass, letting it hover over his tight anus. She stimulated him using a beautifully manicured nail, pressing lightly into him making him moan.

She licked back up to the tip of his cock and licked furiously over his sensitive tip, his cock twitched, and she realised he was close. She released him, she didn’t want his cum yet.

Standing now she leant forward and whispered in his ear, “My turn.” And placing her hands on his shoulders she pushed him down to his knees and then tugged her skirt up exposing her pussy to him. The cold air felt delicious as she waited for the touch of his tongue.

She reached down and with both hands she spread herself for him, her swollen lips slick with her arousal. A flick of his tongue made her jerk her hips forward against him. She wanted his tongue in her; she wanted to feel him forcing his tongue deep into her spread pussy.

She felt him lick all the way from the base of her pussy up to her clit, his expert tongue pressed hard against her, then again and again. His lips now pressed against her clit and she felt him suck her on her hard nub. Now his teeth began gently biting her before his tongue began to lightly flick over her sensitive clit. She almost cried out in pleasure as he continued to flick against her and then he pulled away.

She felt her legs being forced wider, her panties still around her knees restricting her. She managed to slip them down and step out of them allowing him to spread her legs wider. His hand rubbed down over her mound again and a finger tantalisingly rubbed over her pussy. She wanted him inside her, she wanted to feel his fingers sliding into her wet pussy but he teased her for what seemed like an age until finally she felt him press hard against her and, embarrassingly easily, her wet pussy yielded to his touch.

She bit her own lip lightly as she felt him enter her, one finger then another finally a third stretched her. He slid them slowly in and out sometimes pulling them all the way out and then roughly forcing them back in. She could hear how wet she was, each thrust of his fingers making a slurping sound as her wetness escaped though his fingers. His pace quickened and with every thrust she let out a tiny squeal of pleasure every time he plunged his fingers back into her. Her squeals became louder as he finger fucked harder, each thrust of his fingers making her gasp and moan until he stopped, he moved and then she felt material being stuffed in her mouth to silence her; she could taste herself on her damp panties.

She was close to cumming when he finally pulled his fingers from her dripping pussy and brought them to his lips. He sucked seductively on one wet finger. She watched as he savoured her taste and then he pulled her panties from her mouth and replaced them with a wet finger allowing her to taste herself on him. She sucked his finger and relished the sweet taste of her own pussy and then he pulled it from her. Tendrils of her wetness still clung to one finger and as he slipped it down between her legs she knew what he was going to do.

His lubricated finger pressed against her tight anus and she tensed a little. She felt his finger rub lightly around her puckered hole and she slowly relaxed. He pressed again, harder this time and she felt him slip inside. She tensed and he stopped pressing allowing her to get used to the feel and then he pressed deeper into her.

The knuckles of his fingers pressed against her skin as one single finger wormed away inside her, sliding in and out. She gasped with every movement of his finger and then finally he pulled out of her and she was being turned around, a hand pushed her head downwards. She steadied herself against the wall; she could only imagine how she looked as he manoeuvred between her spread thighs. Then the feeling of his hand between them guiding his cock and she pushed her ass into the air, exposing her throbbing pussy to him.

She felt him rub his hard cock along her slit moving it back and forth. She desperately wanted him in her; she was a cock hungry whore who wanted to feel her pussy stretching around his thick hard cock. And then, finally, she felt him press against her harder, the angle a little different and she pushed back against him. Her wet pussy finally taking him, taking his cock deep into her until she could feel his balls against her ass and he rested for a moment before pulling out a little way.

As he began to thrust in and out of her she tried not to cry out for fear of being overheard, letting out a stifled moan with every thrust he made. His cock slid in and out harder and deeper. She pressed back tensing her pelvic muscles hoping she could last as long as he could. One of her hands supported herself against the wall, the other began to maul at her own breasts, one then the other, pinching, rolling and pulling on her stiff nipples.

With disappointment she felt him pull out, she was about to complain that she hadn’t been satisfied yet; that she hadn’t felt him cum, hadn’t felt that delicious feeling of her pussy being filled with warm cum. And then she felt his cock slide up her ass crack and she tensed as he pressed against her tight puckered hole.

She screwed her eyes tight shut and tried to relax knowing that he was going to fuck her in the ass no matter what. She felt his hands gripping her bum, pulling her cheeks apart and then he pressed harder against her. She felt her legs tremble as he pressed harder against her, she didn’t have the strength to resist him. She knew he was going to have her and there was nothing that she could do about it.

This time she couldn’t stifle the moan as his cock slipped into her ass. The bulbous head forcing into her, he stopped momentarily and then slowly he eased himself into her; inch by inch she took him until he was pressed hard against her.

His thrusts began slowly, in and out, in and out. His pace quickened and he began to grunt with each thrust. She knew he couldn’t last long, she hoped he wouldn’t as she was desperately close herself.

“Please,” she hissed at him over her shoulder.

“Shut the fuck up,” was his curt reply.

Her free hand slipped between her legs and she could feel his length. She grazed a nail against his cock as it slid in and out and then moved to her dripping pussy. She rubbed her lips and lightly fingered herself before moving to her clit. She began rubbing it in tight little circles. She was close, could she last? And then she felt him tense as his back arched forcing him deeper inside her and then she felt him spray inside her, a warmth filling her as he came.

She rubbed her clit furiously now, desperate to cum too. Her orgasm hit her and she almost collapsed, her muscles clenched around him. She felt a tear running down her cheek, she had been well and truly fucked, like an utter whore. Her ass completely violated, her pussy dripping with her cream.

As he slowly pulled out of her she felt a warm trickle run down her thighs as his semen dripped from her ass.

She leant against the wall for a moment trying to get her composure back, she heard his zip being pulled up and before she could say or do anything she heard a grunt of “Thanks.” And then he was gone leaving her there alone. His cum still dripping from her ass, still running down her thighs she desperately searched for her panties. She needed something to clean herself up but they were nowhere to be found. Had he taken them as a trophy? Did he have a collection of soiled panties from his conquests?

She tried to make herself look presentable, rubbing his cum from her legs; straightening her bra and top and then smoothing her skirt down. She wiped a hand across her face; she couldn’t help licking his salty cum from her fingers. Then brushed her hair out of her eyes and cleared the tears that had run down her cheeks.

She made it back into the club and was relieved to find her handbag where she had left it at the table. She headed to the toilets and sat in a cubicle wiping herself clean and composing herself. She left the cubicle and made herself look presentable in the mirror. Her heart still pounded in her chest as she left the toilets and headed back into the club. She needed to get home to fully clean herself up.

As she headed to the exit a male sidled up to her, her husband. His hand slipping around her waist pulling her close to him.

“Have you enjoyed yourself?” He asked

She looked up at him and smiled. “Oh yes,” she replied, her hand slipping into the back pocket of his white ripped jeans, her fingers touching the still damp material of her panties.


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