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Dinner table fun: my story that brought me close to FingerFuckU

It’s a hot sunny afternoon and you’re driving over to my place for what I have promised to be a great dinner and evening together. You pull into the driveway and walk up to the door. With your finger ready to push the bell you hesitate just a second to wonder what I have in mind that will make this dinner special compared to the other wonderful days we have spent together.

I hear the door bell and walk to answer it and feel my heart quicken as it always does when I know I will see you. As I reach for the door I take a deep breath to control my excit​ement as while tonight I want you to know as always how important you are to me, but also must keep my excit​ement in check as to stay in control of the evening events.

I open the door and my eyes meet yours with a smile and then my eyes look down to see you have worn the button up shirt and skirt I told you to wear, I smile again and you return a special smile that tells me without a word spoken that you also have not worn any underwear as you were also told. As you come in I take you into my arms and kiss you and then with my arm around you we walk into the kitchen where I have been getting things ready.

You start to look at what is being prepared for dinner and I give you a playful slap on your butt and tell you with a laugh that it is still a surprise. You quickly smile back at me and say, but master, how can I be your perfect slave if you do not let me cook for you as your face moves close to mine and your lips make a playful pout. I move my hand behind your head and gently pull you to me and as I kiss you and your mouth opens I quickly take your bottom lip between my teeth and bite it just hard enough that you know you better not pull away.

Looking into your eyes, the thought of how beautiful you are goes through my mind and I grin as I release your lip and whisper, believe me you will help with dinner, but serve me in many more ways before the night is through. I then let my hand slide from the back of your head around across your cheek and down lightly over your breast and hardening nipple as I turn away to go to were the food is on the counter.

I tell you there is wine in the fridge and to please pour us each a glass. For the next 30 minutes we stand in the kitchen as the food is being prepared, talking about nothing in general but as always with us the conve​rsation never stops. I make sure that I need to walk by you as much as possible to get different things for the meal and each time I pause and run my hands gently against your body. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes and I tell you to get the salad ready for us, as I mix the items for the Tai Shrimp dish I have prepared for us.

I place it on the table and walk behind you as you are just finishing the salad, wrapping my arms around you and kissing your neck, I slowly slide one hand up over your tits and squeeze your nipple as my other hand goes down and onto your thigh, were I slowly pull your skirt up and slide my fingers through your pussy and for a few seconds rub your clit before sliding 2 fingers into you. I feel you quiver as I do and work my fingers inside you just long enough to feel your wetness covering them. I then remove my fingers from your sweet pussy and bring my hand up and turn your face to me and kiss you deeply, sucking your tongue into my mouth and then sliding one of my fingers that I have just taken form you pussy and sliding one into each of our mouths to taste your sweet juices.

Giving your nipple a pinch between my fingers I say that dinner is ready and to please sit down but to undo two more of the buttons on your shirt when you do.
We sit across form one another and start to enjoy our meal and as we do, you are fully aware of the fact that I am looking at your tits showing where your shirt is open and your nipples pressing against the shirt. I say to you, that you like me looking at you don’t you and you give a sheepish grin, prete​nding to be shy. Looking down through the glass top table I see your skirt about half way up your thigh and tell you to spread your legs so that is slides higher. I look as your legs spread and the material moves to about 3 inches below your hot mound. I then tell you to undo the rest of the buttons on your shirt and let it open to reveal the perfect tits that you know I love so much.

At this point we are finished the main course of the meal and you ask if you could please serve us desert, to which I tell you that desert is already at the table and you watch as I undo my belt and slide my pants down to my mid thighs. As you look through the table you see the bulge in my underwear and with a smile push your chair away and move under the table.

As I lift my hips slightly from the chair you pull my pants off me and then slide your hands up to my chest pushing my shirt up as you do and lower your mouth onto my cock. A shiver goes through my body as I feel your warm lips slide down my cock and your fingers tighten hard on my nipples. I let my head fall back and just lose myself in the feel off you sucking my cock.

The warmth of your mouth and tightness of your lips around me as you take its full length into and out of your mouth. My head falls forward and I look down watching you suck me and start to lift my hips to meet your downward movem​ents. My hands move to your temples and I slowly rub them in circular movements as I tell you how good it feels to have you suck me and that how before the night is done I fill your mouth with my cum and that I will love feeling my cock explode into your mouth and have you suck every drop of your masters cum down your throat.

Your eyes look up to mine and I can see the happy look on your face knowing that you believe the many times I have told you that no one has ever sucked my cock and made me feel the way you do. I watch for a couple more minutes as you work my cock in and out of your mouth as only you can and then taking your hair into my hand, I guide you up my stomach and to my nipples were you first such and then bite it so hard that I whines and jump slightly.

Then sliding your mouth to my other nipple you again bite me as hard if not a little harder, making me pull your head up to me and pulling you mouth to mine we kiss passi​onately as our tongues meet and shivers go through our bodies. You push your tongue deep into my mouth as you know I like so that I can suck it hard as I grab the cheeks of your ass and pull you onto me.

You give a little wiggle and feel my cock part your lips and start to slide into you. We take turns sucking each other’s tongues as you work your pussy up and down on my cock. Squeezing your butt with both hands as you ride me I feel your hard nipples pressed against my chest, I hold you tight as I stand and with you still inside me I carry you to the bedroom and we collapse onto the bed without loosing a stroke. I push myself up on my hands and look down across your body down to your spread legs and see my cock going in and out of you. Then slowing back up across your stomach and then your tits to that face I love so much.

I look into your eyes and ask how desert has been so far as I slowly fuck you. You smile back and say that it is delicious and that you can’t wait for my cock to explode and let you taste me. I smile and tell you all in good time, but that right now I am enjoying the feel of your pussy walls grabbing my cock as I fuck you and that before you can suck me more I want you to cum hard all over my cock so I know you are tasting your sweetness when you suck me.

I feel you let out a deep breath of air and moan with the delight of cumming for me and coating my cock with your cum. I slowly quicken my strokes and push harder with each one deep into you, then rolling us over I tell you to sit up and ride me. I lay back watching you straddle my hips and your pussy move up and down on me. Your nipples are hard and erect and as you see me looking at then you take your tits into your hands as you know I love to see you do.

Squeezing your tits and pinching your nipple the feel of your tight pussy almost pushes me over the limit and I quickly hold your thighs to stop the motion long enough to suppress my cumming. After a couple seconds I loosen my grip and tell you to move your one hand down from your tit and rub your clit as you fuck me as I want you to cum very soon and that I will tell you when. Watching your one hand play with your tit and nipple and the other finger your clit as my cock is being swallowed up by your pussy lips, I know I can’t afford to let you go to long and as you reach your point of no return and ask to let you cum I only refuse once before granting you your wish.

It takes all the strength I have to stop from exploding inside you as your body tightens and shakes with the flood of your orgasm. Your body continues to shake and then you collapse on top of me for a brief second before sliding down and quickly engulfing my cock into your mouth. Sucking me hard I hear the noise of your mouth as you devour me. Your hands are holding my balls as I pulse my hips hard up to meet your downward movement on me.

As I feel the pressure build in the base of my cock I know within seconds I will explode and my body tightens letting you know I about to cum. You tighten the grip of your lips on me and take me deep into your throat as I my body lifts up hard to you and a loud groan escapes my mouth as my cum shoots into your hungry mouth. My body shakes with wave after wave of spasms until my body falls flat against the bed. You look you to me and smile as you release my shaft from your mouth and then with a wicked little smile you your quickly but lightly lick and suck the tip of my cock just for the second I takes that you know my whole body will convulse uncon​trollably.

We both laugh and as I start to pull you to me you again do it with the same uncon​trollable effect on me again making us laugh and this time me begging you to stop it, even though I love the feeling, the being out of control makes me ask you to stop which is why of course you then do it a third time before I pull you to me and kiss you deeply sucking your tongue again into my mouth. Then while I play with your hair you lay your head on my chest and we talk about how we both are so happy to have one another until I feel you drift off to sleep and have that feeling of your complete trust and love as I hold you close and wipe the happy tear from my eye that I only allow to appear once you are asleep.
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