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strangers meet in a small bar
I made my way through the dart players and into the corner where I like to sit. Armed with my note pads and pen I sat on the high bench that ran the length of the bar and angled myself so I could watch the game on the big screen.

Slightly off to my right and 2 tables away sat an interesting looking brunette. She also was on the bench seat. She was wearing a black full length winter coat that was undone enough to reveal a mid length skirt and long nylon clad legs. She was entirely over dressed for this little bar.

Her legs were crossed and dangled about a foot off the floor. Her coat was parted only enough to allow her some freedom of movement for her legs. I thought I detected a white blouse and some cleavage but I wasn’t sure. I saw her glance in my direction and I nodded a polite hello. She cracked a small smile and nodded back.

I tried to work, I really did but my eyes kept returning to her nylons. I sat there looking at her legs lost in the imagination of running my hands up and down the smooth nylons, following the curve of her calves and sliding my hands up her thighs. I felt my penis start to harden and looked up guiltily to see her watching my face. When our eyes met she had an amused expression on her face. I smiled and mouthed the word sorry. She smiled back and shrugged her shoulders. I went back to my work and managed to work for a minute before looking at her again. When I looked up she had undone two of the lower buttons on her coat and I could see more of her legs.

I looked up and found her again looking at me with a bigger smile and I cocked my head to one side as if I was going to ask a question. She slowly brought her finger up to her mouth and gave me the shhhh sign. I looked from her face back to her legs and then back to her face again and gave her a nod. The communication was obvious and she responded by undoing more buttons on her coat and showing me more leg. I was about to speak so she silenced me with a look but opened her legs so I could see up her skirt. My erection was starting to strain my pants and I shifted myself abound to make myself more comfortable.

She continued to undo her coat, moved her scarf so I could see the soft swell of her breasts and her white blouse. She stood to take her coat off and deliberately dropped one of her gloves onto the floor. She leaned over to pick up her glove giving me a great view down her top.

I decided to take a chance and scribbled a note on my note pad.

Downstairs meeting room 2 minutes?

I put the note pad on the bench seat in between us where she could read it without appearing to be interested. Our eyes met again and she nodded yes and looked toward the door sending me a message. I closed up my note pads and left it on the table with my other junk and made like I was going to the men’s room. The meeting room door was open as usual and I slipped inside to wait.

She entered the room and closed the door behind her. Not saying a word she walked over to me and put her hand behind my head and we started to kiss. My hands immediately found her backside and started to caress her butt and her back. I broke the kiss and went to say something when she put her finger to my lips to silence me. I started to unbutton her blouse and kiss her neck and ears. She took my hand and guided it down to her pussy. I moved my hands around her legs and started to play with her pussy through her nylons. I could feel moisture starting to seep through and I could smell her arousal. I worked my hands up to the top and started to pull her nylons down. Kneeling down in front of her I pulled the nylons down to her knees and then I lowered her panties. Not stopping there I took everything right down to her ankles and she stepped out of them as I stood and guided her to one of the chairs.

She sat with her butt barely on the edge of her chair and her back arched backwards while I kneeled and buried my face in her pussy. Using the broad flat part of my tongue I licked up and back concentrating on her clit. I could hear her panting and felt her orgasm building so I slipped two fingers into her hot pussy and vigorously worked her clit with my tongue. She came with a yelp and a whimper and then draped her arms down over my back as she sat up straighter. I moved up and we started to kiss when I felt her hands on my belt buckle. She dropped my pants and my boxers and held me in her firm hands.

She turned around and put her hands on the seat of the chair and spread her legs open. I entered her from behind and slid in and out of her going a little deeper each time. I increased my speed and held tight to her hips as we were both moving in sync. Both of us were breathing hard and I was about to lose control when she must have sensed it.

“Not yet!” she cried, “not yet!”

I was gritting my teeth and struggling for control but I was on the edge. I felt her contract the muscles in her vagina and it sent me over the edge. Thankfully she was there as well and she yelped as I came into her.

We kissed again and she collected her clothes off the floor and went wordlessly into the ladies' room across the hall. I found some napkins behind the bar and cleaned up as best I could and returned upstairs.

When I approached my table, there was a tall dark haired man sitting at her table. I nodded and sat down. I was drinking my beer trying to get out of there as fast as I could when she came and sat beside him.

“Hey, Honey, you’ve been gone a while. Are you O.K.?"

“Yes dear I’m fine, women problems you know. I think I’ll get some fresh air.”

“Sure, I’ll play another game of darts then.”

She left with her scarf and coat back on and he left to play some more darts so I drank my pint, paid my bill and left with a smile on my face.

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