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Desk Escapade

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A quickie at the receptionist desk of a hotel.
Sarah the receptionist was bent over the desk, her tantalizing rear standing out like a beacon calling out to me. The elbow of one hand rested on the formica-topped desk while the other hand cradled a receiver into which she cooed softly.

I stepped around her high chair, and keeping well out of sight, placed a hand on her brazenly stuck out bum and ran it lightly over her bottom. She turned her head slightly and shot me a rather spiteful glance but continued talking.

I fondled one cheek, then the other, growing bolder by the minute. She wiggled her ass angrily, trying to shake off my hand.

I lifted her skirt and snuck my hand into her panties. I found her cunthole and pushed my thumb in. She clamped her legs shut, effectively trapping me in her.

My forefinger was right at the other side so I tickled her stiff clit with it. She sighed softly into the phone and her legs parted slowly. I replaced my thumb with a finger and when she was slippery enough, added another.

She rocked back and forth, getting wetter and wetter. I was surprised at how calm her voice was as she came, her juices running down my fingers.

I knelt behind her and tugged her panties to her knees, hiking her skirt up and spreading the lobes of her buttocks. Her pink rosebud sank in as she tensed, realizing that was the object of my attention, and I intended to play with it. Hers was a pretty asshole -- slightly dark around the rim and bright pink where the wrinkles converged. I rubbed one of my still-wet fingers around it. She wouldn't budge.

I noticed she had hair growing around the perimeter of her anus. Holding a tuft between my thumb and forefinger, I pulled gently. Her sphincter relaxed and I quickly slipped the tip of a finger in.

She didn't put up any more resistance and my finger sank slowly into her ass, past the last knuckle to the hilt. Suddenly, her butthole clamped down on my finger. I waited, wiggling it inside her.

Slowly, I fingered her, gradually increasing my tempo until she had another orgasm. I pulled my finger out and watched her asshole close up.

I got off my knees and unzipped my trousers, taking out my penis and coming to stand beside her at the receptionist desk. She found my erect cock under the table and began to stroke me as she rounded up her conversation.

She looked at me, then scanned the hotel lobby. It was empty so she got under the desk and took me into her mouth. I leaned on the desk, trying to look as calm as possible as her tongue traced fire on the underside of my dick and her warm, wet mouth moved up and down my shaft.

A family walked in and I booked them in, signaling a bellboy to take them to their suite. Sarah's mouth continued to work wonders on me underneath the desk.

As soon as the lobby was clear again, I pulled her up and we kissed, hands cupping her breasts for the first time. I didn't want to spoil her appearance so I bent her over and entered her from behind.

'What if someone comes in?' she asked as I fucked her.

'We'll take that risk' I said, lightheaded, my hips moving furiously as I slammed in and out of her. We came the same time, my spunk shooting into her. I quickly cleaned us up with a wad of tissues and we made ourselves presentable, then stood at the receptionist desk making small talk.

'You like taking risks,' she commented, eyeing me over her half-moon glasses. 'What if someone stumbled on us?'

'We had an audience,' I replied, nodding towards the door.

I'll never forget the look on her face as she turned slowly and saw our boss standing in the doorway, her cheeks flushed. 

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