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Surprise in the club.
I'm getting ready for a night on the town. My hair is done and my outfit picked out. Black tank with a smattering of silver sequins; a black choker necklace with a silver charm of a moon; a short black skirt and thick black high heels with a silver buckle. In keeping with the theme I put on a silver thong and a matching silver bra.

I was looking in the mirror, admiring how the outfit enhanced my curves and trying to visualize make up when my phone vibrated. It's a message from you, asking about my night.

We talk everyday, sometime about nothing at all, sometime about filthy naughty things, but today you have been strangely quite. I'd missed you, and sent you a few messaged telling you that, and trying to entice you to reply, but until now you'd been silent. I'm so happy to hear from you, but I regretfully tell you I don't have time to play.

You asked me what I'm doing tonight.

I say that I'm heading to a club with some friends.

You asked which one?

I tell you, I always tell you anything you ask me too.

You ask more about it, where is it. The dress code. The entry fee.

I wonder why you are asking, you live so far away and have no knowledge of Australia, but I tell you anyway.

You ask for a photo of what I'm wearing, and I send you one; asking if you think its okay? You say, "It's perfect," and to, "Have a good night," but you tell me to keep my phone close; you'll be wanting photos and messages about my night.

I tell you I will, and I'll talk to you soon, and then, with a "Love you my slut," you're gone.

I finish my make up, thick dark eyes with ruby red lips, and head out. Its still early so my friends and I don’t have to line up for long. Inside it's dark and loud, just like it should be. There are bodies grinding and moving to the music that has taken over all senses. I move into the thrall of people, letting their movements influence my own and getting lost in the waves of the beat.

I feel my phone buzz in my pocket, and I stop dancing as the world comes back to me, but the crowd keeps moved around me rubbing against my body as I fish the phone from my bra. It's you asking for a photo, so I take one and send it back to you. I'm sure I look like a mess now, heat flushing my face and sweat gathering on my skin. I wonder if my make up has lasted intact or if it's smudged black down my cheeks.

It's crowded and I've lost my friends, but I don’t care really. I'm here to dance, to escape the world and enjoy the movement of bodies around me.

There is another buzz and you are asking for another photo, with some back ground this time. I think it's strange, but take it as best I can, stretching my arm up and out to take the pic, then return to dancing. Another buzz and you tell me to move until I am under a light, then take another one. Of course I do, and once that it sent, I suddenly feel the electricity dancing on my skin from being so well lit. Usually I dance in the dark; now I feel I am on show.

As I'm lost moving to the rhythm, an arm comes around me, pulling me against a body. I try to move away, as I usually do when this happens, but there is a flower in the hand, a lily, and the hand tucks it between my breasts. I'm frozen inside, as the body moved mine to the beat, could it be you? My mind races, how can this be? You're not here, or are you? The questions make sense now, I can hardly believe it.

You guide my body against yours to the beat and I try to look around but you keep my head straight forward as my ass rubs against your hard member. You lift my arms to hook around your neck and whisper softly in my ear, "Keep them there," before letting go.

I can feel your hand creeping up my thigh and try to look around, but still I can't. I search the faces around us to see in anyone has noticed. My skirt gathers as you push your hand further up until you're touching my thong covered pussy. Still our hips are moving and my arms are hooked around your neck. Slowly you reach into my thong then you push it down my legs, letting it go to fall to the floor.

"Step out," you whisper, and I do. You bend down behind me and snatch them up, putting them into your pocket, "For later." Then you turn me around, making sure to keep my face pushed into your chest so I don't see your face. Again you hand sneak under my skirt and this time you brush your fingers against my delicate folds. We're still rocking to the music and mostly anonymous in the crowd, but I'm blushing and praying no one sees this. Slowly you're moving your fingers against me, making me pant with want, wetness gathering on your fingers.

You move your other hand down, slipping it between my thighs as you remove the first hand, lifting the wet fingers into my mouth. Suddenly, while I'm distracted sucking your fingers, you push three finger into me, making me arch my back and moan out at the intrusion, but I'm so wet that it barely hurts. You keep the fingers in my mouth as you thrust and wiggle your fingers inside me. When you do remove the fingers from my mouth, you settle it on my hip swinging me to the beat and move me on your hand under my skirt making me dance on your fingers and pushing me further towards orgasm.

The music suddenly changes, the beat fast, and the crowd moves faster, and the small amount of space we'd made is suddenly gone. I can feel another body pressing into my back as we're squashed together, your hand forced deeper into me and the force of the crowd makes us move harder and faster as you wiggle your finger and curl them into my G spot and I can't help but cum and drenching your hand and your thigh that has become wedged between mine, supporting you hand.

I scream out, but the sound is taken by the music and not a soul can hear. You don't stop though, I'm not sure if it's because you love forcing me to cum in public, you want to torture me by making me cum again while I'm sensitive, or the force of the crowd keeps you from withdrawing your hand. The music picks up yet again and the crowd is moving fast now. I'm jostled and thrust more into your hand as you push another finger into me, then the last.

It feels like the whole room is working together to take me higher then I'd been before. My screams of pleasure and pain are taken away by the noise surrounds us and I'm not sure how long it lasts, but time mean nothing to me now. When it dies down I have liquid running down my legs, your thigh is damp and have cum three times.

You finally pull your hand out of me and spin me around. Lifting the back of my skirt up, you use it to cover your crotch as you unzip, pull your hard and throbbing cock out and slip it into me. It may look like we are dance, me grinding into you but really we are fucking. Hard deep thrust that contort my face in pleasure as I bend to push you into me further.

The music has had an effect on you too, your dick hard and throbbing in time with the beat around us. I feel you close. Pounding me harder, your arm around my waist pulling me unto you and again my arms go around your neck. I grind my ass against your stomach as I have taken all of you into me, your balls swing to hit my clit every other beat until I cant stand it any longer and cum yet again, this time I feel you empty into me as well.

I keep you in me as we dance a little longer, until you slip out, then I turn around and carefully zip you back up, feeling your sticky wet cock and gather a little on to my finger to lick up as I look into your eyes.

"How long are you here for?" I ask,

"Three more days," you say, then hand me a slip of paper. You tell me I have thirty minutes to be there or I'll be sorry, and then with a kiss, our first one ever, you disappear into the crowd.

I look down. It's a hotel name and room number, and I smile before heading off to find my friends and fake a headache. It's only when a man moves behind me and slips his hand under my skirt and runs his fingers along my uncovered, messy, slit then winks at me, do I realize you still have my panties. He sucks the fingers that I know must be sticky and I realize he had been watching. He gives me a wink as I blush and hurry away. My face is so heated, and I almost feel dizzy with the realization. How many people were watching?

I say good bye to my friends, and I rush out of the club, away from the scene of my crime. My thighs slick and my shoes squelch as the combination of our love is running down my legs, but I know I don't have time to clean up and still make it to your room on time. It's a choice about making myself conformable or meeting your commands. And I know which will win every time.

I can barely contain my excitement. So many thoughts are running through my head and I want to experience everything you can offer my body. I run through the streets, ignoring cat calls and offers, and I focus on where I need to be.

I arrive with barely a minute to spare, after getting some looks in the lobby, and hanging on the door knob is a blindfold which I put on and then knock. I hear the door open and I feel your hands on me as you lead me blindly inside...

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