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Delayed Flight

A weather delayed flight leads to an impromptu encounter
The airport was bustling at six o'clock on a Tuesday evening. Snow was beginning to blanket the area, and while flights were still coming and going, visibility was rapidly deteriorating. Please clear my flight, I thought. Pleeeeeease. I wanted to go home.

My gate was already packed with people. I pulled up a piece of floor and sat against the window, facing a short row of seats. After settling onto the floor, I glanced up at the people facing me. Two were occupied by a couple salesman-type guys. Two by an elderly couple on the verge of nap-time. The last seat, directly in front of me, was occupied by a young woman in her early thirties.

She was wearing a thin, navy blue turtleneck sweater and a tan skirt that ended a few inches above her knees when sitting. The sweater was stretched taut over a pair of very full breasts. Except for a pair of brown leather, low-heeled, calf-length boots, her legs were bare.

Ringlets of chestnut-brown hair framing healthy pink cheeks; bright blue eyes; tastefully rouged lips that silently with whatever she was reading. My eyes lingered on those lips for far longer than they should have. They just looked so soft! The kind of lips capable of delivering the tenderest of kisses.

I wasn't surprised when an announcement came over the PA system to let us know our flight was delayed by two hours. The two sales guys took the opportunity to visit one of the restaurants. The older couple moved over a seat to give the woman some more elbow room.

I dug a book from my suitcase and did my best to look disinterested in the people around me, but every movement the woman made was visible in my peripheral vision, triggering my instinctive need to look up.

When she moved, my focus tended to fall on the exposed skin between her boots and the hem of her skirt. Every so often, she would uncross and re-cross her legs, and I kept hoping I'd glance up at the right moment to catch a glimpse of what was hiding between her thighs.

I felt like a creeper, but my sex-deprived mind found the temptation too strong and the "reward" too great to allow me to focus on anything else.

She shifted again, uncrossing her legs so she could twist around in her seat and check for updates on the screen behind her. The movement pushed her knees far enough apart for me to admire milky white skin that converged on a patch of pale blue satin. The fabric stretched taut over her mound, revealing the cleft between...


Her knees snapped shut. She had turned back around. I tried to pretend that I'd just been staring in her general direction rather than directly between her legs. I dropped my gaze back into my own lap and attempted to focus on my book.

I risked another look, this time at her face, expecting that she would be back to her iPad, or at worst, picking up her bags to go sit elsewhere.

It was neither. She was staring back at me with an expression that said, 'could you be any more obvious?'

Her frown changed to a smirk. The gap between her knees widened. Using two fingers from each hand,she pulled the panties tight against herself, revealing the outline of her pussy lips.

I glanced over at the elderly couple. They had somehow managed to nod off, so I returned to ogling. I smiled a little and nodded to express my appreciation.

Now her look seemed to say, 'There, happy now, perv?' 

The next thing she did surprised me even more. She hitched her skirt upward so it was bunched around her waist. This meant that the hem was now scarcely below her crotch.

My cock swelled and throbbed against the restrictions of my own clothing and I couldn't help but flick a finger over the tip, which set off muscle twitches that resonated to the base of my shaft.

She drew her legs closed again, clearly amused by my fascination. Your turn, she mouthed, each consonant articulated by those amazing lips. God, I wanted to see them wrapped around my cock. A wet spot was forming near where I'd touched myself.

'You've got to be kidding me.'

'Nope. I showed you mine. It's only fair.'

'But, all the people...'

She shrugged and began to work her skirt back into its original position.

Wait, I gestured. The ache between my own legs was only growing stronger, as was my craving for more of her . I worked my shaft around until it was pointed toward my belly button, then pressed my waistband downward, exposing the pr-ecum slickened head of my prick. I flexed, which caused the head to swell.

'Touch it.'

I was torn between the desire for release, and the desire to not be arrested. Most faces near me reflected the blue LCD glow of phones and laptops. I slid my waistband just low enough to expose the tip. The pink skin of my glans stood out against my shirt. She smiled, urging me on.

I stroked the underside of my cock head. My head started to buzz from the sexual tension. The woman chewed on her lip, her gaze alternating between my face and my crotch. One of her hands slid up her thigh, probing against the soaked satin, slipping underneath, teasing herself.

When the lights blinked out, it took us a few seconds to react.

The terminal plunged into darkness. A few emergency lights snapped on. From the agents' desk, I could hear one of the employees shouting over the commotion, imploring everyone to stay calm, and remain in place until the lights came back.

To say I was disappointed would be a gross understatement. The beginning tingles of a massive orgasm were starting, and in the moment before the blackout, it seemed the same was true of my new "friend" - based on the twitching of her leg muscles. I kept myself on edge without boiling over. Hopefully the lights would be back soon so we could continue our little game. Hopefully...

A presence materialized beside me. In the dim light, I recognized the same full, pouting lips and bright eyes I'd been staring at. Hands fumbled with my belt and her lips smothered mine. A hint of cinnamon lingered on her tongue. I considered suggesting a more private place, but her slender fingers wrapping around my shaft obliterated any further rational thoughts. I allowed my pants to slide over my hips, leaving my cock dancing in the air.

Without breaking the kiss, she straddled my lap, then impaled herself. When my head pushed through her creamy outer lips and into the vice-like grip of her pussy, I was glad that her mouth was covering mine.

She began to grind against me, mashing her engorged clit against my pubic bone with the desperation of someone looking for shelter in an avalanche. The scent of her sex, of her essence, mingled with the day-end remnants of the perfume dabbed around her neck, created a steamy cocktail that made my head swim.

I responded in kind, driving as deep as I could. Frantic panting tickled my ear. Her body trembled against mine as she pushed herself closer to orgasm. Mine was imminent as well. I willed it back, waiting for her.

The undulations of her hips grew even more animalistic, making it more difficult to hold myself back. Finally, her movements reached a crescendo, and she came. Twitching and moaning, her fingers clawed at the back of my neck; the walls of her pussy pulsed around my shaft with a ferocity unlike anything I'd ever experienced.

Orgasmic euphoria tickled my scalp and shortened my breath into shallow huffing. I erupted. Still mid-orgasm, I sat up, wrapped an arm around her waist, and reversed our positions in one smooth movement. Now, she was on the floor, skirt around her waist, soaked panties pulled to the side, and every inch of my cock was buried inside her. My movements were frenzied as I continued to pound into her, loosing ropes of sticky cum into the depths of her pussy. Muscles spasmed from the base of my spine all the way to the tip of my prick.

After a few very long seconds, our writhing slowed, then ceased. We were enveloped in a cloud of sex. I slid my cock back, letting the tip linger in her entrance. She kissed me one more time. "Pervert," she whispered, her breath hot on my ear.

There was no response. She was gone.

When the lights came back, at least a dozen heads snapped back in my direction. I was alone. The last orgasmic reverberated throughout my body, but it's not like they knew. All I was to them was a guy sitting by the window with his coat draped over his lap.

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