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Creatures of the Night

A sleepless hot night gives Mike the best view of his holiday - and a lot more!

It was just too hot for Mike to sleep. It was nearing the end of their two week holiday on the Island and the nights seemed to be getting hotter. Not that it worried Sally. His wife lay alongside him sleeping soundly. He slipped off the bed, pulled his light dressing gown on and went into the lounge of the apartment, quietly closing the door behind him. He slid back the door onto the small terrace and stepped out.

The night was completely still, not a breath of a breeze. Chirping noises filled the air and a bright, full moon shone in a clear sky, bathing most of the terrace in its silver light. Mike sat down to just enjoy the night. The chair was in the shadow of the building, up against the rambling bougainvillea bush that provided a little privacy from the similar terrace of the apartment next door. He heard the click of the door catch and now familiar sound of the door sliding back. It was from the next apartment. A couple much younger than Mike and Sally had arrived a couple of days ago. Apart from a few “Hi’s" and "Hello’s” they hadn’t really engaged very much. They looked late twenties, maybe early thirties to Mike.

It was the woman, tall looking as she was of slender build. Long legs Mike had noticed and fairly short blonde hair. Attractive. She went to the rail at the edge of the terrace and looked out over the ocean. She had a beach blouse on that came down to the top of her legs. In the moonlight, he could see the buttons were undone leaving it loosely open. He was wondering whether to cough or make a noise so she knew he was there, but she turned and walked back towards the apartment door. He heard her move a chair. Through a gap in the bougainvillea, he could just see the seat of the chair and little more. She sat on it, the open blouse falling away leaving the Y at the top of her legs fully visible in the moonlight. Her legs eased apart and her hand started to stroke her pussy, running along her lips at first, then a finger sliding between them. It was too late to cough now Mike thought. Two fingers now, spreading her lips wider.

Mike stood as quietly as he could, edged to the sliding door and when there clicked the latch and ran the door back and forth. That done he strolled to the rail at the edge of the terrace, hoping that she would think he had just come out. He looked out to the ocean, up to the moon and heard her clear her throat, so he looked round expecting to see the blouse pulled closed.

She still sat on the chair, legs apart, hand stroking her pussy, fingers now tricking inside.

“Hi,” she said looking at him and smiling. “Too hot for me to sleep.”

“Er, yes, me too,” replied Mike. He averted his gaze, as they say.

“No need to look away. I like being watched when I masturbate. It turns me on.”

“Oh,” replied Mike and unaverted his gaze. She was a good looking woman, slim and attractive and he did want to look at her. Her unoccupied hand moved the blouse off her breasts and she said something which got lost in the chirping.


“I said move closer so we can talk quietly.”

Mike moved to the railing that separated the terraces. Her fingers were pushing inside at the end of each stroke, her breasts rocked slightly up and down.

“There are things you can do and say only with strangers, don’t you think?” she asked.

“I suppose so,” replied Mike. “I guess if you will never see them again then it doesn’t matter.”

“I feel that. We live in Canary Wharf, in an apartment high up. I go into the lounge at night, put all the lights on, draw back the curtains and do this. There are office blocks and other apartment blocks that can see in. I know people look as I see the camera flashes. The more flashes the more I’m turned on.”

A devout exhibitionist thought Mike. Her hand motions were getting more vigorous, he could hear how wet she was. And he could feel how it was turning him on to watch her so blatantly playing in front of him.

“Where’s your man?” asked Mike, a little on his guard.

"Comatose. He drinks until he falls asleep. That’s why I have this need.” Her hand quickened, making sharp in strokes. Her smile turned more to a grimace, her head rolled back, mouth opened and she moaned softly, her hand clenched against her pussy. Her stomach rippled as her orgasm ran up her body. She stayed still for a few moments, then looked back at Mike and smiled again.

“Thank you, you made it much better,” she said standing and walking to him. She kissed him quickly on the lips and said, “Same time tomorrow.” A statement, not a question. She stroked down the ridge of his nose with a finger still wet from her pussy, turned and walked back into her apartment giving him a parting wave.

~ ~ ~

The next day dawned bright and sunny. Even early on it was hot. It was their last full day so Sally had reserved it for topping off the tan. After a light breakfast in the apartment, they went to the pool and settled into a pair of loungers with an umbrella. Sally had a book she was keen to finish and Mike browsed through short stories on his eReader. The day drifted past, the sun moved higher and got hotter. By two it was blistering and getting very humid and Mike finally persuaded Sally to go for lunch. It was nearly four by the time they returned to the loungers, both a little mulled from the bottle of rose. They had just settled when the couple from the next apartment arrived and headed past them to a pair of vacant loungers. It’s a cliché, but Mike didn’t recognise her at first with clothes on. It was the blouse that he recognised. They said a very casual ‘Hi’ as they walked past. Sally hardly looked up from her book.

The couple took a quick dip and returned to their loungers. The man spread his towel, opened a can of beer and lay face down to read his book. She gave Mike a long look, with just the hint of a smile then sat, facing towards him. When she was sure he was looking, she slipped the bikini top off, splashed thick, creamy coloured suntan lotion from the bottle onto her breasts and lovingly spread it all over the top of her body, her hand squeezing up over her breasts. Show over she lay down.

By six p.m. the white fluffy clouds had thickened and some looked quite threatening, especially inland up on the mountains. They packed up, showered and went out for a drink followed by the ‘last supper’ of their holiday. Normally the evening cools a little, but it was becoming so humid it seemed like it was getting hotter. After a brandy back at the apartment, they turned in, Sally falling straight to sleep. Mike tried, may have snoozed, but was soon awake again. The ceiling fan was just not doing anything against the heat. He slipped from the bed, took his dressing gown and went onto the terrace. He told himself she wouldn’t be there. And she wasn’t.

It was a very different night. Humid, with short lived hot breezes. Clouds obscured the moon most of the time, with just short bursts of silver light now and again. Out over the ocean was a lightning storm, too distant to hear the thunder, but vivid all the same. The cloud tops were repeatedly lit from inside, become incandescent for seconds at a time. As he watched, lightning crackled along the clouds. He watched it, fascinated.


Followed by the door sliding. He turned. She walked towards him, the blouse unbuttoned again, opening to show her naked form. She met him at the common railing, touching his hands and giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Glad you could make it,” she said in a hushed tone, then turned and went to sit on the chair. She didn’t settle. “This is no good, I can hardly see you, so I doubt if you can see me. I know..”

She brought another chair, placing its back against the railing. “Use your chair that side.”

Mike did and stepped over the railing, joining her. She moved the chair, placing it in front of hers. She lit two candles and placed them close by the chairs.

“Please sit,” she said gesturing to the chair with her hand. Mike did and she sat opposite him, pushed his knees open and swung her legs up, one onto each of his thighs. Her long, shapely thighs, now opened, leading his gaze straight to her pussy. She sat back and her hand started to brush her lips. Close up he could see she wasn’t completely shaven but had a landing strip of short cut, blonde hair.

“Very nice,” said Mike, giving the hair a gentle stroke with his finger.

“Glad you like it,” she replied. “I get a gay hairdresser to do it. Wasted on him I fear. Derrick’d go berserk if he knew, he thinks I’m good with the clippers!”

“Derrick, is he asleep?” Mike was suddenly aware the position he was in. There could be no explanation if Derrick came onto the balcony.

“Comatosed as last night. Eight beers and a bottle of wine.” Her hand got to work. Two fingers, rubbing along her lips, then parting them so a finger ran either side of her clit, then dipping inside, bringing her wetness with them, spreading it and making her inner lips glisten. She looked straight at Mike, but his attention was on her hand and pussy. She moved slightly, adjusting how she sat, and it forced Mike’s legs a little further apart, but far enough for his dressing gown to part.

“Someone’s getting interested,” she said looking down at his cock. And she was right, it was not fully erect, but already holding horizontal.

“Stroke yourself if you want,” she whispered. Mike did with one hand, stroking his helmet first, then more on his shaft. It surprised him how fast he became erect. Her hands were now rubbing down her lips, two fingers diving inside where she held them for a few moments, fingers wriggling, then pulled them out to squeeze her clit.

His free hand moved to the front of her thigh, he couldn’t stop himself from sitting forward to get a closer view. Her free hand started to rub her breast, squeezing onto her nipple and pulling hard away. Mike’s hand held the base of his shaft, between his thumb and the side of his hand, while his fingers stroked across his balls. She reached out and put her finger tips around the end of his cock, his helmet pressed into her palm. She turned her hand, her fingers rubbing around his cock, and slightly bending it.

“You are hard,” she said. “And a little wet.” She took her hand back to her breast and smeared his precum over it. Her rubbing quickened, a look of concentration replaced her smile and she reached for his cock again, this time coiling her fingers around it and giving it short pumps. Her head went back, her rubbing became rougher, lightning flashed, her mouth opened, her body shook as she moaned. Another flash and she shook again, and relaxed against the chair back, releasing Mike’s cock which flicked around as she did. They stayed still until another flash made her open her eyes.

“Holding your cock was it, Jesus, that was good.”

She stood and Mike worried it would be like last night, a kiss and bye. But she moved her chair closer, so the front of the two seats touched, then stepped over her chair and sat, now much closer to Mike. Her hand found his cock again and he smiled broadly.

“That feels good,” he said.

“I agree. I’m just so horny tonight.” She pumped him a little, then squeezed, bending it slightly and Mike could feel the throbbing. It was years since he had been this stiff.

“Frig my pussy.” It was quite a demand. But he happily complied, putting his hand, palm towards her on her swollen and juicy lips. Using his palm he stroked across her clit and his fingers delved inside, stroking against the wall of her cunt. She edged closer, now supported by Mike’s thighs and not her chair. Now higher up she held her tit for him to suckle and he did, greedily, sucking the nipple into his mouth, then squeezing hard onto it with his lips. She pulled away from him, the nipple making a popping sound as it left his lips. She giggled and pushed her other tit to him for its turn.

He pushed deeper with his fingers and quickened the wriggling and rubbing, she moved more on to him. Lightning. Followed seconds later by a loud rumble of thunder. She began to roll her hips moving the inside of her cunt around his fingers. Her hands held his face, making him look at her then returned to his cock. Her expression changed, her face muscles tightening, her look becoming one of straining to get there. She did, suddenly, her torso convulsing, the second time so strongly she lifted off Mike’s fingers. Her hand stopped pumping his cock and she rested her forehead against his.

Large rain drops started to smack on to the terrace, hitting with a loud thud. One hit his face and made her lift her head. She moved closer, her hand releasing Mike’s cock as it became squashed between them. Her feet found the floor and with her elbows supported on his shoulders, she began to rise and fall, slowly, and deliberately. He could feel those short hairs rubbing along his cock, bristling against it. He slipped his hand round under her buttocks and his fingers pushed into her wet cunt again. As she rose and fell she pushed her tits into his face, dragging her nipples over it. His hand rose and fell with her, fingers working inside her. She fixed him with a look of concentration. Her upward movement increased until his cock slipped out from between their bodies and as she moved down it flicked so her wet lips ran along it. Her left arm moved off his shoulder and down behind her, finding his cock and holding it as she rose again. On the downward stroke, she forced him into her. Her cunt was hot, smooth as silk from her juice. She gripped onto him, so he could feel the inside of her cunt slither along his cock as she rose and fell on him. His finger dipped into her and, covered in juice, started to rub her butt hole, staying with her as she lifted and fell.

“Cum in me,” she growled.

The heavens burst. Rain hammered down on them, soaking them as if a fire hose had been turned on. But she was relentless. Rivulets of water coursed off their heads, down between her breasts, her down strokes became harder and faster and in a series of blue lightning flashes he pumped, pulses of cum bursting deep into her cunt. She finished with one last sharp down stroke and Mike’s finger was pushed just into her butt hole. She shook again and they stayed there, rain hosing onto them.

Finally, she stood off him, his cock, still covered in white, sticky cum slopping onto his thigh. The rain immediately washed it off. Suddenly there was an urgency in the both of them, she quickly placed the chair by the railing and Mike hopped over, but when he was on his own terrace the urgency left him. He stood in the rain looking at her, looking at him.

She smiled back, blew him a kiss, turned and went into her apartment.

Mike strolled back to the sliding door, no rush, he was as wet as he could ever be, and more satisfied than he had ever been. Some things you can only do with strangers, he thought.


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