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cure for a headache

Her head had been pounding for three days. There was some relief during the sex last night and then after while finishing the movie they'd started.

That morning, he sat in his office waking up enjoying his coffee and a card game on the computer. She entered and poured another cup saying,

"Three days and still this damn headache."

"That's not good." he offered.

"It happens but not to often." she remarked on her way out of the room.

Returning to her dressing room she sat and held her head for a moment. Looking around she noticed her desk needed a good dusting and the plant needed watering. Taking a deep breath, she rose from the chair and headed to the kitchen where she filled a container and returned to water the plant. Saving half the water she took it to his room and watered the plant there.

"You know there's one sure cure for a headache." she mentioned.

"What's that."

"Sex makes it go away. Sometimes only for a while but it does helps."

Leaving his room, she put away the watering container and wet a cloth in the kitchen sink. Back in her room, she moved things around wiping and cleaning the dust and smudge that was there. Bending over to get to the window ledge behind the desk she wished he'd appear behind her and take her. While she continued the chore she heard him enter their bedroom across the way and then come into her dressing room and close the door behind him. Turning towards him she watched him take off his shirt and step out of his shorts. After dropping the dusting cloth she moved to where he stood. Running her hands down his chest and then his thighs kneeling in front of him she covered his erection with her mouth.

Her soft easy suck took all of him. Reaching his balls with her tongue she massaged the base and underside of his cock. Instantly the drool ran down her chin. Bringing her arms around him, she grabbed his ass and pulled him closer shoving his still growing cock deeper down her throat. He watched her in the mirror closet doors. He wanted what he saw.

Helping her to her feet he took her by the hand and bent her over the back side of a overstuffed chair and raised her skimpy house dress. She removed her panties and exposed her ass. Finding her wet, he shoved into her again and again. With each shove her pelvic bent upwards and her cunt closed tighter around him. Moans escaped her open mouth and wet ran from it dripping onto the chair she was bent over. Reaching back she spread her cheeks allowing him to go deeper. Taking his wet cock from the hot place, he opened and entered her ass with it. She came off the chair and lost her footing. Reaching higher she grabbed at her ass spreading this for him too. Melting into the softness of the chair her feet left the ground and swung in the motions of his thrusts. Crying out she muffled herself in the seat cushion soaking it with the wet from her mouth.

He knew he was cumming and pumped in to her harder and then deeper listening to the cries match the moans from his own lips. Stepping back he removed himself and looked upon her sprawled and taken bent over the chair. She raised herself and knelled at his feet wiping him clean with the shorts that laid on the floor. Holding his erection in her hands she tasted herself from it and leaned against him calming her shivering body. Looking in to her smiling eyes, he saw that the headache had left her face and then he saw her lips smiled too.

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