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Dedra's Fantasy Thrill-Ride Part 2


            I woke up the next morning, early as usual. As I got ready for my shower, I thought about the previous day with Coy in the barn, and my pussy began to get all hot, and I felt a throbbing sensation down there.

            I went to the shower and jumped in. The water felt so good on my skin. I began lathering my body and touching my pussy. It felt so good. All I could think about was Coy' s warm cum all over my body, and the heat of the water with my eyes closed. There was no way I could stop now, I was so excited and hot that I was just about to cum. In the shower, right here, right now.

             I took the shower head off and sat down in the tub. I aimed the water right on my clit and before I knew it I was cumming in the shower. I was a lot louder than when I usually masturbate. I hope I didn't wake anyone up with my loud moaning.

              I got ready for school that morning with a big smile on my face. When I went downstairs to the kitchen, Coy was sitting there drinking coffee with my father, talking about the days plans. He looked up at me and smiled real big. I was already smiling, and I just knew my father was going to see right through me. I kissed my father on the cheek and sat down with my coffee. My dad told me he would be running late taking me to school or Coy would drive. I told him I couldn't be late for school because I had a test first period. He told me that he and Coy already discussed it, but wanted to make sure it was OK with me. I told them I wouldn't mind but I would need a few more minutes to get ready first.

               When we left, I really couldn't believe it was happening. Me in the truck with the man that just fucked me twelve hours before. How could I be so lucky. I leaned over and touched Coy's hard cock through his pants, I think it really shocked him, but he didn't resist my hand. Since he liked that so much, I leaned over more to undo his pants. The next thing I knew we were on some dirt road and I was sucking his cock like I'd done it all my life. It felt so good in my mouth. It didn't take long before he was cumming in my mouth. I loved it. I knew at that moment what I wanted to do when I finished High School. And that's what I did. Which is why I'm sitting here in the park, in San Diego.

            I'm twenty three and I'm a porn star now. I make films for a week or two then I take a few days off for myself. That's when I go hunting for something that interests me. It usually doesn't take very long either. As a matter of fact,theres two very handsome guys coming my way right now. They look to be in their mid thirties, but I could be wrong, maybe older.

            They walked up to me with such self confidence and charm and before either of them could open their mouths to say hello, I could fell my pussy getting very wet. I wasn't sure If they had the same things in mind but I knew I couldn't wait long to have both their cocks.

             The big one said his name was Bo,and that he and his friend Jay, were out looking for something fun to do." I'm something fun to do."

             That's all I had to say. Before I knew it, Bo had me on his back trotting and bouncing up and down, Jay right behind us. We were all laughing and having a great time. Bo said ,"We're here." He put me down and told me he had to get his keys out of his pocket. He unlocked the door,and we all went into the apartment. Once inside I asked to use the powder room to freshen up. While walking in there I couldn't help but think about how good this night was turning out ,and how good both of their black cocks are going to be, one in each hole.

              As I walked out, I saw Bo and Jay over across the room on this enormous living room sofa. They were sitting there, with both of their cocks out and playing with each others cocks,I could tell they were both very into what they were doing, and me walking back in here didn't seem to bother them in the least.

               I got undressed and got on the bed. My pussy was so wet as I played with my clit and stuck a finger in their,going in and out. All I could think about was Jay sucking on Bo's big cock and licking his balls. When I opened my eyes after having them shut not even for a minute,my fantasy had come true. Jay was sucking on Bo's cock for real. Licking the shaft like it was his first ice cream .He was loving it. I've never witnessed anything like it,and in my line of work you tend to see a little bit of everything. It was so erotic the way Jay was being so sensual,licking every inch of his cock down Bo's mouth,sucking his balls,and using his hands to fuck his mouth. 

                My little sweet pussy was so wet from the vision in front of me that once was only a dream of mine. It didn't take but another minute ,that's all I could take. I saw Bo coming in Jay's mouth,and taking in all of his cum into his mouth. At that same time I saw Jay cumming as B took his big cock in his hands and began to give him the greatest jack off he'd probably ever had. We were all screaming and cumming together like it was all our first orgasm. I've never came so hard in all my life. The guys said the same thing. It was just a great mix. One that I'll never forget and never want to.

                  I'm still young,maybe I can get all my fantasies to come true. I know I will always be true to myself and ready to explore all the possibilities.




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