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Bill's curiosity gets the better of him.
The car swerved in and out of the lane yet again. After following for several blocks, Bill was wondering what was going on with the female driver as he slowed down once more to maintain a safe distance behind her.

What he didn't know was that something had possessed her to download a few hot erotic audio stories to her cell phone and she had decided to indulge herself by listening to them as she drove to work. He also was unaware the reason she was having to struggle to maintain her lane was the story playing now had her squirming on her seat.

"Damn foolish woman is going to get herself injured," he muttered to himself.

As he grabbed his cell phone to call 911, he saw the blinker flip on and watched as she pulled into a deserted parking lot. His instincts wanted him to follow, but something told him to hang back a bit.

He sat in his car and watched as she expertly glided into a parking space. From his vantage point, he observed her as she slid her seat back and reclined. Curiosity got the better of him and he maneuvered his car around and angled it where he could watch her.

He was totally unprepared for the sight that greeted him. He was mesmerized as her fingers nimbly unfastened the buttons on her white dress shirt. Then she shoved it open, exposing her sheer white bra. He watched as she freed her full ripe breasts, sliding them from the cups of her bra. Her nipples were pink and puffy and he felt his mouth water. Bill looked on in fascination as she cupped her milky globes and pinched her nipples, drawing them into hard peaks. He imagined she was moaning as she touched herself.

Bill shifted in his seat as he felt his cock growing harder by the minute. Glancing down for just a second, he saw the tent in his slacks. Looking back over at her car, he now saw her legs propped open on the dashboard. She was obviously wearing a skirt because all he saw was the smooth skin of her long tan legs. Her hands were out of sight now, but he could tell by her actions where they were.

He admired her, lost in her passion, with her head thrown back, her mouth open as she moaned and panted. He couldn't bear only witnessing part of what she was doing a minute longer. He quietly slipped out of his car and walked over to her window. He saw that her hands were indeed at her bare, bald pussy. She was frantically working three fingers of one hand in and out of her sopping slit as two fingers from her other hand flew over her clit. He saw her chest heave as she neared her climax. Bill couldn't take his eyes off of her as her mouth formed a perfect O. He could faintly hear her cries of pleasure as her release washed over her body, her head tossing from side to side, hair flying out of control as her orgasm hit her hard.

Finally her movements stilled and he saw her inhale deeply. She rested her head against the seat for a few minutes and then dropped her legs from the dash. She flipped the lever and returned her seat to its normal position. Her eyes fluttered open and she saw him standing there and realized he had witnessed the entire scene. Lifting her fingers from her still throbbing pussy, she met his gaze and slid her fingers into her mouth, licking them clean.
Bill was a bit taken aback by her boldness, but couldn't tear his eyes away from the vision of the young lady now teasing him. She pulled her fingers from her mouth and winked at him.

She motioned for him to step back and she opened her car door and swung her legs out. He started to speak, but she shook her head and beckoned him closer. His long legs ate the distance between them in a few steps. She reached out and traced the outline of his rock hard cock through the fabric of his trousers. He closed his eyes and sighed with pleasure. He felt her hands undoing his belt and sliding his zipper down. She reached inside his boxer shorts and freed his throbbing manhood.

Bill was afraid to open his eyes. He had to be dreaming but he sure as hell hoped it was real. Her hand felt amazing as it stroked his cock, drawing a bead of precum from the tip. As good as her hand felt on his cock though nothing prepared him for the feeling of her warm, wet tongue as it slid over the tip of his length and swiped up the drop of precum that had formed. She didn't stop there; she continued licking his shaft, bathing him with her moist heat. His knees nearly buckled when she placed her lips over the spongy head of his cock and swallowed his manhood. Unable to resist, he opened his eyes and watched as she bobbed her head up and down. He felt his cock hit the back of her throat as she tilted her head and engulfed his entire length. Her mouth reminded him of a hot, steamy pussy. Movement caught his eye and he glanced down and saw her hands cupping her firm breasts, her fingers roughly tugging on her nipples.

After the scene he had witnessed earlier, the sight of this beautiful woman sucking his cock with abandon while she fondled her tits was more than he could handle. A moan escaped his lips and he tried to pull out of her mouth before he blew his load, but she was having none of it. Her hands left her breasts and grasped his ass, holding him in place. He grunted in ecstasy, his cock pulsing as rope after rope of sticky cum shot in her waiting mouth. She swallowed every drop and then gently licked his cock clean before he popped out of her mouth. She softly kissed the tip and then tucked him back into his boxer shorts.

He took a step back, fastening his fly and his belt. As he did that, she swung her legs back in and closed the door. Before he could react, she started her car and drove off, deftly repairing her clothes with one hand. He stood there, realizing that neither of them had spoken a word during the whole encounter. He had no idea who she was or if he would ever see her again.

With a rueful shake of his head, he headed back to his car. At that moment both of their cell phones chirped with a calendar reminder.

Oh shit, he realized, I have a meeting with a client in 30 minutes. 
Oh hell, she realized, I have a meeting with a new software vendor in 30 minutes.

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