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Cookies and Cream

One Reason I Love The Holidays...
Opening the door, I was greeted with two of favorite things - the smell of fresh baked cookies and the sight of my dear lady.

“Well! This is a wonderful greeting!” I exclaimed softly as I kissed her on the back of the neck as she stood at the counter mixing another batch of cookie dough.

“Ohhhh!” she squealed as she tilted her head backward. “Don’t do that or I’ll not finish these!”

I told her that I’d change my clothes and help her out as I walked quickly to the bedroom. Changing into a pair of sweatpants and a ’T’, I hastily returned to the kitchen.

A few hours later, all the cookies were baked, cooling on rack after rack.

“Thanks so much for the help, Hun,” she said as she kissed me quickly. “Now, I’m going to go shower! Thanks to you, I‘m a few hours ahead of the plan!” she added as she disappeared down the hallway.

It was almost no time at all until I heard the water running in the shower and I took an inventory on the cookies. I saw there were chocolate chip, oatmeal, chocolate and peanut butter chip, and my favorite, good old plain peanut butter (made with crunchy peanut butter).

I was standing there trying to resist the temptation to sample each of them, but I knew I had better wait to see how many were actually for us. Knowing she baked cookies to give to friends and family, I learned my lesson in a previous year.

“You can have a few of those, and some of this, if you want,” came the soft voice from behind me. I hadn’t even noticed the shower had been turned off but when I turned around, I was turned on!

She was standing there with a towel almost covering her. She was holding it so that her nipples were just out of sight, but all of her long, slender legs were clearly visible and I could almost see her trimmed pussy.

“The hell with the cookies!” I said as I stepped toward her, a huge grin on my face. “I want the baker!”

“You mean, you don’t think you’ll like my cookies?” she asked as the towel dropped to the floor and she rubbed her breasts.

“I know I’ll like these cookies!” I replied, bending down to kiss both of them.

When I stood upright, her hands dropped to the waist band of my sweats and they were pulled to my ankles as she squatted in front of me.

“Let’s see if there’s any cream for my cookies!” were her last words before my instantly stiff flesh disappeared into her warm mouth. She was running her hands over my ass, hips, and thighs as her mouth and tongue worked feverishly on forcing me beyond the threshold of control.

Feeling me grow even thicker and harder in her mouth, she knew.

Yes, she knew I was not going to last much longer and her hands moved to grab my erection. Swirling her hands all around my girth, she added extra pleasure by generously slobbering on my throbbing shaft. I knew, when she did that, what was next and I couldn’t wait!

Within a few seconds, she straightened her back and put my shaft between her firm and ample breasts. Squeezing me between them, she somehow managed to get her mouth lined up for me to slip the thick tip of my pole between her lips on each of my upward thrusts.

It felt like my body was going to explode as the sensation of pleasures she gave me increased with each movement. While her hands were busy making her breasts massage me, my hand moved down and held my throbbing flesh in place.

With the tip being teased relentlessly by her breasts, I was soon delivering the cream. She tightly squeezed my rod between her mounds and moved in unison with me as glob after glob shot onto her warm, smooth skin.

“Oh yes! Come on Baby! Give it all to me!” she panted as her skin was painted with the thick evidence of my satisfaction.

When my release began to slow, she dropped down and took me back into her mouth. Her tongue was rubbing lightly on the ultra-sensitive underside of my pole and I surprisingly released even more when she forced me into the tight orifice of her throat. My knees were quivering and my body was trembling as she finished me off.

As she licked the residual cum off my slowly softening rod, I looked down and saw an amazing amount of white cream on her breasts.

She stood up and kissed me as her arms went around my neck.

“Remember this when you hear ’cookies and cream’ next time,” she giggled.

I knew I would remember this treat for a long, long time.

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