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Now there’s a scenario….
I am out for dinner at a Caribbean restaurant in London, with my family. As I take a look at my surroundings. I notice you are in the restaurant and seated 5 tables away from me, with your wife and children. We are given our menus, and as I look up to thank the waiter, we notice each other. We keep a little eye contact over the other tables from across the room, as we sit with our families.

An order of drinks to our tables, gives us the opportunity to look directly into each others eyes, and we know at this point, we want dessert.

We each have had our starters and have now finished our mains.

I’m looking at the desert menu now. While doing so, I notice you are walking in my direction towards the bar, as I look over my menu quickly in your direction.

I don’t look at you, as you get closer and walk past the table I am sitting at. I don’t want to make it obvious, or draw attention. But you smell so good, and look great. So I cannot help but turn slightly to watch you.

You order your drinks and return to your family. I watch you walk back. You feel my eyes penetrating you. While I know, you are thinking about penetrating me somehow.

I’ve ordered desert now, and after doing so, I get up to go to the ladies room.

The male and female toilets are just next door to each other. I go first, followed shortly by you make your excuses. You follow in my direction.

On entering the ladies toilets, I check the cubicles to make sure we will be alone. We are. I put one of my hands just a little outside the door, and with my index finger, I gesture for you to come in. As soon as you are in the ladies, we go into a cubicle and lock the door.

We are eager for each other, after so long since our last coffee meeting, and all the conversations over the internet that we have had. We start to kiss passionately, while you lift my skirt, and I undo your fly. My hand finds your bulge over the top of your black slacks. Your hands feel the warmth of my you stroke me over my dark purple lace and chiffon thong.

I run my cool hands up the inside of your slightly undone shirt, and feel the warmth of your torso. As my hands move up, I feel your chest and erect nipples. I gently but firmly squeeze them. One at a time and circle them with my fingers as you start to feel my dampness in the seductive curve of my pussy. I trace my hands down over your stomach, so my cool fingertips are just resting in the top of your boxers. This encourages you all the more, to gently slip your hand inside my thong and explore the moist contours of my pussy with your fingertips.

Our eyes catch each others, as we continue to kiss, deeply and passionately. I see that look in your eyes that is of, wanting and needing to feel my hands on your now hard cock. I oblige, and slide my hand inside your boxers. The warmth of you there excites me all the more.

“Oh yes” , you say. As my hand slides inside the top of your boxers, and you feel the full extent of my cool hand. You throb and shiver all at once. I remove my hand from your hardness, and I slip your trousers a little further down, over your hips. They then fall to the ground. I hear your car keys and change in your pocket as it hits the floor. This leaves your hard cock, now pushing fiercely on the front of your boxers, wanting to be free of its restraint, as I rub and stroke my hands lightly over your cock. You push against my hand.

You lift my top and bra, at the same time. No time to undo, as we have been away from our table for around 5 minutes now. As my full breasts and nipples, as hard as bullets spring free. You are compelled to kiss, lick and suck on them, and you do. I shudder as I feel the first warmth and wetness of your tongue.

You are sucking, biting, caressing and licking my erect nipple, while one hand grabs my ass, and pulls me into you, and the other pushes against and inside my wetness. You find the pearl of my pussy and you concentrate your pressure in a circular motion. I moan with pleasure and push into you. I feel the building sensations of my climax to come.

I stop you. I tell you to stand with your hands on your hips, and I move down your body. You feel my erect nipples, also my hands as they move down over your body, until I am kneeling in front of you. Using my teeth, I pull on the front of your boxers and then let it go with a playful snap of the elastic.

My hands run up your firm legs, around to your ass. I squeeze it firmly. Moving my hands around to the sides of your legs, and up under the legs of your boxers, I pull them down. Letting them slip to the floor with your trousers. Your hard cock, pulsing more now it is free, and I can see the slight shine of clear liquid on its tip.

I use my tongue to taste you for the first time, and as I look up at you, I wink. Cupping your balls in my hand and holding your hardness, as I engulf you with my mouth. You moan loudly. And with one hand on the back of my head, you thrust into my mouth repeatedly, in and out. You push to the back of my throat, and I take all 8 inches of you to the base. I gag, but keep you there a little longer, until my reflex cannot take no more, and you pull out. I take you back into my mouth, and my tongue dances around and over the head of your hard cock. I feel your cock get harder in my mouth, and swell a little more, and I know you are close to climax.

I stand up, with my hand still around your throbbing cock. I kiss you, allowing you to taste yourself on my lips and from my mouth.

Then, in one fail swoop, you lift me up high against the cubicle wall, high enough for my thighs to rest on your shoulders, and to have my pussy in line with your mouth, as you support me with your hands, by my ass. You pull my thong to the side and start to part my wet labia with your tongue. On feeling your soft lips and the warmth of your tongue on my swollen lips, I shiver a little and moan, “oh fuck.”

I hold onto the top of the cubicle wall with one hand, and reach down while you still support me and suck my swollen clitoris. I now have your hard cock back in my hand, and with a firm but gentle grip, I begin to jack you off, and we gain momentum together as we play. I feel you buck a little under the pressure of supporting me, and your building climax, and I support my weight a little more above you.

I begin to feel again, my build to a climax, and I push myself onto your mouth more. I feel you, as you move in time with my hand stroking your cock back and forth, while at times moving the palm over the tip, around and down your length.

You moan, telling me, “I want to come, make me come all over your now warm hand.” I start to move my hand up and down your cock, vigorously. I hear your breathing; it’s hard and fast and a little cut short from your building orgasm.

I cannot help but moan and push against your mouth all the more, as your tongue enters the heat inside my pussy. I tell you, “baby, make me come. I want to come on your face.”

“Fuck, yes, don’t stop, right there,”
I say as I feel your mouth cover my throbbing and hard pearl of pleasure. You suck and flick it with your tongue. The intense feeling of my built orgasm starts to release and pulse through my pussy, spreading throughout my body and I quiver and shake uncontrollably, I feel my juices flow onto your face. You see and feel this too.

I am still jacking you off hard and fast, and I feel your cock harden all the more. I know you are about to come. I pump your cock faster and faster still, while I am still up in the air, and my pussy is still in your face. You say, “Baby, yes. Don’t stop, I’m coming, oh fuck yeah.” I feel your breath quicken, against me. Your cock throbs and pulses, and I see the first spurt of cum, it hits the other cubicle wall, and then I feel you’re warm cum running over my hand and fingers. I continue to massage your cock, till soft.

You lift me down, off of your shoulders. You straighten my skirt for me. I kneel down; put my mouth over your semi hard cock and suck you clean. I stand up, and in doing so I pull your boxers and your slacks back up, I do up the fly and the button for you. Kiss you passionately again, and we taste each others liquid arousal. You do up your buttons on your shirt. I straighten my bra under my top.

“Thank you, for a great dessert,” I say, as I smile and wink at you.

I make a quick check out of the cubicle and all is clear. I check outside the toilet, and all is clear. You leave, going into the gents toilets. I clean and straighten myself up properly.

I return to my family. Dessert is on the table when I get back.

If only they knew the intense and delicious dessert, I had just shared…...
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