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Concert time

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Looks like I've forgotten my concert ticket, how can I get in...
This is my first story, so tell me if you like it, I could probably make it more erotic, but I need to know if this is alright for a starting point type thing...

"Alexis! Are you ready for the concert?" yelled my friend Mark.

"Yeah! Sure, just one second!" I said, applying my lipstick.

I checked myself out in the mirror, pulling my pink hot pants down slightly, so they just cover my ass cheeks. My black bra showed threw my white top, so grudgingly, I decided to take off my bra, leaving my 34C breasts under my top. 

"ALEXIS WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!" shouted Mark, just as I ran out of my room and down the stairs, my heels almost making me trip over.

"Alright, alright, keep your pants on," I said, grabbing my bag and walking out the door. 

"You look so cute tonight," Mark said, grabbing my ass with his hands, then holding me behind from my waist. I could feel my nipples hardening, only hoping that Mark hadn't noticed.

"Mark, I told you, I only like you as my friend!" I said, slapping his hands away from me.

He looked at me, then walked to the car. We drove in silence to the concert, and then waited in the queue. 

When we got to the front, I realized I'd left my ticket behind.

"Tickets please," said the bouncer. 

Mike handed his in, and went in, leaving me behind. 

"I forgot mine," I said, "but I think we might be able to come to some agreement," feeling horny after Mark hugging me from behind.

My middle finger gently caressed his arm, as I bit my lip and looked at him. I could see him focusing on my hard nipples through my top.

"Er, sure, follow me," he said, leaving another bouncer in his place. 

We walked into one of the back rooms, which looked like a dressing room. He slammed the door shut. 

"Well you're a little slut, aren't you? Walking in here, thinking you own the place. You haven't even got a fucking ticket," he said, glaring at me.

"I left it at home," I said, sitting on the edge of one of the couches, my legs spread apart slightly, "but I really want to see this concert," I continued, stroking the inside of my legs slightly.

"We'll see about that, now spread you're little slutty legs," he said, leaning on the couch, positioning his head between my legs, "look at that, you are already wet."

He pulled away my panties, and licked my cunt in small flicks. I moaned out load, only for him to chuckle. He stuck his tongue inside of my wet pussy, making my hands grip onto the couch, moaning as he pleasured me. His tongue entered me, and then left me alone- I expected him to continue, but instead I felt his fist inside of me, as he thrust his hand in and out of my tight pussy. 

"Bitch, suck me," he said, leaving me half pleasured, and wanting more. 

I bent down onto my knees, and removed his black trousers, finding a 6" dick pointing upwards towards me. 

I took it in one of my hands, and slowly moved my hand up and down, dipping my head onto the top of his cock, and giving it small flicks with my tongue. I moved my head down his dick, moving up and down, repeatedly, moving my hand up and down with my head, whilst I played with his balls with my free hand. 

"Baby give it to me," he said, grabbing my hair, and pulling me down onto his cock, making my head go all the way down his cock. I moved my head up and down, until I could feel his cock expanding, as he was ready to cum. 

"I'm gonna cum and you are gonna swallow it you little slut," he said, as he reached the climax. 

His thick, sweet cum entered my mouth, making me gag, as he forced me to swallow it. 

He hadn't removed his hand from my hair, so I licked his cock dry, as I found he released me. 

"Take the first door on the left," he said, sounding pleased.

I grabbed my hot pants off the floor and shoved them on quickly, only to find that I had my ticket tucked into the waistband of it. 

"Fuck," I whispered, as I ran out of the room, to watch the last few minutes of the concert.

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