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College Lust

"Oh, yes. Touch me there" I whispered as Anthony's fingers traced a delicate weave up the inside of my thigh up my hockey skirt, his lips soft and wet at my throat as I lay a quivering heap of jelly on his single bed. He hesitated, his hand tantalizingly close to my mound as he lifted his head and listened.


"What is it?" I moaned, frustratedly, a pool of heat growing between my thighs.

"I thought I heard my parents' car."

"You're paranoid!" I reached for his wrist and urged his hand toward my throbbing pussy, my clit aching and desperate to be touched.

"Come on Jess, they would kill me if they knew I was having sex in the house!" He protested sitting up and reaching for his cigarettes.

"And they don't mind you smoking in the house?" I sighed, shutting my legs and hitching back on the bed, my back against the wall.

"I'm eighteen, I can smoke when I like." He lit one up and smiled, his erection still present and bulging through his jeans.

"Well, then surely you can fuck when you like." I took the cigarette from between his lips and put it between my own before lifting my ass off of the bed and sliding my panties down over it.

Anthony was my college boyfriend, and most days after class we would hide out at one of our places and fuck like rabbits until we were disturbed. Today was no exception and I'd been thinking about our afternoon fuck fest since 1st period.

He watched me, mesmerized for a moment as I coolly exhaled smoke through my nostrils and passed the cigarette back to him, spreading my legs wide to give him a good view of my glistening pink slit. "What are you doing?" He smiled, his blue eyes sparkling with mischief as I took off my polo shirt and tossed it aside.

"Giving you an invitation." I unhooked my bra and let my big round tits spring free, my nipples stiff and swollen, begging for his mouth.

"Holy shit!" He extinguished his cigarette and stood, unbuckling his belt and taking out his long, thick cock, which was standing hard and proud and ready for me.

I watched him carefully as he grabbed my legs at the crook of each knee and pulled me suddenly toward him so that my ass was perched on the edge of the mattress and my back was flat on the bed. My body tightened as he dropped to his knees and I felt his hot breath on my tender pussy lips.

"Oh Baby, make me cum." I sighed and I heard him chuckle to himself. He dipped the tip of his wet tongue into my honey pot and I gasped, a shot of electricity hurtling from my pussy to my fingertips and making my back arch involuntarily.

Anthony was an expert pussy licker and I closed my eyes to savor the sensations. He ran his tongue up the entire length of my cunt, tasting the oozing sweet sex that was dripping from my hole. I shuddered as he began lazily rolling his tongue over my stiff little clit in tight circles, his hands reaching up to pinch my hard nipples. I moaned, grinding my hips against him, the need to find my climax growing by the second. "Oh, yes baby! Give it to me." He circled it faster and faster, pinching my nipples harder and harder until I was literally squirming and squealing beneath him on the bed.

He stood quickly and coated the head of his dick in my juices. "What are you doing?" I protested. "I was so close!"
"My folks are back," he said with urgency, his mouth slicked with my moistness. 

I was just about to answer when he suddenly rammed inside me, taking my breath away. I clamped down on him and my body spasmed in response. "Oh yeah baby, fuck me" 

He groaned and slammed in and out of me, the delicious sound of slapping flesh all we could hear above our own panting and his parents footsteps on the drive.

He slapped at my big round tits as they bounced back and forth so hard I thought my nipples might fall off. I squeezed his cock with all my might until I felt the first waves of my orgasm stirring in my belly. "I'm gonna come!" I screeched and he groaned, clasping his hand over my mouth as my body quivered and quaked, my pussy milking his dick as he emptied a thick creamy load inside me. 

I was still coming as I heard his mum coming up the stairs. "Anthony, are you home?" she called as my pussy twitched around him and he hissed with pleasure, the last drops of delicious spunk, filling me up with a warm fuzzy feeling. 

He quickly pulled out of me with a squelch and we dived around the floor for our clothes. 


The bedroom door opened and Anthony's mum Linda stood in the doorway smiling. 

"Oh, Jessica, Anthony didn't tell me you were coming over." 

"Last minute plan," I smiled, looking up from Anthony's desk with a textbook in one hand and highlighter in the other. "We've got to study." 

"Oh, well, I'll leave you to it. There's plenty of casserole if you want to stay for dinner?" 

I nodded "That would be great thanks." 

She left the room none the wiser and luckily didn't notice my sticky white underwear in the middle of the bedroom floor.

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