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The dark side of nymphomania

There was a woman already at reception when he came into the hotel. Even though it was only a short walk from his car, the blizzard was so intense snow was caked to the front of his coat.

"I understand that you've had a relapse," said the therapist. “You appeared to be doing so well, and repairing your relationship with your husband.”

“Yes, it was a week ago. With a stranger. Remember the blizzard…”

“A stranger. It’s not just sex with someone other than your husband. Strangers can be dangerous. We had agreed that. This behaviour is a serious relapse. Please tell me how it happened.”

'I bet she’s taken the last damned room!’ he thought as he waited for her to check-in. The snow on his coat was melting fast in the warmth, water dripping onto the tiled floor. He looked at her with a mixture of attraction and hate for her taking the last room. Black hair, worn long, a two-piece blue business suit, skirt above the knee, trim figure, heeled black shoes. Nice arse. ‘Wouldn’t mind a bit of that,’ he thought. Finally, her key was handed over and she picked up her coat, collected her wheelie bag and set off for her room.

“Good evening, sir,” said the receptionist. “How can I help?”

"I hope you have a room available. The blizzard has made driving treacherous."

“We have lots of rooms! That same blizzard has meant nearly all our weekend bookings have cancelled. What would you like, a double, en-suite, or one of our business suites?”

He took a business suite.

“I must warn you that most of our staff can’t get here tonight, so it will be reduced service in the restaurant.”

“As long as there is something to eat I’ll be fine.”

He took his key and went to his room.

“I’d been away all week on business. Meeting with clients, a supplier visit, and some conference calls. One hotel after another. I hardly had time to call my husband. Despite meeting a lot of people, I felt lonely and a bit down. And stressed.”

“Not a good situation for a hypersexual, and something we agreed you would avoid. Do you need to answer your phone?”


“Then please continue.”

"I was really looking forward to the weekend and getting home. I set off Friday afternoon, driving back to London, but the blizzard set in and I just had to stop. Luckily the SatNav found a hotel only about a mile away, and they had a room. Well, lots of rooms really as most guests had cancelled due to the weather."

BLOG: Observer has been bad again.

Observer has spied on Participants.

But they were being naughty so they deserved it.

He didn’t bother unpacking, just changed into casual clothes, then phoned his wife to tell her the bad news that he wouldn’t be home tonight. Saturday, depending on whether the roads were drivable. His mind drifted back to the woman at reception, or more specifically to her nice rounded arse. Now he knew she was not guilty of stealing the last room there was no negative side to his thoughts about her.

When on business trips he always tried to have casual sex, often successfully, but this trip had been a complete waste of time. He had tried two women that seemed to be in tune with his ideas, but both had turned out to be teases. The room phone rang.

“Hello, it’s reception. The catering situation is worse than I hoped, none of the kitchen staff can get here, so I’m the cook tonight. I’m sorry to say all I can offer you is a beef casserole or vegetarian slice for dinner. Which would you prefer?”

“Oh, the beef casserole sounds the best, thank you.”

“That’s ideal, we will all have the casserole then. I’ll serve it at seven, in the bar, there’s a good log fire in there so it will be cosier than the dining room.”

He checked his watch, an hour and a half to go. The TV news was full of the blizzard. It had already brought most of southern England to a halt with blocked roads and cancelled train services.

‘Had there been just a glance in his direction as she walked away?’ He thought there may have been. There had certainly been a wiggle in her walk.

BLOG: Observer used the wireless camera in room ten.

“I was very disappointed! It meant I wouldn’t get home. Yet another lonely, empty hotel room, not what I wanted at all. But I need to take you back. You said we had agreed that I would avoid long business trips.”

“Yes, I think we did. Someone wants to get in touch with you it seems.”

“I’ll handle it later. Yes, we did agree, but my company didn’t see it that way. As you know I’ve only been there three months and they just won’t allow me to do that. It’s not like my previous company where I could do what I liked, well until they sacked me.”

“I’m glad you brought that up. It is a good example of what happens when you don’t control your behaviour. You were sacked for having sex in the office, on multiple occasions I think.”


"And that caused more problems when your husband found out why you were sacked. It's the same now, you must alter your life or the consequences of your hypersexuality will bring problems. If they continue to make you do week-long business trips then you need to change jobs. Please continue.”

BLOG: Observer is going to tell you all what Participants did, so stay online.

Just after six-thirty, he went down to the bar. There was indeed a log fire blazing away. Behind the bar was a young woman, plain but friendly, and she asked what he wanted to drink.

“A pint of bitter, please.”

“Terrible night,” she commented as the glass filled.

“Yes, I gave up trying to drive and luckily found this hotel. Did you have problems getting to work?”

“No, I live in.” She handed him the pint. As she did, the woman who was checking in earlier came into the bar.

“I couldn’t face unpacking again so just put some leggings and a sweater on. They had no kitchen staff so the owner was cooking a casserole…”

"Can I just check some things with you?"

“Such as?”

“Were you wearing a bra?”

“Well, were you?”


“And I’m guessing no panties either.”


“We agreed you wouldn’t dress like that, didn’t we? You know where it leads.”

“I had to, I love the way wool stimulates my nipples and the legging get me wet. I needed it.”

BLOG: Observer may even show you the video!


He sat at a table by the fire and took the chance to look at the woman. She had a loose-fitting sweater that ended at her waist, and black leggings that made a statement of the nice arse he had noticed earlier. Round, firm looking buttocks and the seam cut right between them. A vision of her kneeling in front him, tempting him by giving her bare arse a little wiggle, ran through his mind. ‘Oh yes, I would,’ he thought. He took a sip of beer.

She walked from the bar, a drink in her hand, and towards him and the fire. As she came closer he noticed the leggings cutting between her very prominent pussy lips. He envisioned those lips pressed on his face, then them parting as his cock drove between them. ‘Maybe this trip will still be good?’ he thought.

“Terrible weather,” he said forcing himself to look at her face.

“It is, and still snowing heavily. Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all.” She chose the chair opposite him. The barmaid came across with cutlery and napkins.

“Will you be eating at this table?” she asked and both answered that they would.

He saw from the way her breasts moved she wasn’t wearing a bra. And she had come to join him.

“Food should be in about five minutes,” said the barmaid and walked off.

BLOG: Participants started in the bar, she couldn’t keep her hands off him.

Observer had already seen his cock when he changed in his room. He’s commando.

He chatted to her as they ate the very tasty casserole. He was careful not to mention his wife or family, and in return, she didn't mention hers, even though she wore a wedding ring. She chatted back and seemed interested in him, her dark brown eyes often making eye contact with him. The barmaid left the room and he felt the first contact, a brush on his leg, and, even though he would very much like it not to be, he dismissed it as an accident, not even gracing it with a look. She held his attention, talking about her business, but this time there was no mistake. Her shoeless foot was brushing along his inner thigh.

“You don’t mind, do you?” she asked, fixing his gaze.

“Not at all.” He could see her nipples pushing into the loose knit of the sweater.

Her foot completed its move and rested against his cock. ‘Take the initiative,’ he thought. He placed his hand onto her foot. She responded by curling her toes against his cock.

“I think we should adjourn to somewhere more private.”

“I was hoping we’d do it in front of the fire,” she said jokingly. This woman was in tune with him.

“Your room or mine?”

BLOG: Participants thought Observer could not see. Her foot was on his crotch.

Then they left for his room.

Observer turned the camera on.

“He was the only other guest. The only man in the hotel I think. We ate together. Then I came on to him.”

“Was he that attractive?”

“Not really, but it didn’t matter. He was easy to pull. We went to his room.”

“Whoever that is, they really do want to talk to you.”

“It’s my husband, he can wait. I always like to do it on the man’s territory, there’s more danger, he has more control. It’s more exciting.”

Once in his room, he locked the door. She had already taken her sweater off and stood by the bed, her pert breasts openly displayed for him. He stood in front of her and she opened his trousers and found his stiffening cock. She sat back onto the bed and took the end of his cock into her mouth while he took off his sweater and shirt. His phone buzzed and he took it from his trouser pocket. It was his wife and he sent it to voicemail.

BLOG: She had his cock in her mouth less than an hour after meeting him, slut!

Here is a picture.

“You know that seeking out danger like that shows you are not getting any better, don’t you? We may have to consider drugs. I think you should answer your phone.”

He stepped out his trousers and slipped off his shoes. Reaching down, his fingers slipped into the waistband of her leggings and pushed them down. She rolled onto her back to let him remove them. He took a moment to savour her body, then put his hands on her knees and rolled her over so she was kneeling on the floor, body flat on the bed. His finger pushed into her pussy, finding it wet and hot. His cock followed, pushing in slowly until he was deep inside her. He rotated his hips, making his cock push around inside her pussy.

BLOG: Observer is uploading the video.

You will see this slut fuck for yourself.

He started slowly, gently pushing in and out of her, enjoying the heat and wetness of her pussy surrounding his cock, the feeling he had wanted all week. She pushed back onto him. He went harder and faster, slamming against her buttocks with a loud slap, again and again. He slapped one buttock then the other, leaving a red mark on each. There was no doubt she was a slut, exactly the sort of slut he liked to fuck.

“I don’t want drugs. They fuck with my mind!”

The bed started to shake with the force of him slamming into her. She arched her back, her head swung upwards, and she pushed back, hard, onto him, forcing him to stop as she shuddered in orgasm. Her pussy repeatedly contracted, squeezing onto his cock and he came, spurting spunk into her, ending their wordless, kissless, animal fuck. Exactly the sort of fuck they both needed.

She pulled off him, dressed and left.

“I think you should answer your husband and then we’ll talk about it.”

“Hello, what do you want?”

“Video on the internet? What video?”

“Oh fuck!”

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