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Cyber Sex

Kat kissed her beautiful son goodbye and waved him off for a night at grandma’s. Peace at last she thought as she closed the front door behind her and slumped down onto the warm sofa. A quick flick through the channels showed that there was nothing but crap on the telly again so she decided to go and run a very deep, very warm and soapy bath.

As she slipped through the bubbles on the surface, the warm water caressed her body, The warm glow of tea lights flickered and danced on the walls. Perfect, she thought to herself as she let out a deep sigh of contentment and disappeared from view.

Her glistening chestnut hair broke through the mirror like surface followed by the delicate curves of her shoulders finally revealing her full, rounded breasts, beads of water running down them accentuating the curves and shadows. As she wiped the water from her eyes, she realised someone was knocking at the door. “Crap!” she muttered to herself. “Suppose I better go and see who it is.” As she made her way downstairs, wrapping the rather small towel that came to hand tightly around her tight little body she could just make out through the gap in the curtain that whoever it was, was male. “Bloody would be!” she thought feeling a slight pang of embarrassment. The key turned with a clunk and she opened the door smiling politely, water still running down her body onto the floor. The young salesman was obviously quite taken aback at the sight of a beautiful women, dripping with water and wrapped tightly in a towel that only covered from the top of her thighs to her heaving cleavage.

“Hi, my names Jason” he said nervously, not knowing where to put his eyes. Kat grinned cheekily. This was going to be fun! “Erm, er, are you happy with the service you are getting from your internet provider Miss…?”.

“Hardy, but you can call me Kat if you like. Why don’t you come in for a cup of tea and then you can tell me all about the service I’d get from you”. She giggled as she turned back into the house revealing a tantalising glimpse of her firm, round arse cheeks with every step. “Let me take your jacket” she said, slipping it from his shoulders before he had time to answer. His short sleeved shirt revealed a tanned, muscular body. “Have a seat, do you take sugar?” she asked, turning just in time to notice him running his eye’s up and down her body, he nodded. Suddenly, all this flirting was starting to turn her on. She imagined his strong hands gripping her body and the soft touch of his lips caressing her all over. As she stood at the cupboard looking for the sugar she felt her pussy getting wet and the longing for a big, fat, hard cock to fill it up. “This is sooooooo naughty” she thought to herself , intensifying the feeling further. She couldn’t help herself any longer. She could feel his gorgeous dark brown eyes burning into her back, slowly she bent over further into the cupboard revealing more of her tight little arse until she knew he was starring at her now dripping wet pussy peeping through her silky smooth thighs. This was unbearable she had never needed to be fucked so badly before. Still bent right over she turned her head, making eye contact. She could tell by the look on his face that he was about to explode.

As she stood up and walked slowly towards him letting her towel drop to the floor revealing her stunning body she could see he was already hard by the bulge in his tightening trousers. She knelt down in front of him resting her arms on his thick set thighs raising a finger to her pursed lips as he opened his mouth to speak. Slowly she unbuckled his belt and pulled of his trousers. Running her hands back up his legs she could hardly wait to see what was inside his shorts. She smiled seductively as she slipped her horny little hand inside and gripped hold of his rock hard, throbbing cock. A shiver traveled down her spine as she pulled it from his boxers to reveal the biggest cock she had ever seen! This was getting better! She immediately plunged the huge thing into her willing little mouth, looking up to see him moan with pleasure at the sight of his cock framed by her plump red lips and beautiful face. Forcing it down into her throat and stretching out her mouth she gagged. Taking him in her hand she wanked him hard while licking up and down the 9 inch length.

The next thing she knew Jason grabbed her around the waist, flipped her round and pulled her tingling pussy to his face. She shuddered as the first few delicate licks flicked around her swollen clit. This was too much to take and she gave in, filling her face with cock as she came so hard she thought it would never stop. When she finally stopped shaking he scooped her up and turned her over onto all fours. “Here it comes” she thought as he moved in behind her parting her swollen lips with his massive prick. She had never felt so full up and stretched out before as he forced his swollen cock into her aching pussy. One big shove and she was filled like never before. Jason realised she wasn’t as cheeky as before and grabbed her by the hair yanking her head back so he could see the pleasure on her flushed, little face. “FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!” was all she could manage to gasp as he thrust in and out of her hard and fast. “I’m...I’m…I’m going to cum again" she yelped. At this Jason pulled apart her ass cheeks, spat on her hole and slowly eased his massive cock deep into her tight little asshole grabbing hold of her tits at the same time. “FUUUUUUUUUCCKKKKKK MEEEEEE!!!” She screamed “CUM IN ME!” she demanded as wave after wave of orgasm rushed through her body. Jason let out a cry and she felt his nuts tighten up against her arse as he rammed every last bit of his cock deep into her ass. She was still cumming as she felt his cock spasm signaling he was filling her up with a lovely big load of cum. They lay together for a short while, unable to speak or move, trying to catch breath. Jason pulled out of her ass and went to speak only to be met with another “Shhhhh!” He buttoned up his trousers, slipped on his jacket and left with a smile. Kat lay there for a short while still in ecstasy after the best fuck of her life. She could feel his warm, sticky cum oozing out of her asshole and running down her legs. How very naughty, but how very nice.

“Think I’ll finish that bath now” she thought.

RATTA TAT TAT came the knock on the door. The cold water was a shock to wake up to. “Bloody door again!” she thought, wrapping herself in a towel and making her way down stairs.

“Hi honey!” she beamed wrapping her arms around his neck. “How long have you been there? Sorry, I fell asleep in the bath.”

“Had a good day? Anything exciting happen” enquired her husband.

“No, very boring I’m afraid. Had a guy trying to sell me some internet stuff and that was it. I'm afraid I've not made you any dinner, so you better take me upstairs and teach me a lesson.” she smiled remembering how good that 9inch cock felt inside her.

The End

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