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Double Shot Extra Hot!

Coffee shops will take on a whole new meaning for the average person.....
Have you seen something that you wanted so bad there was no way you could wait? That one thing you see and you can't take your eyes off of, your hands itching to move over every inch of it to know just how it feels?

So one day I had this craving, unusual as it was, for a special coffee. The kind only one coffee shop could make. I traveled to the nearest one, of course it was only a block away as there is this particular chain at every corner here.

I park the car and head into the coffee shop, quick steps through the parking lot to the front door. The sun is just going down, but it's still bright and I'm squinting. I see my reflection in the window of the door, and smile at myself with the pinks and purples behind me. Then without warning I jump back as the door suddenly opens. My eyes spring wide with shock, as I look up to see this broad shouldered man standing in the door, his ass holding the door as he smiles at my shocked expression.

"Excuse me," I mumbled as I slouched and walked in trying not to rub against him.

My eyes look down at the floor as I hear him chuckle softly with confidence, "You are excused!"

I am curious why the man sounds so confident, I have no control at this point and I turn my face up to meet his. He still has a smile tugging at his lips. His eyes are a wonderful shade of blue, as calming as the seas yet cocky as the pirate who sails them. At this point I can't look away, my eyes searching his for something. Then, I see it! His eyes are staring through me, seeing something deep within me, like his eyes have gone straight to my soul. His presence almost demands my attention....

I continue a little further into the door, glancing back as I walk to the counter to order my coffee. He is watching me, licking his lips even as if I were the dessert to his coffee. My face shows the apparent blush on my cheeks, I look back to the counter as I go on with order.

"I need an iced coffee with some strawberry flavoring please, no whip cream and an extra shot of espresso." I state to the barista at the till.

"Anything else for you?" She responds with a smile, looking past me.

I turn to see what she's looking at, there Mr. Confidence stands holding money in the barista's direction. I pretend not to notice and take out my wallet.

His voice is stern, low so that only I could hear. "Please don't insult me."

"I appreciate the gesture, Sir." I return with the same hushed tone.

"Good then put away your money and take the gesture." He states clearly as he hands the money over.

The barista looks a little confused but rings it up and then motions to where my coffee will come up. I moved in that direction when I felt his hand wrap around my arm gently pulling me toward him. I allowed his hand to guide me and found my breasts touching his broad chest. Not wanting to give away my attraction or reaction to him, I gaze at the floor as his words reach my ears.

"Please pick a table and sit, I will join you once I get your coffee." Asking gently as he releases my arm slowly.

The only response I can come up with stumbles from my lips, "As you wish."

I find a table in the corner, a little embarrassed that I just listened to a complete stranger. I want to defiantly stand with my hands on my hips. I conform instead and sit, unsure what his reaction would be to my insolence. I shift my position a few times, not able to find a place I feel comfortable.

Still wiggling in place, then standing to sit another way. I realize he is beside me just watching with interest in his eyes. His eyebrow is slightly raised, a grin at his lips.

"Having some trouble getting comfortable?" He asks with a laugh in his deep voice.

All I can do is nod, eyes to the table. He places my drink in front of me and slides in beside me. I gasp as his hip brushes against mine; as still as anything now, I am afraid to move. If I touch or brush against him, the shirt I am wearing will not hide my erect nipples. I cross my arms over my chest and tilt my head up then turn it to meet his eyes still observing me move. He has a gentle smile at the corner of his mouth, as though he is trying to hide his amusement.

"Thank you for my drink," I say in a low tone still not meeting his eyes with mine.

"You are welcome, baby." His voice draws out slowly as I feel his eyes roam over my body.

I feel a little uncomfortable, but not the creepy kind as if I need to impress him yet falling short. It's as though I want to be all over him but I realize I don't know him at all. My mind says one and my body reacts completely differently. Then he turns slightly so that his body is facing mine, and his arm lunges toward me. I recoil, then look at him as he looks at me and I melt from my toes all the way to my head. All of me turns to mush, no thoughts can be had.

"I am Max, and I am just passing through town." He states matter of fact.

Finally looking up to meet his eyes, "I am Sera, it's nice to meet you, Max."

I knew my voice sounded unsure. I wasn't sure! The whole encounter seemed a bit surreal to me. Meeting a man that could hold this much power with just his aura stronger then I had known. I felt like he was suppose to have control over me, meant to hold the reigns to my harness.

He slid in next to me, our thighs rubbing as he got comfortable. He looked at me with a grin, I tried to scoot further from him but his arm went around me and held me to his side. I was trapped yet my body didn't seem to mind.

"Tell me Sera, do you have plans for the next couple of hours?" Max inquisitively looks at me as he speaks.

"I believe I would be all yours, or er um.... " Turning red as soon as I say it.

"That was the best thing I have heard in a long time," He says as his eyes marvel over my body, his tongue tracing his lips carefully.

Still completely flushed from head to toe, feel suddenly warmer... hoping it to be because of the drink but knowing full well it was really the man sitting beside me.

I am so stunned, unable to even mutter a thank you for the compliment. He is giving me goosebumps as he looks me over, obvious in his desire for me. I close my eyes to take it all in, inhaling a long hard breath then exhaling it as my nerves work out with my breath. Feeling pins and needles, I am sensitive to touch. My nipples are rock hard, and both of my inner thighs are a little moist.

I squish my legs together, hoping to hide the wetness seeping out of me. My eyes search his for a hint that he noticed me trying to hide my excitement. I take my coffee and put it to my lips to suck on it. I make the slurping sound more exaggerated; I want him to be more aroused, to feel the temptation for me that I feel for him.

"I am turned on by you!" He states softly.

Swallowing hard I respond, "How did you know my thoughts were of your arousal?"

"Simply because you wish to please me, impress me even." Max knowingly grins down at me.

Unsure of what to say now, I nod my head subtly and then take another slurp, swirling my tongue around the straw as my eyes find his. Suddenly his arm is around my back, pulling me closer to him. He places me so I am at his side and pressed tight up against him. Wondering what caused his possessiveness I search around the coffee shop. Then I see there is a man, relatively tall and handsome looking at me. His eyes seem to be eating up my body. I look back to Max as his expression changes from the grin for me to a frown for the unwanted attention.

To be polite I give the handsome man across the room a faint smile then look back to Max quickly to show that I am with someone and his attentions are indeed unwanted. Then I stare at Max.

"I need to take you out of here, get you to myself." He growls while frowning at the man.

I feel timid and startled. I want to just run out the door and obey his every demand. Maintaining my composure I look away from him and use my thoughts to see what I can come up with. In my mind alone with him I see so many things, but to take Max back to my house after just meeting seems a little silly. Dangerous these days too!

"Maybe it's time to go? You could walk me to my car?" I suggest with hesitation in my voice.

I see his eyes change again, a glint of excitement as he gets an idea. When he says, "I have a better idea! You can walk me to my car."

"Okay please lead the way." I say motioning to the door.

He stands and offers his hand to help me up from the bench. I take it and slide out, watching as the muscles in his forearm tighten as he helps me. My imagination gets the better of me then and I can't help but look over him again. My eyes roaming from his forearm to his bicep, then follow a line to his chest and down to his crotch. I stop to admire the bulge I see while my tongue moves slowly over my lips as I imagine my mouth taking him.

Shaking my head gently I avert my gaze up to his eyes, and see his almost mischievous grin on his face as he is watching me take him in. I feel the flush build in my toes, then feel it move up my body piece by piece, until my face is so warm it must be bright red. I put my head down and he pulls me to him. He gently releases my hand and puts his hand on my lower back to guide me to the door. I watch the floor pass my feet as we walk, and he opens the door to guide me through it.

I pause to give him time to step out of the door himself. He leads me around the back to the parking lot. The sun has set, leaving it dark and almost deserted. A few cars are scattered about that I guess are employees of shops closing up. He leads me to a black sedan, turns me with one hand as the other hand drops from the small of my back. My back against the car and him in front of me, my hand clasped in his, one of his hands moves up and braces against the car as his other drops my hand to rest on my hip.

I can feel my heart racing. My mind is going crazy with all the reasons this isn't a good idea, but my body tells of it's arousal with my hard nipples and trickling juices down my inner thigh. I gulp hard while I look up at him. His eyes are watching me swallow hard as he smiles and gently strokes my hip. He leans in closer; his mouth takes possession of mine, his tongue presses against my closed lips and I give in. I separate my lips and allow his probing tongue inside. His hand moves from my hip to my breast in such a smooth motion that I don't notice it until my breast is firmly held and squeezed in his hand.

I moan softly into his mouth and gasp as he squeezes harder. Max is kissing me fiercely and hard. Intense strokes as his tongue plays on mine, and his hand roughly massages my tit. His leg is now between my thighs, I can feel him pressing it up and into me. He grinds it into my heated pussy, the crease of my jeans hitting the sensitive nub just right. I pump my hips into his leg and ride the sensations until he halts the assault on me and takes a step back.

Stunned I look at him panting and bewildered. He laughs and effortlessly picks me up to move me to the side. He opens the back door to the large black 4-door sedan and gently shoves me in. I scoot all the way to the other door, pondering for a minute if I should hop out the other side. Just as quick, he is pulling me close to him. One of his hands is behind my neck and the other at the small of my back, my hands defensively go to his chest, palms flat, and I feel his tight pecs. I try to push away a little but he only pulls me in tighter.

Seeing that resistance of any sort is futile I stop thinking logically and just go with it. As he holds me in place his mouth returns to mine, kissing me with passion and want. I slide my ass down the seat a little so that my body is more horizontal, he adjusts and is over me. The hand behind me moves and is free. Realizing that he's smiling while our lips are firmly glued together, his hand continues to traipse across my body. He is not being gentle as he roams, his fingers tweak my nipples until I have to let out a weak cry in his mouth.

He pulls away from the kiss and grins at me, moving again to reach down under the drivers seat of the car. I feel that I am past the point of no return as he brings up a pair of furry handcuffs. I squirm under him but he releases my head and grabs my shoulder, keeping me in place. He uses the hand with the cuffs to deftly raise the driver's headrest up, then clips them onto one of the metal bars. His expression tells me that he demands my full cooperation and he releases my shoulder. Both of his hands runs over the curves of my body.

Taking the bottom of my shirt and tugging on it, up and over my head it goes. Flung to the floor on the other side I feel the clasps of my bra undo as it is taken off my arms and tossed in the same direction. His eyes watch my now free breasts. Each of his hands caress and tease them. I arch my back with pleasure, feeling the wetness in my pussy once again build to unbelievable levels.

"I think that you like this," He says as he gently twists my nipple.

I lurch forward as the pain hits then the pleasure again releases juices from my pussy.

"Mmhmm I do!" I nod with a mutter.

He twists a little harder and I cry out, my head falling back. He stops and moves to the button on my jeans, undoes it and slides them down over my hips and then off my ankles. Thankfully my sandals had slid off already. He tosses the jeans on the clothes pile and stares at me from his spot on the seat. I can't help but squirm under his scrutiny. He smiles warmly and runs his hands from my ankles up my legs, taking the time to grasp my inner thighs. He works his way up slowly, kneading the sensitive places just below the folds of my pussy.

"I am pleased that you have wetness here." He points the juices on my thigh. "And here!"

I hold my breath as he continues to point with his index finger to different wet spots on my thigh. He is slowly inching closer to my now sopping wet pussy. I want him so badly. His poking finger touches the outside of my pussy and I release the breath I was holding. His fingers start to tickle the folds or my engorged lips. Now his other hand moves in and my pussy lips are being parted with one hand as the other hand inserts a finger. Pressing into me he moves it around, curls it gently and tickles. Instead of laughing though I arch up from the pleasure and moan out loud.

My hips move in sync with him as I fuck his finger. Panting and now begging with my eyes. "I want you," I stammer out through the gasps.

He once again chuckles as he says "I know you do baby, I know. But not yet, I want to slowly torture you first."

"But please just let me cum, I can cum again and again if you want me to." I barter as best I can through gasping pants.

Max shakes his head and removes his finger, then moves up to my swollen clit and pinches it hard. I arch up fast, squirming as his fingers abuse my clit. My voice screams out both from the pain and the electrifying pleasure of it all. He pinches then releases several times. Each time I arch up and cry out his other hand presses my belly then pats it gently as though pleased with my reaction. He pushes himself up so that he isn't over me and lifts me up to a sitting position, smiling and encouraging me with his eyes to do as he says.

I surrender completely to his guidance and move as he places me on my knees on the floor facing the drivers seat. He takes my wrists and moves them around the seat so I am hugging it, then takes the dangling cuffs and gently binds my hands with them. He presses me forward until my body is pressed against the back of the seat. The cold leather is a little shocking at first with my breasts completely squashed against it, but he turns my head towards him and kisses my lips gently.

"Good girl!" He exclaims proudly.

All I can do is whimper from my arousal and his hesitation, not knowing what he has planned next. He is now perched on his knees, atop of my clothes behind the passenger seat and smiling warmly at me. He removes his shirt and watches as my eyes move over the ripples of muscles on his chest and abs. A slight dusting of hair on his chest trails to his belly button.

"Yummy," I whisper.

He presses a finger to my lips and says, "Shhh just watch baby."

I watch intently as his fingers undo his pants button and then the zipper. I moan as he pulls them down to his bent knees. His hard cock springs out and bounces a couple times. All I can do is moan and lick my lips. He wraps his hand around his shaft and strokes up to the tip a couple times. I am squirming on my knees, wanting to be touched, wanting to lick... I just want him so bad.

Now whimpering at him as I squirm, he moves closer and adjusts himself to remove his pants. He places one foot on the middle console and crouches with the other leg so that his cock is against my cheek. I moisten my lips and he lowers my chin. My mouth opens and he plunges his cock deep inside my mouth. I close my mouth tightly around him and suck deliciously until I hear him growl. I move my eyes up to look at him, making sure that I am pleasing him. He starts to pump his cock into my mouth. He fucks my mouth gently, not using force but a constant rhythm.

I suck and slurp then gag as he fucks my mouth. As he pulls back I think he will plunge even deeper into my mouth and I cry out as he does just that, stopping deep in my throat. His engorged head tickling the back of my throat as I gag over and over.

"Yes baby, take my cock, your mouth feels so good!" He says as he pulls out and I slurp up the drips of saliva from his cock.

His hand is exploring my body when he finds my ass and squeezes hard. Then brings his hand up and I feel it smack back down hard. I wiggle back and forth to work with the slight sting. He raises his hand again and I hear the thwap echo through the car. I moan loudly as the sound meets the sting I feel. His cock again plunges deep into my throat and stays deep as his hand smacks my ass a few more times. I concentrate on swallowing his cock as best I can, gagging as it stays speared down my throat.

His hand once more squeezes my stinging ass and then releases. A few more times I feel his hand tighten then release. He moves his hand down and under my ass, his fingers probing as they go. He gets to my pussy and feels all the dripping juices. I moan my pleasure as his hand rubs over it.

"You are so wet, I smell your arousal. You like sucking my cock, don't you?" He asks his hand still stroking over my pussy.

I nod now flicking my tongue over his cock as it fucks my mouth. He takes two fingers and inserts them with force into my pussy. They are all the way into my pussy when he starts to finger fuck me. While his cock fucks my mouth and his fingers are fucking my pussy all I can think is that I have to cum. I need to cum. It feels so good, my body tenses as it reaches the edge and he pulls his cock from my mouth and moves around behind me as best he can in the confined space. I whimper as my mouth feels the absence of his cock. I feel his cock rasp along my ass and touch my pussy lip,. Rubbing back and forth against my slit. He pulls it out and then lunges his body forward and impales me with his big hard cock.

I scream from the sudden pleasure coursing through me. Working my hips to help him fuck me. I ride the edge and plead with him to let me cum. "Please make me cum now, I need to cum on your cock. You feel so good." I whine.

"Oh baby your voice so sweet and I love the way you beg. It makes me want to cum too. Yes cum for me but cum hard over my cock!" He demands with a grunt of pleasure.

Every time he bucks into me my body has friction against the seat, the position that he is taking me from has my whole body in ecstasy.

"Fuck me harder!" I beg him.

He rams into me, shoving his cock so deep I can feel it rubbing at the edge of my womb. Each time he pounds into me is better then the last and then with one final push I am over the edge. Screaming out his name, body pulsing, I squeeze him tight and cum over his cock as I hear his deep guttural growl. He stays deep inside and I feel the warmth of his cum spurt inside me. He moves his arms around me and the seat to hold me for a minute. Resting his head on my shoulder, we both sigh. He eases his cock from my pussy and we both groan out complaints that it hurts so good. He undoes the cuffs with a key that comes out of nowhere, then pulls me back into his lap on the seat.

"Thank you Sera, you have pleased me greatly." Max kisses my forehead and pulls me closer.

By Kymmie Quinnell

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